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BCleaner – Uninstall Bitsum Apps The Right Way (why you would, who knows)

Internally we are now using a little module I developed called ‘BCleaner’. This, quite simply, cleans up any possible debris left by our applications (and only our applications). I’ll keep it maintained, and soon begin public distribution of it. For now, I just thought I’d make note of it in your program files folders, and […]

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Governor Response Rate Slider

Governor Refresh Rate Slider – New in CPUBalance and Process Lasso v9

New in our ‘Insights’ module is a slider to control the refresh rate of the governor. We default to 1st, but have found 500ms to be very responsive. Once you get below that (250ms minimum), you start to lose advantage. The increments are in 250ms in the slider. This is live in CPUBalance v1.0.0.40!

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Windows XP Generic Image

Process Lasso Pro v8 Final Release for Windows XP and 2003 Completed and FREE for those users

… OR How to Deprecate an OS the Right Way As I mentioned prior, the plan was to create a last compatible build for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, and make it FREE for those users (only). We have now done so and they are hosted here.¬†For convenience, I’ve repeated them below. Note that […]

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AMD Ryzen CPU Logo

AMD’s Ryzen

This time I’m going to leave a post for the users. Comment on what YOU think about AMD’s new Ryzen CPU line-up. And, remember, no matter whose processor you prefer, competition is always good. For a better article than I have time to write, see Anandtech’s excellent article on Ryzen. As a side note, ProBalance […]

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Week of Updates

We’ve had a week where I’ve pushed several important updates to: CPUBalance ParkControl Process Lasso v9 beta I will continue pushing updates at a rapid pace because I am in an important dev cycle, but will slow down from here a little. Our updater really makes it so easy, and many of this week’s last […]

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Bitsum Lifetime Updates

How Bitsum Does Updates

Bitsum has an update philosophy similar to that of Google. We run ‘rolling’ updates against stable branches. That means we update a lot to give users the latest code, but do so within reason to ensure stability and QA. ALL our products now have an easy to single-click updater that is almost too fast. You […]

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