Efficiency mode in process context menu

How To Keep Processes Off E-Cores

A common complaint with heterogenous CPUs such as Intel 12th+ generation is that sometimes threads will be inappropriately scheduled onto the efficient (E) cores. There are a number of ways to discourage or entirely prevent this behavior, and in this guide we’ll go through a few of them.

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Process Lasso 12.4 – E-Core Icons and More

Process Lasso v12.4 adds leaf (eco) icons to distinguish the E-cores, delayed CPU affinity rules, and more! We’ve also updated our ParkControl app with new heterogenous scheduling settings, and tuned the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan to prefer P-cores. All this is part of our continuing mission to empower users to run apps their way!

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Efficiency mode status column and rule symbol

Process Lasso 12.3 – Efficiency Mode Rules

Process Lasso v12.3 adds support for Efficiency Mode, which is the way Windows classifies processes as not performance critical. This facilitates more optimal thread scheduling, such as to efficient (E) and performant (P) cores. Using Process Lasso, this setting can be automatically turned ON or OFF every time a process is run, directing the process to, or away from, E-cores and P-cores.

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Process Lasso's Instance Balancer Rule Config Dialog Screenshot

Process Lasso 11.1 – Instance Balancer and Translations

This release extends the Instance Balancer feature, improves translations, and further polishes the v11.0 release last month.

Process Lasso’s Instance Balancer is commonly used to spread multiple instances of an application over the CPU, giving each instance a dedicated set of CPU cores. It can also be used to spread distinct applications across the CPU using advanced process match patterns.

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Processes Tree View

Process Lasso 11.0 – Tree View and Graph Tooltips

This release of Process Lasso adds a processes tree view and more helpful graph tooltips!

The tree view, now the default, provides a way to visualize the process parent/child hierarchy. Many applications spawn child processes, resulting in several same-named instances, thus this new tree view makes managing them easier. It also helps with visualizing the state of the system and specific user activity.

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CPU Sets Selection Dialog

Process Lasso 10.4 – CPU Sets and Alder Lake

This exciting release of Process Lasso v10.4 adds CPU Sets and Intel 12th Gen support! CPU Sets are a ‘softer’ form of CPU Affinities. Instead of a hard contract, they are a suggestion of preferred CPU cores. The OS will try to abide by a CPU Set, but has discretion to schedule outside the Set. CPU Sets may often be a better choice than traditional ‘strong’ CPU Affinities.

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