End User License Agreement (EULA)

This agreement applies to all software developed or distributed by Bitsum Technologies (software that you’ll find available for download on this site), including Process Lasso, ParkControl, CPUBalance, PECompact and others.

1. License rights

License purchase is required for commercial and server edition use after the trial period has ended. The trial period may vary, but should be indicated clearly on the web site. Home and academic users may use this software freely. However, after a few days or weeks of use, users may be occasionally asked if they would like to upgrade to Process Lasso Pro. These solicitations only occur sometimes at startup or when some interaction with Process Lasso occurs. Additionally, some features are available only in the PRO version of this software. For purchase information for Process Lasso PRO, visit https://bitsum.com.

2. Warranties, risks, and general agreements

This software is to be used at your own risk. There are no warranties, expressed or implied. By installing and/or using this software, you agree the author (Jeremy Collake), company (Bitsum Technologies), distributor(s), and all other parties involved with this software’s development, marketing, distribution, and sale will not be held liable for damages, tangible or intangible, resulting from the use or misuse of this software. Furthermore, no warranties are made about the fitness of this software for a particular purpose. No warranties are made about the safety, effectiveness, or compatibility and interoperability of this software. Do not use this software if you are unwilling to accept ALL risks. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that users not change any setting that they do not understand. For education material, visit out web sites at https://bitsum.com or search the internet. By using this software you agree to accept all risks and liability for damages, tangible or intangible, direct or indirect, resulting for the use or misuse of this software.

3. Privacy policy

We value your privacy and want to let you know this product does not violate your trust. Process Lasso will only OPTIONALLY check for updates every once and a while. During these checks, it sends no personally identifiable information. It simply checks a web page that indicates the latest version available and where to get that version. The registration status (true or false) is also submitted to the web page, but no unique registration ID or information is sent. IP addresses are not stored for update checks, except perhaps in some web server log. To disable this update check, simply turn the option off. Periodic updates to check license status may occur. You should be asked during the first install of the product. Later installs won’t explicitly ask you again, but the option is always there. Our Online Activation process after purchase is equally non-invasive. We transmit only the minimum required information to validate your license (name, code, version). Nothing is ever done subversively and we certainly do NOT infringe upon your privacy.  We would rather just trust you than invade your privacy.

4. Reverse engineering and modifications

The user of this software agrees not to participate in, encourage, finance, or otherwise be a party to the reverse engineering of this software. In addition the user agrees not to make modifications to this software. Tampering with the software will invalidate the digital certificates it is signed with.

5. Distribution

Distribution of the licensed version (Process Lasso Pro) is prohibited by worldwide copyright laws. The free or trial version (Process Lasso) be redistributed without charge in its unaltered and complete form. Distributors may not include it as part of any sort of bundle without the express written permission of the application author (Jeremy Collake of Bitsum Technologies). You may not distribute license keys without explicit permission from Bitsum Technologies. Breach of any of these terms would constitute a copyright violation, in that the owner of this software has complete and total control of the rules by which others may copy it. If you do disagree with any of these clauses, permission to use or distribute this application is explicitly denied. Continued use means you agree with these terms and all those presented in this agreement.

6. Final agreement

By continuing to use this software you state that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms expressed in this document. If you have not read, do not understand, or do not accept this agreement, you must not use Process Lasso. You are not licensed or authorized to use this software unless you agree with these terms. Simply cancel this install if you aren’t willing to assume all risks and agree to this entire agreement.