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About To Take It To The Next Level – Again

I haven’t posted in a while, except for my last poorly written release announcement of CPUBalance. For some reason, when I’m coding, my ability write English (my native language!) goes out the window, thus release announcements are where you will most often find grammar errors. Although I’ve been issuing important minor updates, I have been […]

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ProBalance in CPUBalance with Frequency of Action Metric for ProBalance

CPUBalance Updated to v1.0.0.68

This build of CPUBalance fixes a couple flaws in the last build’s updater. I had added a safety, just in case I neglected to clear edge-node caches (ahem), but took it a bit overboard, causing a 25 second delay when a user-initiated update check was performed. This should fix that up. In other news, I found […]

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Argo Depiction

Remaining on Cloudflare, forced to use Argo

After successfully migrating away from Cloudflare, I retained the capacity to go back should I desire. It later did become necessary, of course after they fixed the error or attack that caused their network to timeout when accessing our site. The other alternative, who I really liked in the past, at least prior to the GoDaddy […]

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