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Bitsum Technologies
PO BOX 1143
Talbott, TN 37877-1143 USA
Email: support@bitsum.com

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Bitsum Technologies is a software development company near Knoxville, TN USA. Our founder and principal software engineer is Jeremy Collake.

We are able to offer unique solutions via our position as an independent innovator. It is with the generous support of our customers that we have thrived for nearly 20 years. During that time, we have been at the forefront of many developments in software.

Our work started with our classic modular executable compressor and protector, PECompact. It was adopted by software vendors large and small, including Google. We later re-opened the Linksys WRT54g to Linux users without hardware mods by reverse engineering the VxWorks based firmware to discover a hidden feature to flash the boot loader, then enabled by fleshing out the firmware file format and checksum algorithms. Finally, our Process Lasso software has become an essential tool for power users and system administrators wishing to get the most control over their software environment. In 2019, we authored the open-source CorePrio project to optimize the AMD 2990wx on Windows and provide a third-party implementation of AMD’s Dynamic Local Mode. Numerous smaller projects pepper our pages.

All of our modern distributions are digitally signed using a physical security key. That means our digital signature can not be applied without physical access to the build system.

We contribute author free, open-source software whenever possible.

Be Optimal. Be Bitsum.

Why aren’t all your products free? Charging for some products allows us to subsidize the free offerings, justify continued development, and keep our infrastructure clean of advertisements and dreaded installer bundles.