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Bitsum Technologies
PO BOX 1143
Talbott, TN 37877-1143 USA
Email: support@bitsum.com

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Bitsum is a modern software company that acts with agility, creativity and innovation. Our software solves pressing problems. We earn our money through real value and support to our customers, and we’d have it no other way – Put us and our products to the test!

Bitsum Technologies, located near Knoxville, TN, is a profitable and privately owned software company that provides software and expertise in the fields of Windows Optimization, Embedded Linux Development, Lossless Compression Algorithms, and much more. However, for the last decade most of our attention has gone to macro-level CPU optimization and automation.

Independence and Empowerment

Sadly, most of the world’s best software engineers are being snapped up by corporations and governments. In this case, we have opted out of that entire bureaucracy, remaining independent for maximal innovative freedom.

Security and Integrity

All our distributions are digitally signed, all our servers use SSL, and our domain whois information is public – not hidden behind a proxy (anonymous) registration. Further, we are an officially registered company in the state of Tennessee, USA. While these things might seem obvious, you may be surprised at the number of companies on the web that don’t adhere to the most basic principles of legitimate business, hiding behind proxies and several layers of obfuscation. Put simply, you know for certain who Bitsum is.

Our core values are integrity, pragmatism, and enthusiasm. If the day ever comes where we can’t be honest and excited about the software we sell, we’ll close shop – but given our fanatic love for software development, we don’t see that ever happening. Bitsum has shown a remarkable capacity to evolve and meet an ever-changing marketplace, and we’ll continue to do so.

The most important thing to understand about Bitsum is that we do NOT cater to the lowest common denominator, as so many corporations do. We believe our users are intelligent, and we cater to them under that assumption.


As for what we’ve done so far

We conceived and tuned the ProBalance algorithm that corrects a deficiency in the Windows CPU Scheduler. It can help keep your PC responsive in the face of high CPU loads, a claim we can prove.

We created an advanced Windows executable compressor, PECompact, so robust that nearly infinite plug-ins are possible. PECompact later became one of the staples of the Windows executable compression industry and used by Google and other large companies.

Before the executable compressor came our proprietary lossless compression algorithm, JCALG1. This unique compression algorithm achieves great compression ratio and can handle uncompressible data much better than other algorithms. It is in use by AMD, VMWare, certain BIOSes and embedded systems, along with general applications.

We developed the first, or one of the first, application virtualization solutions, PEBundle. PEBundle was later redacted as I participated in a competing product that was acquired by VMWare.

We’ve educated consumers about CPU core parking and the performance impacts of it, and created a freeware utility to tweak core parking and frequency scaling. We’ve done ALL that, and so much more.

YOUR contributions make it possible for us to continue innovating and behaving in an ethical way, making our software as free as possible, while still remaining in business!

We’ve existed, in one official form or another, for nearly two decades. We are profitable and have no debt. We aren’t going anywhere! We’ll be here when you need us.

Member, IEEE Anti-Malware Working Group.

Really love our style of business?


256-bit Encryption

Payment Gateways:

Stripe (credit card)
PayPal (credit card on-site, Pro, or Standard)
Amazon Payments
MercadoPago for the Brazilians
Bitcoin (and more coming…)

It is with YOUR support that Bitsum continues to independently innovate!

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About Our Founder

Bitsum’s Founder and Principal Software Engineer is Jeremy Collake. He is one of those atypical, yet stereotypical, programmers who literally grew up in his basement coding BBS shareware add-ons (among other things) as a teenager. Imagine the usual early programmer narrative you’ve heard by now and that is how it was for Jeremy. Also included lots of reverse engineering. I don’t want to go on writing about myself, as it is quite awkward, so skip forward, and I have a lot of projects and experience under my belt, including collaborative ones with Steve Gibson of GRC.

Enumerated credentials? All the above referenced software on this page is Jeremy’s creation. A semi-full list of projects is here. He has also worked at a couple larger corporations and successfully completed projects for them with a great track record and respect among his fellow engineers.

We thank all our paying users for helping us keep the lights on these last 20 years.

Join us in making PCs better!

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