Advisory: CryptoPrevent may interfere with updates

The software CryptoPrevent, which blocks certain types of software installations, first interfered with our updater a couple years ago, so I worked around it. It seems the malware authors did too, as CryptoPrevent is once again interfering with some Process Lasso¬†updates. This software, written to address a particular type of malware, unfortunately interferes with a […]

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Cloudflare – The risks and rewards

First, let me say: No Bitsum services were affected. This is merely academic. Today Cloudflare disclosed that they had fixed a critical flaw in HTTP processing (we are 97% HTTPS) that had (apparently) existed since inception, but only recently manifested due to a small unrelated change, and was discovered by a Google Researcher whose comments […]

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Process Lasso Configuration Profile Screenshot

Process Lasso v9 Gets ‘lasso profile’ Support

Quite simply, this feature will allow you to enter and exit configuration states as you’ve saved and defined. Maybe manually, or maybe as a process starts and terminates. Many users have requested it by many different names. At first I called them ‘profiles’, but lest that be confused with ‘power profiles’, I have went with […]

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Screenshot of Windows Power Options with only Balanced on a Surface

What to do if you only have the Balanced power plan

If your PC only has the Balanced power plan, then it almost certainly means that you have a Microsoft Surface, or some similar device from another OEM. The good (and bad) news is that there is a registry hack to enable other power plans – the 3 default then and third-party ones (like Bitsum Highest […]

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Process Lasso Screenshot

Process Lasso v9 beta issued, but more coming

I have opted to release Process Lasso v9 in the beta channel of v8 to keep the ball moving as fast as possible. That said, we are not feature complete. Sure, we have some cool features, but a lot of the big ones are yet to integrate. So far, we have these new features: Much […]

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Mysql performance issues? Try this.

I manage all of Bitsum’s network infrastructure, and became discouraged when I saw that some recent changes (we are migrating to the cloud like everyone else) caused spikes in mysqld CPU consumption. I traced it down to a configuration variable that defaults to a surprisingly small number (8Mb). If you have a large site and […]

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