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Process Lasso v8.9.8.52 - 10/20/16

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ChangeĀ Log Change Core Back-port some safe code improvements from active working branch (v9) Change Core ProBalance tweaks Change Licensing Improvements to licensing efficiency Change Localization Updates to several languages Change Settings Minor adjustments to default server settings Change Localization Updates to several languages Fix GUI Fix important interoperability issue with MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware BETA Fix Core/GUI Improved performance and security software interoperability inĀ general Change GUI Improved user-suspended process handling Fix GUI Fix truncated German text in Activation Dialog Change Localization Update German and minor other Fix Core Fix a ‘greater than or less than’ inversion in a particular advanced process watchdog rule. Change Localization Updated languages from latest v9 alpha branch snapshots. Fix Resources Minor fix to resources; some v9 resources had found their way into the v8 repository. Change Localization Updated languages Change Updater Added command line shortcut for Process Lasso ‘pl.cmd’ (pl) to auto-updater, as it did have a small update a while back, and it’s tiny anyway. Fix Updater Fix for any Server Edition installs that inadvertently got switched to Workstation during previous beta updates (only affected BETA channel!), but won’t take effect until the *next* update. Fix Updater Fix for rare scenario where user installs then changes date backwards (e.g. time zone change). Change Localization Updated languages from latest v9 alpha branch snapshots. Change GUI Improvement to handling of issue with some ‘cleaning’ software that wipes out Process Lasso’s application data storage folder while in use Fix GUI Fixed issue with auto-retries on config file open, intended to support temporarily inaccessible remote paths, as they could cause Lasso GUI menu delays if the config folder is wiped out (an abnormal error condition caused by poorly written third-party cleansing software). Change Core Adjust ProBalance known process awareness database Change Build Reduce disk and virtual memory size by removing unnecessary high resolution renditions of some icons Fix GUI Fix to rare possible crash in ProcessLasso.exe Fix Licensing Fixed Site licenses could not activate Workstation editions of Lasso in some circumstances Fix GUI Improvement to avoid instances in new user sessions confronting users with language selection Fix Updater Fix to Server Edition beta channel auto updates Fix Build Improved module signing consistency of some ancillary distributions and modules. Change Core Improvement to 32-but Server Edition code generation Fix Localization Fix to Spanish graph legend Fix Localization Fix to Korean translation Change Localization Update Spanish, Finnish, others Change ParkControl Update internal ParkControl to latest Change GUI Improve method used to determine user’s default browser Change Localization Update several languages Fix GUI Fix rare issue where ghost audiodg.exe instances could be shown Change Core Server Edition: Improve performance for Audiophiles (and others). Change GUI Adjust font size of graph overlaid text – looks cleaner Change GUI Small performance improvement on processes display Change Core Improve interoperability with Comodo Internet Security and Firewall Change Licensing More adjustments to accomodate Windows XP users where SSL compatibility issues exist due to old IE Change Localization Update Polish, Finnish, German, Russian, others Fix All Minor fix to some code in Task Scheduler management module Change Core Force immediate termination of processes that are in suspended state Change Core Disable process icons by default in Server Edition Change Core Don’t log process launches and terminations by default Change Core Reduce wait time when trying to start Task Scheduler during install (considered an errant OS state) Change Core Minor tweaks Change All Switch to latest URL set (Fix WinXP failure to activate and update) Change All Fix latest version issue with unattended install command line use of activation codes Change All Enable minidumps for all betas Change Localization Update Polish, French, German, Italian, Russian Change Core Add latest Avira processes to tamper resistant list Change GUI Added transparency to some of the larger application icon renditions Change Installer Added section for Desktop Shortcut creation and two new installer strings (note to translators!) Change Localization Update French (shortened some strings for better display) Change All Substantially reduce the already negligible CPU utilization of governor and GUI. CPU cycle savings are linear with the number of processes. #v9backport Change All Improve interoperability with security software and tamper resistant processes (‘Ignore problematic processes’ can now be unchecked for many users). #v9backport Fix GUI Fix an interoperability issue with EIS. #v9backport Fix GUI Fix issue where process context menu CPU affinities (current and persistent) were not being populated right for cores above 31 Change Localization Update Spanish Fix GUI Fix issue in last update where language selection on multi-user systems may be seen repeatedly for other users Fix GUI Fix case where ‘View Log’ button is too short for German and Polish text (by editing text). Change GUI Updated list of tamper resistant processes that shouldn’t be touched. Change GUI Expand width of ‘Show revision history’ button on update dialog to support longer languages. Change GUI ‘Set foreground’ property added to update available dialog to help ensure it doesn’t get hidden (topmost is not set) Change Logging Do not log process termination by default. Some users were confused by this, and they tend to contribute to log flooding. Change Updater Remove ‘bitsumms.exe’ and ‘srvstub.exe’ from update package since they have not had notable updates in years, but frequently false positive’d on – may have caused some users to see update errors on these files Change Build Switch to Bitsum LLC EV code signing certificate Addition Localization Add new Spanish (Espanol) translation Addition Installer Add desktop shortcut to Process Lasso Fix Localization Fix issue with inter-product Bitsum language selection storage, for users who also had ParkControl installed Change Installer Improve uninstall when multiple Bitsum applications are present Change InstallHelper Expanded length of Service Warning message to accomodate some non-English languages Change Build Adjustments to project build order Change Build Optimized build process a bit Change Build Verify every digital signature after signing Change Localization Update Chinese Traditional, PT-BR, Russian Fix Build Adjust code signing Fix GUI Fix and improvement to ‘Indefinite’ Keep Awake setting compared to last build Change Localization Update Finnish Fix Core Inappropriate logging of ProBalance action on some metric excluded processes, even though no action was actually taken Fix GUI Fix to CPU Affinity Selection Dialog. When more than 32 logical cores on system, only frst 32 cores checked for default/’all’ CPU affinity. Fix GUI Keep Awake timer could go askew after timer elapsed Change GUI Change new ‘ProBalance acitivty occurring’ system tray icon to a more orange/yellow hue, instead of the previous Red [thanks Ed Kiefer!] Change Core Add some extra sanity checks Change Updater Include some seldom updated modules in auto-update package since they are now dual-signed Change Updater Have unlicensed copies use the same updater as licensed copies, which is a bit more sleek looking Change Installer Remove deprecated second (direct RC) rendition of the Russian translation from installer (was never installed to disk) Change Build Update copyright notice to 2016 Change Localization Update German, Russian, Italian, French Change Build Correction to dual-signing of all binaries introduced in last version Change Build Make use of freshly rebuilt development VM (for expansion and install of Windows SDK 10) Change Build Switch Bitsum RC Localization Tools to 32-bit binaries for compatibility (only found in the Bitusm Localization Pack) Change Localization Update Chinese Simplified Addition GUI Added ‘Clear’ button to CPU affintiy selection and Default CPU Affinities list dialogs Addition GUI Added ‘Invert Selection’ button to CPU affintiy selection and Default CPU Affinities list dialogs Change Build Dual-sign all binaries with SHA1 and SHA2-256 (adopting latest security practices for all binaries built from Jan 1, 2016 onwards) Change GUI Improve appearance of Unlicensed Update Dialog Change GUI Other minor cosmetic adjustments Change Localization Update Traditional Chinese, Finnish Change Localization Updated PT-BR, Italian Fix GUI Fix possible (never seen) case where a series of events and particular logic path could cause the Keep Running state to inappropriately persist upon Lasso stop/start. #minor #internal-discovery Fix Governor Set ProBalance ‘restored’ log events pertaining to CPU affinity change reversion to match ‘Log ProBalance Events when they end’ setting state. #minor #user-report Fix Governor Fix case where when all logging disabled combined with CPU affinity changes on ProBalance restraint (a non-default config), certain cleanup operations were not being performed. #minor #internal-discovery Addition GUI Add retry on server connectivity checks Addition GUI Add new menu option ‘Log Settings / Log ProBalance Events when they End’ Change GUI Change INI key name ‘LogOutOfControlProcessesRestrained’ to ‘LogProBalanceBegin’. Any existing setting will be migrated. Change GUI Change INI key name ‘LogOutOfControlProcessesRestored2’ to ‘LogProBalanceEnd’. Any existing setting will be migrated. Change GUI Licensed Update Available Dialog – Remove deprecated ‘Check license update eligibility’ (or empty space seen in next-gen codes) and replace with Process Lasso logo Change GUI Reduce width of Licensed Update Available Dialog Change GUI Add safety for case of invalid Keep Awake timer duration Change GUI Change all links to new beta site to Change GUI Remove ‘Server on Workstation’ warning, as it should never occur Change Update Switch to direct SSL link (was a 301 redirect to SSL) to retrieve latest version info Change Binaries Set specific support for all Windows versions in the application manifests (Windows XP,Vista,8,8.1,10 and all corresponding Server editions) Change Build Upgrade to VS2012 Update 5 Change Localization Updated French, Russian, Finnish Change Licensing Add next-gen license type ‘Commercial Workstation’ Change Licensing Other minor adjustments to next-gen licensing code Change Build Update to latest Bitsum shared code base Change Localization Update PT-BR and Russian Fix LogViewer Fix LogViewer Export to CSV was not handling Command Line Fix GUI Fix ‘Actions log’ column position and size persistence Change Licensing Improve client-side security of next-gen license codes Change GUI Changed disengage Keep Running menu item to ‘Cancel’ instead of ‘Disable’ Change GUI Misc minor changes Change Localization Update German and PT-BR Addition GUI Add NEW application icons at various resolutions, including distinct ones for “ProBalance action taking place” and “Governor not active” tray icons. Fix Licensing Server Edition GUI will show proper Must Buy dialog when expires (Governor would quit in any event). Recent quirk in behavior due to new EDD Trial Codes. Back-ported to Fix GUI Fix static text control width in About box of Server Edition trial Fix GUI Fix to system tray icon type selection Change Installer Change application icon to NEW product application icon Change Installer Change installer icon and header bitmap to NEW Product Logo Change GUI Change first-time minimize help text. Change Localization Update German, Polish, French, Russian, Finnish, Chinese Simplified, and Italian Fix Licensing Server Edition GUI will show proper Must Buy dialog when expires (Governor would quit in any event). Recent quirk in behavior due to new next-gen Trial Codes. #backport Change Installer Change installer icon and header bitmap to customized images. #backport Change Localization Update German and French. Fix GUI Fix CPU affinity options in ProBalance Options dialog were not disabled on dialog load when ‘Change CPU affinity during restraint’ is unchecked Change Installer Make ‘Add to environment path variable’ optional for Workstation builds Change Licensing Minor licensing system refinement Change GUI Minor menu item ordering changes Change GUI Improve cosmetics of ProBalance Options dialog Change GUI Remove one of two menu items to invoke ParkControl legacy tool (an expanded version of ParkControl is now distributed independently) Change Package Rename Parkcontrol module to pkctrl.exe Change Localization Update German, Italian, French Fix GUI Fix for a rare process listview discrepency in Windows 10 where the listed process would have no icon and rules could not be set for it via the context menu. Fix Licensing Fix for a next-gen licensing issue Change Installer Do not terminate ParkControl when installing or upgrading now that it may be part of a distinct package (ParkControl Pro) Change GUI Add safety to prevent session persistence of a Keep Awake state set to ‘Indefinite’ Change GUI Change some bitmaps to standardize and improve appearance Change Licensing Minor adjustments Change Localization Update French, Finnish, and Italian
8.8.2 Change Updater Improve appearance of unlicensed update dialog
8.8.2 Change Updater Hide ‘Update eligibility check’ options for next-gen codes (may be seen one more updates)
8.8.2 Change Licensing Send all purchasers of EDD codes to new site links
8.8.2 Change Licensing Adjustment of some in-product URLs
8.8.2 Change Licensing Treat ‘Free Trial’ license codes appropriately (work continues)
8.8.2 Change Licensing Continued next-gen licensing system work
8.8.2 Change Licensing Allow for ‘free trial’ license keys
8.8.2 Change Licensing About box will show ‘Free trial’ if one of the new free trial keys
8.8.2 Change Licensing General reduction in solicitation to update to Pro Edition
8.8.2 Change Licensing Reduced display of solicitation dialog, doesn’t begin appearing at all until 4 days of use
8.8.2 Change Licensing Reduce Lasso startup ‘nag’ timer to max 3 seconds in beta, max 15 in final (only if installed 30+ days)
8.8.2 Change Licensing In workstation edition, change trial of all advanced features from 14 to 30 days. Server Edition remains 30 day fully function trial that then expires entirely.
8.8.2 Change Licensing Minor code improvements
8.8.2 Change Installer Switch all auto-correct installer downloadss to SSL
8.8.2 Change Installer Fix descripton of new ‘add to environment PATH’ installer section
8.8.2 Change Installer Add secondary custom 64-bit OS detection mechanism for oddly tweaked PCs that cause NSIS scripts to misdetect
8.8.2 Change Installer Fix a couple typos in English EULA
8.8.2 Update ParkControl Update to ParkControl standard included with Process Lasso
8.8.2 Change Localization Update German, French, Polish, and Finnish
8.8.2 Addition Build Add ‘pl.cmd’ batch file as a shortcut to launch Process Lasso’s GUI, primarily for Windows Server users Addition Build Add installer section to optionally add Lasso install path to system environment PATH variable. By doing so, command line can simply run ‘pl’ to launch Lasso’s GUI Addition Logging Add pathname parameter to log file, changing log format Addition Logging Show process governor pathname and command line in ‘initialized’ log entry Addition GUI Add new Locate submenu (for disk and internet) to log entries in actions pane Addition ParkControl Add support for new system tray icon and more (ParkControl Pro) [work in progress] Fix GUI Fixes to import and export of configuration file Fix GUI Fix user-induced Gaming Mode state not preserved on Lasso restart Fix GUI Fix Keep Running state/countdown not preserved on Lasso restart Fix Insights Fix sorting of date/time of last restraint column Fix Insights Fix build ordering issue that could have caused wrong insights exe build to be included Change GUI Create safety backup on import of new configuration file Change GUI Reduce maximum log lines to display at one time (to reduce RAM utilization and improve load speed) Change GUI Adjust some in-product URLs Change GUI Reduce timeout after update for system tray click to see revision history (now back to 10 seconds) Change GUI Add new SmartTrim menu option to exclude game processes, part of new submenu for SmartTrim and Gaming Mode interaction settings (not yet enabled) Change Installer/Updater Terminate any running ParkControl instances Change Logging Rotate log files after 1000 entries Change Licensing Change product activation to distinct subdomain for server isolation Change All Better Emisoft interoperability Change Localization Update German, Russian, and French Fix GUI Fix ‘Change CPU affinity on restraint’ ProBalance menu option wasn’t opening ProBalance Settings dialog Change Insights Flesh out remaining ProBalance menu options, now offering all ProBalance settings within Insights Change Updater Correct installed version number for add/remove programs list after automated product update Change Licensing Next-gen licensing system refinement Change Build Upgraded build virtual machine to Windows 10 Pro Change Localization PT-BR updated Change GUI Fix length of solicitation dialog for PT-BR Change Licensing Next-gen licensing system work Change Core Minor maintenance work Change GUI Extend update revision history pop-up time to 30 seconds Change GUI Let Escape key minimize GUI to system tray Change Localization Update Polish, PT-BR, Italian, Russian, and French Addition Core Add log entry to indicate if pro-only features of the governor have expired in the workstation edition Addition Licensing Add internet connection check prior for better error reporting when activation fails Addition Licensing Show specific error message if next-gen license code is inactive Addition Licensing Add preliminary support for next-gen licensing system codes Addition Localization Add Korean to localization pack (not yet available to end users) Fix GUI Improve error handling cleanup in update check code. Fix GUI Fix case where internet connectivity check in workstation edition left a TCP connection in CLOSE_WAIT state. Fix GUI Improve startup speed and fix case where ProcessLasso.exe startup could stall a few seconds if the internet is disconnected as a connectivity check times out (now removed) Fix GUI Fix solicitation message not shown at first startup for unlicensed users Fix GUI Fix very small non-repetitive memory leak in connectivity check code (didn’t accumulate) Fix Core Improve interoperability with latest NIS version Fix Licensing Fix issue where some users had to enter their activation code again (this can also be caused by bad registry cleaners) Fix Uninstall Fix case where ‘Bitsum Highest Performance’ power plan is not removed if the user had manually engaged when they uninstalled Process Lasso Change GUI Set window title to ‘Process Lasso Pro’ to more clearly demarcate the Pro edition. Occurs instantly after product activation. Change Build Update to latest version of WinRAR Change Licensing Improve connectivity check to include database accessibility Change Licensing Extend advanced feature evaluation to 14 days for workstation build Change Localization Update Italian, German, and Japanese
8.6.x.x NOTICE All This minor update likely won’t be pushed out since a new final is coming soon, but we wanted to backport these simple changes immediately for new users Fix GUI Fix case where internet connectivity check in workstation edition left a TCP connection in CLOSE_WAIT state. #backport-from-beta Change GUI Set window title to ‘Process Lasso Pro’ to more clearly demarcate the Pro edition. Occurs instantly after product activation. #backport-from-beta Fix Installer Fix for an unnecessary registry key created during config storage Fix rcTools Fix issue with ‘Configure process watchdog …’ not localized (and possibly other strings) Fix CPUEater Fix inability of CPUEater Demo to detect governor as running when configured as a system service Change InstallHelper Small cosmetic tweaks to accommodate PT-BR strings (and improve appearance) Change GUI Expand control widths in many locations to accommodate PT-BR strings Change Localization Update French and Chinese Traditional Change Localization Update PT-BR – now 100% complete! Credits to Hilas Costa! Fix Installer Fix to unattended install command line parameters specifying GUI and governor start types Fix Installer Fix to /key command line parameter for unattended installs (was not updated to accept newer keys) Fix GUI Fix potential case of mutually exclusive system tray icon type view menu items checked Change Installer Refactored GUI and core engine startup code Change Installer Show InstallHelper.exe dialogs for workstation installs once again Removal Installer Remove a legacy manifest file included in installer Change GUI Move system tray icon type to view menu Change GUI Made graph background lines darker shade of green Change GUI Minor string adjustment(s) Change Docs Updated Change Localization Update Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Italian, and PTBR Fix All Fix inability to auto-start in Windows 10 Fix Licensing Fix issue where registered user name could be lost, though registration status would not change Fix GUI Gaming Mode in main application menu not checked when induced (but corresponding system tray menu item is) Change GUI Auto-restart of GUI after configuration restored to default Change All Quote encapsulate Task Scheduler task commands for Process Lasso GUI and Governor Change Docs On-going rewrite of CHM docs (see online copy here) Change Updater Include latest CHM docs in auto update package Change Localization Update Polish, German, Finnish, and Italian Addition GUI Add menu items for graceful termination wait settings in General Options Addition Core Add safety for improper shutdown of core engine while in gaming mode Fix Core Fix issue where some types of log events were written to log even when logging was fully disabled Fix Core Fix issue where Polish and PTBR DLLs were subject to ‘improper image’ issues due to a build order anomaly. Fix GUI Fix Dismiss button in Graceful Termination dialog. Fix SmartTrim Fix log entry that would say ‘0 of 0’ processes trimmed under certain conditions (meaning 0 of 0 eligible) Fix Installer Fix start menu shortcuts included for docs even when docs not selected for install Change GUI Change nag text and improve appearance of dialog Change GUI Do not allow user to the option to not show again the confirmation prompt after adding a disallowed process, and a few other critical actions (for safety) Change GUI Change default selected control in Graceful Termination dialog, improving appearance Change GUI Other improvements to graceful termination dialog (remove title bar and system menu) Change GUI Misc cosmetic improvements Removal GUI Removed deprecated ‘Close’ choice from multi-selection process context menu since it now duplicates ‘Terminate’, which tries a graceful first approach with user configured timeout Change Core Refactor mechanism by which logging is fully disabled Change All Adjust registry key deletion code to ensure full deletion in some contexts where an empty top-level key may remain Change Installer Restore CHM docs to installer Change Localization Continued work on in-house localization tools Change Localization Updated Polish Change Localization Updated Finnish Change Localization Updated German Change Localization Updated Russian (first update in a while) Change Localization Updated PTBR (first update in years, only restored last build) Addition GUI Add new graceful-first termination with dialog shown to allow immediate intervention Addition GUI Added setting to suppress new SmartTrim took no action log events Addition GUI Added code to check for basic Internet connectivity (to be used for any activation failure diagnosis) Addition Core Added new SmartTrim took no action log events Addition Core Added registry setting to control how long to wait for a graceful termination before terminating or restarting a process Change Core Always try a trim if user initiates, even if RAM load is below threshold (per-process quotas still apply) Change Core Change to the way the SmartTrim thread is notified of configuration changes Change Core Change to mechanism by which the SmartTrim thread gets notified of config changes Change Core Reduce access rights in termination function to bare minimum Change All Improve interoperability with Online Armour Change GUI On-going licensing system work Change GUI Moved process termination to a separate thread, since it may now be blocking for a few seconds Change GUI Corrected some typos Change GUI Removed some deprecated code Change GUI Increased amount of detail included in minidumps (these are only enabled in beta builds) Fix Updater Non-critical fix to some permissions when shutting down Lasso, had no real world impact Fix Core Fix issue with logic on SmartTrim RAM threshold Fix Core Fix issue with SmartTrim not trimming when ‘no limit’ is specified (note the per-process quota still applies) Addition Localization Add back PTBR for early use as it is being translated Change Localization Update Chinese Simplified, Japanese, French, Finnish, German, Polish, Italian, and PTBR Change Localization Update Italian, Finnish, French, Russian, and Chinese Simplified Fix Core Fix SmartTrim exclusions so that they allow either full pathnames, process basenames (e.g. notepad.exe), or wildcard patterns Fix Core Fix issue with migration of the ‘show process icons’ setting from earlier versions Fix GUI Fix issue where system tray icon was temporarily lost and irrecoverable if user selected to not start the GUI at login. Now terminates GUI, left to user to relaunch after the change (since the user did select to start manually). Change GUI Change ‘Steam Game Detection’ to ‘Automatic Game Detection’ Change Localization Update Finnish and Italian Change GUI Add a considerable number of new SmartTrim options to tune the algorithm to user desired behavior Change All A large number of small fixes, major additions, and important adjustments Change All — Full list below (and, remember, you could call every minor update since v7 part of the full change list of v8 due to our development methodology) — Addition Core Add SmartTrim exclusions Addition GUI Add SmartTrim exclusions dialog Addition GUI Add SmartTrim exclusion process context menu item Addition GUI Add ‘Allow trim when gaming mode is engaged’ menu item, and retitled dialog option Addition GUI Add ‘Clear all’ to exclusions dialog used by SmartTrim and other features Addition Core Add SmartTrim setting ‘Allow while in gaming mode’ (defaults to false) Addition Core Add SmartTrim setting for users to manually configure minimum per-process working set (globally) before SmartTrim would act on a process Change Core Adjust SmartTrim minimum working set per-process to 196Mb for workstations, 384Mb for servers Change Core Change variable name for SmartTrim minimum working set per-process – this will cause it to reset to default if you have used a prior beta Change GUI Expanded a static text control in the IdleSaver dialog Change GUI Add code to migrate existing process icon setting Change Core Remove some of the high-def process icons of the governor, which may have caused some troubles Fix GUI Fix to remembering of last main window position and some child window positions (a one time reset will occur) Change GUI Default height adjustments Change GUI Restored ‘restart of Lasso required’ message when user disables process icons, so they realize what is going on Change GUI Minor UI painting optimizations and misc legacy code cleanup Change GUI Don’t check for HOSTS file modification (by cracks and such) more than once, may look suspicious and speeds Lasso GUI load Fix GUI Fix default CPU affinity whole list dialog when cores > 31 were specified (alternate means and dialogs to create rules using cores greater than 31 would work fine) Fix Core Fix scenario where a user-configured ProBalance action not priority related (e.g. CPU affinity change) may be inappropriately taken on a process with a non-normal priority class, despite processes with non-normal priorities being excluded from ProBalance Fix Core Fix issue where Gaming Mode might be induced in web browser opened from within Steam Fix GUI Fix ProBalance Insights dialog could have truncated text with some languages Fix GUI Fix Issue that could cause the UI to potentially deadlock when removing a gaming mode process from the list via the process context menu, under the right circumstances (very rare, if ever) Fix Core Fix a potential SmartTrim inefficiency when the user manually uses ‘Trim Now’ manually (under certain conditions) Fix GUI Fix removal of default (always set) process I/O priority may not have immediately been saved in configuration file. Fix GUI Removed a couple memory priorities that had compatibility issues and could cause what seemed to be a ‘loss’ of the setting, or a failure to set the memory priority Fix GUI Fix SmartTrim would log even if log disabled Fix Installer Fix automatic update checks not enabled for new installs by default, occurred during recent installer streamlining (workstation edition only) Change Installer Improve some confusing text asked during certain upgrades Change Build Considerable build system refinement Addition Core Continue refinement of the SmartTrim algorithm Addition UI Continue adding SmartTrim parameters, menu items, and related dialog Change Signing Improvement to the digital signing and timestamping efficiency of our binaries (faster builds) Change GUI Adjustment to minimum UI height for mini-PCs (work on-going) Change Insights Continued ProBalance Insights polish into an application in its own right. Change Insights Added place-holder menu to ProBalance Insights application to control ProBalance. Change GUI Added place-holder menu items and dialogs for user-specified SmartTrim thresholds and exclusions. Change GUI Remove some SmartTrim menu items from Server Edition Change GUI Remove some deprecated code Change All General code improvements, compatibility fixes, and maintenance Change Core Handle another Symantec (Norton) tamper-detection issue Change Core Remove prior beta’s Steam game auto-detection adjustment, pending refactoring to achieve 100% accuracy under all conditions Change Core Misc maintenance Change Settings Migrate ‘Show process icons’ GUI setting to HKCU registry value for easy mod Change All Continued code optimization (replacing legacy code with more efficient renditions) Fix All Fix cases where trailing spaces weren’t removed from user input when they were intended to be (e.g. activation code). Removal Localization Serbian Change Localization Update German, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Finnish, Polish, Japanese, and French Post-release updates yet to be officially pushed out (but in current downloadable):

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