Ultimate Performance installed on Windows 10 Pro

Get Ultimate Performance On Any Windows 10 Edition

>> Download Ultimate Performance Installer (v0.0.1.0) Microsoft announced the Ultimate Performance power plan to be part of Windows 10 for Workstations at version 1803 and above. This new plan disables core parking and CPU frequency scaling on AC power – just like our years old Bitsum Highest Performance power plan. For those that want the original Ultimate […]

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Windows 10 Ultimate Performance Mode

Microsoft Announces ‘Ultimate Performance’ to Prevent Micro-latencies. Sound Familiar?

The latest Windows 10 for Workstations build features a new ‘Ultimate Performance‘ power plan to deal with potential micro-latencies. Sound familiar? Yes, here at Bitsum we’ve had the ‘Bitsum Highest Performance‘ power plan for years. It seems somebody important finally caught on. While I have mixed feelings any time Microsoft starts to encroach, I do […]

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Process Lasso

Process Lasso Setup Guide

I often get asked the question: How to Setup Process Lasso? While I have answered this in various places over time, this post will attempt to summarize that guidance. First, there is no magic trick to Process Lasso configuration. Install it and the amazingly efficacious ProBalance algorithm will work immediately to improve system responsiveness during high […]

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The Facts About AI

I often make passing comments trying to downplay the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence. This is because the hype has gotten so out of control that many people believe we are much further along than we actually are. It’s important to re-enter reality if we are to have honest conversations about this. It scares me that […]

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Process Lasso Boxshot

Process Lasso v9.0.0.420

This is a scheduled update as we move into the next beta series – always advancing. Enjoy! v9.0.0.420 – Dec 8 2017 Fix dysfunctional ‘Notify of power plan changes’ menu item. Hide Insights ‘Since …’ if no start time-stamp is available. Add additional retries and increase time-out for UNC backed configuration files – to prevent […]

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