Process Lasso Revision History

Latest Versions

Process Lasso v12.3.2 - September 1, 2023 (changes)
Process Lasso v12.4.0 BETA - September 25, 2023 (changes)


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v12.3.2.20 – Sept 1 2023

  • Tie idle priority class to Efficiency Mode to match Task Manager’s behavior
  • Fix an issue where cores could incorrectly show as parked on Intel 12th+
    (also impacts Task Manager and Resource Monitor)
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Fix manual power profile switch while using a 'start with' (base) power profile proceeds despite message that it can't
(1) Core: Remove special handling of audiodg.exe when 'Ignore problematic processes' is checked (not default)
(3) Core: Apply Efficiency Mode rules after priority rules
(3) Core/GUI: When turning on Efficiency Mode, also set idle priority class to match Task Manager behavior
(9) GUI: Enable 'Install/Uninstall BHP' menu actions to work on Power Mode systems
(11) GUI: Move 'Install BHP' to 'Options / General' submenu
(13) GUI: Don't show cores as parked if there is a load on them, despite performance counter values; fixes cores can show incorrectly as parked, an issue also impacting Task Manager and Resource Monitor.
(17) GUI: Continuously reapply Efficiency Mode OFF rules to reset any individual threads that may have been put into Efficiency Mode

v12.3.1.20 – July 18 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Add new variable to Watchdog launch action, %5 for session ID (or use %sessionid%)
(3) GUI: Rename process context menu item 'Application Power Profile' to 'Power Profile'
(5) Installer: On new install, ensure config file is initialized prior to Governor start, eliminating an inconsequential load error log entry
(7) GUI: If Governor service is disabled, reenable it automatically when user tries to start it
(9) Insights: Fix sort preference could be lost when ProBalance event occurs while dialog open
(9) Insights: Improve sort of frequency of action column
(9) Insights: Persist sort-by and direction preference
(11) GUI: Fix tray icon tooltip could show stale info under some circumstances
(13) Install: Add localized description to Governor service
(13) Install: Refactored service management code to remove legacy MakeService executable (bitumms.exe)
(15) MMSC: Remove superfluous warning from Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tool
(15) GUI: Add 'Locate / Properties' process context menu item to invoke the shell file properties dialog
(17) GUI: Fix three strings whose translations were not being applied
(19) Core: Fix Instance Balancer non-regex wildcard matches weren't being tested against pathnames

v12.3.0.24 – June 7 2023 – Release Announcement

  • Add support for Windows 11’s Efficiency Mode
(1) GUI: Process status column 'Running' state is now implicit if no other notable state
(1) GUI: Include Efficiency Mode in process status column
(1) Core/GUI: Add Efficiency Mode rules
(7) GUI: Improve tab ordering in ProBalance advanced options dialog
(7) Core/GUI: Add ProBalance option to use Efficiency Mode during restraints
(9) GUI: Functional improvements to ProBalance advanced options dialog regarding dynamically enabled/disabled suboptions
(13) GUI: Make persistance of custom System Timer Resolution a Pro feature
(13) GUI: Don't show 'Balanced' power plan in 'Start Process Lasso with power plan' submenu on power mode systems (only the overlays)
(13) GUI: Expand width of match phrase edit controls in Watchdog and Disallowed Processes dialogs
(13) GUI: Add double-click to remove item and populate edit box in Disallowed Processes dialog
(13) GUI: Add 'Access denied' messagebox if changing current priority class by context menu fails
(13) GUI: Change affinity set error to 'Access denied' to match priority change error
(15) GUI: Swap default column positions of 'Status' and 'ProBalance time'
(17) GUI: Change IdleSaver exclusion rule symbol from 'e' to 'f'
(17) GUI: Set Efficiency Mode ON and OFF rule symbols to 'E' and 'e', respectively
(19) InstallHelper: Make CoInitializeSecurity failure a non-critical error

v12.2.0.16 – May 23 2023

  • Add tool to change and persist System Timer Resolution
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(3) GUI: Add tool to set and persist System Timer Resolution up to 0.5ms, at 'Tools / System Timer Resolution'
(13) GUI: When IdleSaver default timeout filled in config dialog, use minutes if evenly divisible
(13) GUI: When IdleSaver enabled for the first time via tray menu, inducing the config dialog, don't enable if dialog is aborted
(13) GUI: When IdleSaver enabled for the first time via tray menu, inducing the config dialog, set default timeout appropriately
(15) GUI: On 'File / Import Configuration', show distinct error if the INI file selected is the one that is currently in use
(15) GUI: On 'File / Import Configuration', don't set the initial browse directory to the current INI path

v12.1.0.26 – Apr 3 2023

  • Add new copy-to-clipboard process context menu actions
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Prohibit automated update when device is in fullscreen mode, and fallback to notification
(5) GUI: Fix an issue in Watchdog dialog where added rules could disappear under certain scenarios
(9) GUI: Make CPU Sets feature free in beta builds
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Change case of 'Select CPU Affinity'
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Reorder 'More' submenu
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Move 'Trim Memory' to top-level
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Move 'Processor Group Extender' to More submenu 
(19) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Add new 'Copy' (to clipboard) submenu
(23) GUI: Fix an issue where paint artifacts may be seen in Active Processes listview when it refreshes

v12.0.4.4 – Feb 22 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Fix an issue in shell32.ExtractAssociatedIcon call that could cause a crash when processes are running from remote paths
(1) GUI: Translation updates
(1) All: Renewed code signing certificate

v12.0.3.16 – Feb 3 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) Installer: Improve EULA formatting
(1) GUI: Improve German splash screen text
(1) GUI: Show notification when Process Lasso starts with Keep Awake Indefinite still active
(1) GUI/Core: Allow Keep Awake Indefinite setting to persist across reboots
(1) GUI: Add registry option to disable Keep Awake Indefinite from persisting across reboots, HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso:KeepAwakeResetOnReboot (dword bool)
(7) GUI: Cosmetic to 'Main / Keep Awake' submenu
(9) GUI: Allow exit from beta channel while using a beta version, occurring upon the next update to a release version
(11) GUI: Translation updates
(13) GUI: Expand caption control widths (for longer languages) in dialogs: CPU Priorities, CPU Affinities, I/O Priorities, CPU Sets

v12.0.2.18 – Jan 3 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Improve control alignment in IdleSaver config dialog
(3) GUI: Suppress INI parsing error messageboxes from Governor when running as a service
(3) GUI: Show precise error message if Workstation key used on Server Edition
(7) Build: Minor maintenance to build scripts
(7) GUI: Add /activateonly command line parameter to ProcessLasso.exe to perform any deferred license activation from installer, then exit
(7) GUI: Standardize /no_raise_existing command line parameter to /NoRaiseExisting
(7) GUI/LogViewer: Replace filter edit control search and clear icons with shell stock icons
(9) GUI: Refresh filtered view when process rules change
(15) GUI: Expand width of edit controls in CPU affinity and CPU Sets dialogs
(15) GUI: Right-align captions on edit controls in CPU Sets rules dialog
(17) GUI: Change copyright years to 2023

v12.0.1.6 – Nov 23 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(5) GUI: Fix graph tooltip was vertically clipped with some system font scalings
(3) GUI: Fix tray icon wouldn't properly reflect CPU Utility % values exceeding 100%
(1) GUI: Add product version to user-agent string

v12.0.0.24 – Nov 15 2022 – Release Announcement

  • Support for Power Modes (overlays)
  • Switch to CPU Utility %
  • Support 3995WX CPU topology
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI.WatchdogDialog: Remove warning about overly broad rules
(1) Core: Add log entry type for error restarting process or service by Watchdog
(3) GUI: Add option to disable graph tooltips
(5) GUI: Add option to show CPU Utility % instead of CPU Time % in graph and tray, default to ON
(7) GUI/Core: Add support for Balanced Power Modes (overlays)
(13) GUI: Have CPU core graphs also use CPU Utility % instead of Time %, if configured and available
(15) Core: Add 'Threads' (count) and 'IO' (total cumulative) columns to sampling output
(15) GUI: Fix issue where graph tooltips would cause main window to be inactive, changing titlebar colors
(15) GUI: Add support for topologies where a NUMA node contains more than 64 logical cores, spanning multiple groups (e.g. 3995wx on Win10 21H1+)
(19) GUI: Fix to CPU Affinity dialog NUMA node checkboxes
(21) GUI/Core: On systems using power overlays, don't allow Balanced power plan use in rules and settings created by older versions
(25) GUI: After config reset by menu item, reapply GUI refresh interval

v11.1.1.26 – Oct 10 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) Installer: Enable Spanish language selection
(3) GUI: Improvements to product activator
(5) GUI: When filter edit controls have focus, TAB can escape to their respective listview
(7) GUI: Add dark mode to some frequently seen dialogs
(11) Core/GUI: Default core parking adjustment log entries to ON (when done by ProBalance, if option set)
(11) Core: Fix an issue where some log entry types could continue to be emitted despite logging disabled
(11) GUI: Add menu items to toggle logging of CPU Sets and Group Extender rules
(13) Core: Adapt ProBalance option 'Disable CPU Core Parking during action' to Intel 12th Gen
(13) Core: Change failsafe recovery core parking options from HKCU to HKLM (used after improper Governor shutdown if ProBalance option 'Disable CPU Core Parking during action' was used)
(15) GUI: Fix an issue where clearing the log while it is updating could deadlock
(15) Core: Fix an issue where a Watchdog rule that restarts a service may fail to do so
(17) GUI/LogViewer: Minor improvements to log monitoring thread
(17) GUI/LogViewer: Use filesystem change notifications on UNC paths when available
(17) GUI.WatchdogRulesDialog: Fix an issue where emptying the rule list completely using the Remove button would not be immediately committed to the INI on save
(17) LogViewer: Add CTRL+X accelerator to clear log
(19) GUI.PriorityClassRulesDialog: Expanded width and other cosmetic
(19) GUI.ProBalanceExclusionsDialog: Fix handling of match strings with embedded commas
(19) GUI/Core: Refactor priority class rules, now supporting Regular Expressions
(21) GUI.ProBalanceExclusionsDialog: Cosmetic
(23) GUI: Add dark mode support to activation dialog

v11.1.0.34 – Sept 6 2022 – Release Announcement

  • Instance Balancer additions
  • Translation improvements
(1) GUI: Standardize tooltip process format to "PID:USER"
(3) Translations: Add Korean language
(5) Core: Adjust error message when a crash occurs but a dump couldn't be generated
(5) GUI: Add Responsiveness and Memory Load to graph tooltip
(9) GUI.Instance Balancer: Hide some options behind a 'Show Advanced' button
(9) GUI.Instance Balancer: Add 'Disable SMT' rule option
(11) rcTools: Improve printf format specifier validation on imported languages
(13) GUI: Instance Balancer: Cosmetic improvements to rules dialog
(13) GUI: Expand CPU Affinity static text control width for translations
(13) GUI: Fix 'Up' button not translated
(15) GUI/Core: Gracefully handle any memory allocation failure during services enum
(15) GUI: Support tree view mode when process icons disabled
(19) GUI: Translation updates and cosmetic adjustments
(21) GUI: Fix menu item 'Options / General / Refresh Interval (GUI) / 5 seconds'
(21) GUI: On new CPU affinity rule by context menu, populate dialog with current CPU affinity
(21) Translations: Tooling improvements
(23) GUI.Insights: Replace bitmap with Process Lasso logo
(23) Core.SmartTrim: Exclude Memory Compression process from SmartTrim (no access to act anyway)
(23) GUI: Make internet search URLs HTTPS (previously de facto HTTPS by way of HSTS)
(29) Updater: Better ensure bitsumsessionagent.exe is terminated before trying to replace
(31) GUI: Set proper font on graph tooltips

v11.0.0.34 – Aug 15 2022 – Release Announcement

  • Processes tree view
  • More useful graph tooltips
(1) GUI: Enlarge and improve Disallowed Processes config dialog
(1) GUI: Remove 'do not ask again' option from real-time priority class warning messagebox
(1) GUI: Move 'Options / General / Reset Do Not Show Again Memory' to 'View / Reset'
(1) GUI: All Processes tab: Add column for parent process PID and basename
(1) GUI: All Processes tab: Add tree view (3rd sort option for name column)
(9) GUI: Show graph tooltip at any point, giving most active process, CPU utilization, and ProBalance events at that time
(11) GUI: Add Clear Log menu item under 'View / Reset'
(11) GUI: Add CTRL+X accelerator to clear log
(17) GUI: Restore 'Buy now' button above lower pane for unlicensed users
(21) GUI: Switch to native messagebox for some locations where choice can't be persisted by user (e.g. terminate now)
(21) GUI: Add CTRL+F accelerator to jump to filter edit controls
(23) GUI: Change name of Instance Balancer 'static core count' algorithm to 'fixed core count'
(23) GUI: Add tooltips to Instance Balancer config dialog

v10.4.8.8 – June 8 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) Core/GUI: Improvements to service management code
(1) GUI: Fix service tracking for process associations (name appendages) could become stale
(5) All: Update to VS 2022 17.2.3
(5) GUI: Language updates

v10.4.7.22 – May 9 2022

  • Offer to repair system performance counters if they are dysfunctional
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(5) Core: Change method of finding processor efficiency classes
(7) GUI: Add 'Options / General / Experimental' submenu
(11) Core/GUI: Add support for as yet undeployed minidump upload tool
(11) GUI: Add 'Options / General / Experimental / Generate Crash Dump'
(11) GUI: CPU core graphs: Don't treat error getting core parking status (broken performance counter) as parked
(11) GUI: Add 'Options / Tools / Repair [System] Performance Counters' 
(11) GUI: If system performance counter(s) appear damaged, ask user then attempt repair with "lodctr.exe /R", et. al (beta builds only)
(13) GUI: Remove 'frequent updates' warning when 'Include Betas' is checked
(15) GUI: Enforce depth limit of ProBalance event timestamp history used by graph tooltips
(19) GUI: Minidump generation: A second messagebox asking if user wants to submit now; opens submission URL
(21) Core/GUI: Improvements to base process enumeration and tracking code
(21) GUI: When IdleSaver enabled by menu, only open options dialog when enabled for first time
(23) GUI: Make log size limit edit control numeric only

v10.4.6.20 – Apr 15 2022

  • Support processor groups of unequal size (rare)
  • Improvements to Instance Balancer, including multi-group support
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Add support for processor groups of unequal sizes
(3) Core: Add Instance Balancer processor group support (balances to all groups)
(5) Core: Improve behavior of Instance Balancer 'reserved cores' setting when there are more instances than cores. Now reserves first X cores of each processor group.
(9) GUI: General maintenance to web interface code (updates, activation)
(9) Core/GUI: Fix a crash that could occur under certain rare conditions
(11) GUI: Remove some deprecated code
(13) GUI: Adjustment to tray ProBalance event icon switch handling
(19) Core: Fix 'Start with' (base) power profile setting would override power profile switch by manually induced Performance Mode

v10.4.5.28 – Mar 24 2022

  • Assorted fixes and enhancements
(3) Core/GUI: Change Instance Balancer boolean option 'Only include instances with CPU use' to floating point 'CPU use threshold'
(5) GUI: Remove some deprecated code
(7) GUI: Fix 'Switch to GaaP' syslink not hidden on Keep Running rules dialog when already GaaP
(9) Core: Fix a memory leak when SmartTrim is enabled and a trim working sets action occurs (free RAM was less than threshold)
(13) GUI: Instance Balancer Dialog, improve behavior when user toggles from static to dynamic algorithm and then adds rule with artifact of a non-zero static core count
(13) GUI: Instance Balancer Dialog, rename algorithms to 'Dynamic core count (spread evenly)' and 'Static core count'
(15) Core: General code maintenance
(17) Core: Improved method of ensuring handle cache coherency, fixing a handle leak
(19) Installer: Fix an issue with deferred activation code on command line using /key parameter
(21) GUI: Fix filtered listviews weren't immediately adopting user customizations to column orders and widths
(21) Core: Fix default value for SmartTrim Clear Standby List 'only when free RAM less than' on new installs
(21) Core: Change new process log events to use lowercase basenames for consistency
(25) Core: Fix an issue where Group Extender could consume excess compute when multiple group extensions are active simultaneously

v10.4.4.20 – Feb 18 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) All: Switch to 2022 EV code signing certificate
(1) GUI: Improve signal to update licensee name display when activation status changes
(3) GUI: Fix tray icon wasn't changing to indicate a ProBalance action with GaaS
(5) GUI: Add 'View / Tray Icon' menu option to toggle changing of tray icon upon ProBalance action
(5) GUI: Add HCKU registry setting 'TrayProBalanceIconDurationMS' to adjust duration ProBalance icon is shown in tray upon action (default 1500ms)
(5) GUI: Fix CPU utility and time were transposed in status bar
(7) GUI: Fix an extraneous registry key created in last release
(11) GUI: When Watchdog or Keep Running rules require GaaP, show notice and one-click 'switch to GaaP' syslink in their config dialogs
(13) GUI: Add /trimnow command line switch to initiate SmartTrim action
(13) Core: Log error with guidance if Watchdog rule can't restart a process due to GaaS
(17) GUI: For post-trial free installs, now allow Pro-only rule config dialogs to be opened, but restrict 'Add' button
(17) GUI: Make Foreground Boosting a free feature

v10.4.3.24 – Jan 28 2022

  • Adjustment to BHP for Alder Lake on Win10 (specifically)
  • Refinement of memory priority feature
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) All: Retarget to VS2022
(1) GUI: Some cleanup to memory priority feature
(3) GUI: Show memory priority values as names throughout
(7) GUI: Instead of disabling Group Extender menu items on single group systems, show message that it only applies to multi-group systems
(9) GUI: Adjust Instance Balancer config dialog column widths
(11) Core: Fix 'Start with' (base) power profile wouldn't allow IdleSaver to change the power profile
(13) GUI: Add CPU info to About dialog
(15) Core: Make Bitsum Highest Performance core parking settings compatible with Alder Lake on Win10
(17) Core: Do one-time adjustment of BHP of existing installs on Win10 /w Alder Lake, so that all P cores are unparked
(19) GUI: Add vmmem to system process warning
(19) GUI: Fix a recent crowdin integration issue, update translations
(23) GUI: Add specific error when CPU Sets edit control is empty when user tries to add rule
(23) GUI: CPU Sets rule list dialog: Add query if user clicks OK with an unadded rule

v10.4.2.16 – Jan 5 2022

  • Add CTRL+SPACE keyboard accelerator to pause GUI display updates
  • ‘Start Process Lasso with power profile’ now acts as a base power profile when no power rules active
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) Core: Minor adjustment to Windows Error Reporting (WER) snapshot process handling
(1) GUI: Add CTRL+SPACE keyboard accelerator to pause GUI display updates
(3) GUI/Core: When no power profile rules are in effect, return to set 'Start Process Lasso with Power Profile'
(5) GUI: Add message when user attempts manual switch of active power profile when 'start with' (base) power profile is set
(7) GUI: Don't remove processes from listview while in the context menu. Fixes crash seen when process removed while taking action on it via context menu.
(9) GUI: Remove 'Help / Change License Code' menu item when not activated
(9) GUI: Fix activation code change wouldn't refresh licensee name on graph until app restart
(11) All: (c) 2021 to 2022
(11) GUI: Add menu item to toggle ProBalance option to lower to Idle instead of Below Normal
(13) GUI: Add submenu 'View / Reset'
(13) GUI: Add menu item 'View / Reset / Reset ProBalance Counters'
(13) GUI: Move process context menu item 'Keep Running' to 'More' submenu
(13) GUI: Improve consistency of process context menu items for Hard Throttling
(13) All: Minor code maintenance

v10.4.1.18 – Dec 10 2021

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
 (1) GUI: Add up/down buttons to CPU Sets Rules List Dialog
 (3) GUI: Fix to multi-select process context menu item 'I/O Priority / Always / None'
 (7) GUI: Improve RAM Load display painting
 (9) GUI: Fix incorrect physical core count in status bar on Alder Lake
(13) GUI: Cosmetic tweaks to some rule config dialogs
(13) GUI: Change all 'Remove selected' buttons to 'Remove'
(13) Core: Refactor process pathname retrieval code
(13) GUI: Fix handling of rare scenario when process module enumeration initially fails due to first module (the EXE) not yet loaded, previously resulting in a missing path and icon in listview (impacted GUI only)
(15) Core: Remove process pathnames from 'More info' field of process launched log events, since it is also included in the 'Path' field
(15) GUI: Minor code maintenance
(17) GUI: Fix 'No update available' message could be unnecessarily shown on app start after a successful manual update under some circumstances

v10.4.0.38 – Nov 11 2021 – Release Announcement

  • Add CPU Sets, a softer form of CPU Affinities
  • Alder Lake (Intel 12th Gen) support
  • Streamlined install
(3) Installer: Do not show startup config dialogs by default (now optional section)
(5) GUI: Small listview update optimizations
(7) Core: Fix an issue where GaaS may not honor chosen language when writing log entries
(15) Core/GUI: Add CPU Sets feature
(19) GUI: Move Memory Priority process context submenu out of 'More'
(19) GUI: Show Memory Priority column by default 
(19) GUI: Adjust config not writable message
(19) GUI: Remove message when Forced Mode enabled
(23) GUI: Cosmetic adjustments to CPU selection dialogs
(23) GUI: Refactor CPU Affinity rules list dialog to be like that of CPU Sets (external selection dialog)
(25) GUI: Do not throttle updates when check is manually invoked by user
(29) GUI: Cosmetic to ProBalance Exclusions dialog
(33) GUI: Adjust default position of columns in process listviews
(35) GUI: Mark Efficiency Cores with "E" in CPU selection dialogs and menu items
(35) GUI: Support Hyper-Threading disabled CPU affinities on Alder Lake
(38) Core: Fix INI syntax error message after uninstalling BHP while application power profile rule referencing it exists
(38) GUI: Cosmetic work to some rule list dialogs

v10.3.1.10 – Oct 15 2021

(7) Core: Fix an issue in prior release where Performance Mode may not be induced per rule when process path is unavailable due to anti-cheat systems
(3) Core/GUI: Add Instance Balancer option to reserve n system CPU cores
(1) Core/GUI: Add Instance Balancer option to only include process instances with CPU use
(1) GUI: Minor string and cosmetic adjustments

v10.3.0.50 – Oct 4 2021 – Release Announcement

  • New Config Profile Switcher feature
  • Add special ProBalance handling for searchindexer.exe
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(49) Core: Add ProBalance service exclusion overrides, first is searchindexer.exe
(49) Core: Minor ProBalance code maintenance
(47) GUI: Cosmetic improvements to Persistent CPU Priorities dialog
(45) GUI: Change 'File / Profile' menu to 'File / Config Profile'
(41) GUI: Set default IdleSaver time to 5 minutes
(39) GUI: Add confirmation dialog on config profile deletion
(37) GUI: Update German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, others
(35) GUI: Have 'Reset Configuration' also clear select registry backed settings
(33) GUI: Add tooltip to CPU Limiter dialog enforcement duration edit control to indicate that 0 means indefinite
(33) GUI: Add Windows version to About dialog
(31) GUI: Improvements to IdleSaver config dialog code
(31) Core: Fix to IdleSaver exclusion matches when username specified in rule
(31) GUI: Fix an issue where memory page priority rules could store with -1 values after being removed
(27) Core: Exclude any Steam child process running from "common\mixedrealityvrdriver" or "common\steamvr" subfolders from Performance Mode automatic game detection
(25) GUI: For rule additions by context menu, remove any matching exact (non-wildcard) full pathname rule before adding basename rule
(25) GUI: Change 'No default priority' and 'No default affinity' menu items to 'None' for consistency
(25) GUI: Add 'None' to multi-select persistent I/O priority context menu
(25) GUI/Core: Refactor some settings storage code
(23) GUI: Add menu item 'Options / Log / Set Max Log File Size' to set corresponding registry value
(23) GUI: Remove deprecated 'Keep log pruned' menu option and INI setting
(17) GUI: Remove deprecated code related to removed Active Processes tab CPU bar graphs
(17) GUI: Various improvements to Config Profiles
(15) GUI: Add error message on attempt to create config profile that already exists
(15) GUI: Manage Profiles Dialog: Fix 'Create New' would not always immediately refresh list afterwards
(15) GUI: Add Create Config Profile option to start with empty profile or copy current
(11) GUI: Change default config profile name to 'My First Profile'
(9) GUI/Core: Add Config Profile Switcher feature
(7) GUI: Fix issue where dynamic thread priority boost disabled rule removal by context menu wouldn't immediately re-enable boosting for that process instance.
(5) Installer: Refactor some language selection code
(1) SessionAgent: Fix crash on Windows 32-bit OSes
(1) GUI: Adjust Tools submenu captions

v10.2.0.40 – Aug 1 2021 – Release Announcement

  • Improvement to ProBalance
  • Refactored Foreground Boosting
  • Add Internet Explorer Restriction feature
  • Deploy Bitsum Session Agent for GaaP installs too
  • Windows 11 support
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(37) Core: Fix an issue with Instance Balancer 'childof:' rules with no space before process name match
(35) Insights: Improvements with greater than normal system text size or scaling
(31) GUI: Change real-time priority warning message and behavior
(31) CPUEaterDemo: Rename CPU consumer in SFX (live EXE) to testlasso.exe instead of bg.tst
(31) Core: Minor code improvements
(29) GUI: Add 'Exclude from Foreground Boost' process context menu item under More
(29) GUI: Remove superfluous cancel button from 'foreground boosting not recommended' warning messagebox
(25) GUI: Internal adjustment to cancel/close behavior of generic list dialog
(25) GUI: Cosmetic to generic list dialog (foreground boost exclusions, Group Extender, SmartTrim exclusions ...)
(23) GUI: Add Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) restriction feature under 'Options / Control'
(23) GUI: Add foreground boost exclusions list dialog
(19) CPUEaterDemo: Launch CPU consumer as an orphaned background process, given default foreground exclusion setting. This makes the demo more user friendly and more accurately simulates a real-world background CPU consuming process.
(19) CPUEaterDemo: Add explanatory text regarding treatment of foreground processes
(19) CPUEaterDemo: Cosmetic work
(19) GUI: Allow previously enabled foreground boosting to be disabled in Free versions past trial
(17) GUI: Add 'Boost to High Priority' (instead of Above Normal) foreground boost option
(15) Install: Always deploy bitsumsessionagent, including with GaaP
(13) GUI: Language updates
(11) Core: Refactor foreground priority class boosting to work with GaaS and multiple simultaneous sessions
(11) Core: Add foreground boost option to exclude non-normal priority classes
(11) Core: Remove foreground thread boosting
(11) GUI: Refactor foreground boosting submenu, adding new options
(11) GUI: Minor menu adjustments to 'Options / CPU'
(9) Core: Migrate to GetTickCount64 in ProBalance timing
(9) Core: Add distinct log entry when ProBalance ends due to entry into foreground
(9) Core.ProBalance: When 'ignore children of foreground process' enabled, end restraint if parent enters foreground
(9) Core.ProBalance: If non-normal priority classes are not excluded, ensure that idle priority classes are not raised to below normal
(9) GUI: Minor cosmetic to ProBalance Options dialog
(7) GUI: Fix config reset by menu not clearing some rule types
(1) Core: Add an experimental feature
(1) GUI: Remove 'Always Allow Dark Mode' menu item
(1) GUI: Support Windows 11 in OS build string

v10.1.0.42 – June 15 2021 – Release Announcement

  • Dark mode for CPU core graphs, statusbar, and menubar
  • Improved tab control appearance in light mode
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(33) GUI: Improvements to RAM Load graph control
(25) GUI: Minor menu caption tweaks
(19) GUI: Dark CPU core graphs
(17) GUI: Adjust statusbar Windows build text
(17) GUI: Reduce frequency of statusbar partition resizing
(15) LogViewer: Add dark menubar
(15) Insights: Add dark menubar
(13) GUI: Don't owner draw tab controls in light mode (restores full visual effects)
(11) GUI: Add dark statusbar
(11) GUI: Minor changes to updater
(9) GUI: Fix a duplicated colon in About dialog license details
(7) GUI: Add dark menubar
(3) GUI: Add options to toggle dark menubar and statusbar
(1) GUI: Abide by BHP uninstall if done through ParkControl (and vice-versa)
(1) GUI: Add more version info to copyable section of About box

v10.0.3.6 – May 12 2021

  • Update several languages
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Fix a problem when user toggles between views while filtering in progress
(1) GUI: Preserve process filter when switching between All and Active views
(5) GUI: Remove French from out-of-date list
(5) GUI: Update several languages

v10.0.2.24 – Apr 12 2021

  • Update several languages
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(23) GUI: Language updates
(19) GUI: Remove 'Show notification when power plan changes' menu item
(13) GUI: Add Bulgarian
(11) GUI: Fix 'Log' menu caption not translated
(11) Core: Fix SmartTrim 'Trim Now' menu item didn't work with GaaS
(9) GUI: Change caption for 'Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts' to 'Configure Startup'
(7) GUI: Minor cosmetic changes
(1) GUI/Installer: Minor code improvements

v10.0.1.16 – March 29 2021

  • Update several languages
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(15) GUI: Add back Spanish, with warning about incomplete state
(13) GUI: Show listview column sort indicator arrows on init instead of only after change
(11) GUI: Support listview numeric sorting on 64-bit integer fields
(11) GUI: Improve log listview sort behavior
(9) Core: Fix caption for log action 0x1C (application power profile enforced)
(9) GUI: Fix 'View / Reset Column Layout' would not order log listview columns as intended
(7) GUI: Fix Window Error Reporting (WER) process zombies
(3) GUI/Core: Minor other changes
(1) GUI: Add CPU Time column to Active Processes list
(1) Installer: Remove deprecated bcleaner module
(1) GUI: Update several languages

v10.0.0.164 – March 12 2021Release Announcement

  • Refactored log system with CSV as primary
  • Ordered CPU affinity and priority rules
  • Periodic process sampling (snapshots)
  • GUI improvements
  • CrowdIn integration for translations
  • Numerous fixes and enhancements
(1) GUI: Further increase multi-threadedness of display updates
(1) GUI: On config save error, show error message and offer to elevate
(3) GUI: Add code to enable asynchronous listview updates
(5) Core: Enforce SmartTrim exclusions when only basename given
(5) GUI: Add menu item for direct access to SmartTrim exclusions
(5) GUI: Check 'Induce Performance Mode' context menu item when appropriate even if no pathname available
(5) GUI: When when adding SmartTrim exclusion by context menu use basename if no pathname available
(7) Localization: Integration with Crowdin (translation platform)
(11) GUI: Adjust default column ordering of Active Processes listview
(15) GUI: Integrate more languages to Crowdin
(17) Core: Add registry setting for max log file size before rotate (HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso\MaxLogFileSize)
(17) Core: Tweak default log file size limit
(19) Core: Add periodic process sampling function (emits to CSV)
(19) Core: For process creation log events, remove 'UNKNOWN PARENT' text when parent doesn't or isn't applicable (now empty string)
(19) GUI: Add new menu item 'Options / Log / Configure sampling ...' to open sampling configuration dialog
(27) Core: Strip unavailable CPUs from CPU affinity prior to their application to handle system config change to CPU count
(39) GUI: Add 't' rule character for SmartTrim exclusion
(41) Core: Fix SmartTrim log entry possible integer underflow on RAM freed display
(43) GUI: Replace active processes listview embedded CPU utilization visual with text (unicode blocks) based representation
(43) GUI: Support Dark Mode for Win10 build 21286 
(47) GUI: Add 'View / Graph components / Show power profile' to toggle power profile text on graph
(49) GUI: About dialog: Add 'Help Translate Process Lasso' syslink
(49) GUI: About dialog: Remove 'translated by'
(49) GUI: Show 'Update not available' message box on same monitor as application
(49) GUI: Try to set critical level I/O priorities despite being reserved for system paging operations. Add info message stating such.
(51) GUI: Switch to 'KB' suffix on memory metrics to standardize
(53) GUI: Improve CSV formatting of data copied to cliboard from listview selections
(57) Log: Standardize all CSV output files as UTF-8 encoding /W BOM
(59) Log: Add system time field in addition to local time (not displayed)
(59) Log: Remove deprecated log format marker file
(67) GUI: Make log listview updates more smooth
(69) GUI: Improve behavior of initial log listview population
(71) Core: Batch log writes to once per iteration
(73) All: Don't dual-sign with SHA1 anymore, only SHA2
(73) All: Switch to Bitsum 2021 EV code signing certificate
(75) Logging: Change log filename to 'processlasso.log'
(75) Logging: Performance improvements
(75) Logging: Reduce disk I/O
(75) Logging: Refactored to use CSV format as primary
(75) Logging: Remove now redundant 'Export log to CSV' menu item
(77) Core: Enforce CPU affinity rules in order configured
(77) GUI: Add up/down buttons to CPU affinity rule config dialog
(77) Logging: Log default path when GaaP is now LOCAL_APPDATA instead of APPDATA (roaming)
(81) Core: Changed default config path when GaaP to LOCAL_APPDATA instead of APPDATA (roaming)
(81) Install: Cleanup some deprecated code and file(s)
(81) Install: Do one-time migration of config when Governor installed a normal process, from roaming to local profile
(83) Core: Fix I/O priority adjustments during ProBlaance events were logged despite log disabled
(83) GUI: Remove now redundant 'Emit CSV' log option
(85) GUI: Several menu caption changes
(87) Core/GUI: Add option to toggle logging of process command lines (defaults off)
(87) Core: Cleanup old log files in APPDATA
(91) GUI: Refactored code behind 'ProBalance time' tracking column
(93) GUI: Assorted improvements
(93) GUI: Refactored code behind graph highlight (ProBalance event) tooltips
(95) GUI: Adjust limits to max log rows in GUI and LogViewer listviews
(99) GUI: Change 'Terminate' to 'Close' (graceful)
(99) GUI: Fix issue with 'Terminate Now' and suspended processes
(99) GUI: Make 'Terminate Now' always instantaneous (no attempted graceful close)
(101) Core/GUI: Migrate to new close/terminate functions (affects all features that terminate processes)
(101) GUI: Further refactoring of close/terminate functions
(101) GUI: Remove menu options to configure graceful close timeout
(101) GUI: Resurrect graceful close wait dialog, offering immediate termination by link click
(101) GUI: Some refactoring surrounding graceful process close timeout
(105) GUI: Advance major version to 10.0.0
(105) GUI: Dark mode support for menu bar
(107) GUI: Add process status column to Active processes listview
(107) GUI: Force filtered views to adopt saved columnn view layot info of unfiltered listviews
(107) GUI: Force reset of saved listview column view layout
(107) GUI: Refactoring of listview column view layout persistence (all, active, log)
(107) GUI: Remove CPU graph from active processes listview
(109) GUI: Adjust log context menu item captions
(109) GUI: Disable some log context menu items when multiple rows selected
(109) GUI: More menu captions switched to new standard
(111) Core: Improve formatting of process terminated log entries when runtime is 0 seconds
(111) GUI: Fix filter edit controls could lose top border
(115) Core: Guarantee order precedence of CPU priority class rules
(115) GUI: Add up/down buttons to CPU priority class dialog rules
(117) Core: Fix issue where multiple simultaneous Keep Awake rules of differing types could lose lesser display awake attribute
(123) Core: Improve ordering of SmartTrimExclusions key in INI config
(125) GUI: Add config dialog for Windows Dynamic Thread Boost disabled processes
(125) GUI: Add wildcard support to Windows Dynamic Thread Boosts
(127) GUI: More menu item captions switched to new standard (WiP)
(129) GUI: Add 'Launch processes elevated' checkbox to Keep Running and Watchdog dialogs (an HKLM Lasso registry setting)
(129) GUI: Add 'use any' to name field of activation dialog
(131) Core/GUI: Add new INI setting for foreground boost priority class (default is 0x8000 for Above Normal)
(131) GUI: Move some menu items (Foreground boosting and Dynamic thread priority boosting)
(133) All: Copyright years to 2021
(133) GUI/LogViewer: In dark mode, make filter edit control backgrounds darker than parent to increase visibility
(133) GUI: Change watchdog 'execute' action caption to 'launch a program'
(135) GUI: Move memory priority in process rule string to after CPU affinity for improved clarity
(137) GUI: Add general setting to write latest responsiveness measurement to registry (in HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso\LastResponsinenessMeasurement)
(137) GUI: More menu item work
(137) Languages: Updates to Chinese Simplified
(141) Languages: Updates to French and Russian
(145) Installer: Remove superfluous CANCEL button on installer message confirming download of correct edition (now YES/NO)
(145) Languages: Update PT-BR
(147) GUI: Cosmetic work to Keep Running config dialog
(149) GUI: Remove warning when process edit box is still populated on dialog close from several config dialogs
(151) GUI: Add log action text for ProBalance end due to termination and foreground
(151) GUI: Advise Keep Running not supported with GaaS on context or config menu, direct to info on switching to GaaP
(151) GUI: Allow Keep Running rules to be removed by context menu even if not Pro
(151) GUI: Cosmetic work to Memory Priorities dialog
(153) Languages: Update Polish
(155) Languages: Update Italian
(157) Core: Add log entry description for ProBalance begun evaluation event
(157) Updater: Terminate ThreadRacer if open
(159) GUI: Adjust persistent priority class dialog listview column header
(159) GUI: Improve default actions log sorting behavior
(161) Languages: Update Russian
(163) Languages: Fix a format specifier in watchdog actions that was incorrect in some languages
(163) GUI: Expand vertical size of CPU priority rules dialog
(163) GUI: In several dialog listviews, reserve space so when vertical scrollbar shown, horizontal isn't also
(163) GUI: Fix GUI would stay in dark mode if Windows theme changed from dark to light while GUI not running
(164) LogViewer: One-time reset of column layout and sizes
(164) GUI/LogViewer: Expand default date/time column size
(164) GUI: Expand default PID column width throughout
(164) GUI: Force light mode for About dialog for better appearance

v9.8.7.18 – Nov 20 2020

  • GUI: Improve performance of filters
  • Install: Speed Governor service installation
  • Assorted fixes and enhancements
(15) InstallHelper: Speed Governor service installation
(15) InstallHelper: Don't clear named config profile when InstallHelper run with GaaS (an old restriction)
(11) GUI: Expand a caption control width in SmartTrim dialog (for Russian)
(11) GUI: Adjust warning shown when Real-Time priority class is used
(9) GUI: Add registry setting to increase refresh interval for CPU core utilization graphs by a percent over GUI refresh rate (default: 25%)
(5) GUI: Fix customized GUI refresh rate isn't adopted after switching named config profiles
(5) GUI: Improve behavior when config profile switched from named to unnamed (default)
(5) ProductOptions: Add support for explicit use of WOW64 virtualized keys
(5) Installer: Store Install_Dir in HKLM hive along with HKCU, both 32-bit and 64-bit virtualized
(3) GUI: Fix to CPU core graphs after use of 'Refresh interval (GUI) / Paused'
(3) GUI: Disable menu item 'Refresh interval (governor) / Other'
(3) GUI: Improve GUI behavior when paused
(3) GUI: Adjust profile change event signalling check
(1) GUI: Improve behavior and performance of processes and log filters
(1) LogViewer: Improve behavior and performance of filter

v9.8.6.16 – Nov 6 2020

  • Default Governor deployment type to system service
  • Further work on limited user contexts
  • Performance improvements to GUI
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(15) GUI: Performance improvements
(13) GUI: Go back to empty string for CPU average when it reduces below 0.01
(11) GUI: Change messagebox about config not writable to yes/no query prompting user to elevate
(9) GUI: Append 'Use Main / Elevate now' to config not writable graph overlay text
(7) InstallHelper: Default Governor deployment type to system service (GaaS)
(5) InstallHelper: Remove warning about global paths potentially inaccessible by other users
(5) LogViewer: Include last two rotated log files into initial view
(3) LogViewer: Stop log view updates after manual load of a log file
(1) Governor: Fix looping process creation and termination log events in some rare system conditions when those log events are enabled

v9.8.5.37 – Oct 21 2020

  • Allow Governor to be deployed as system service in the free edition
  • Default deployment type to Governor-as-Service for Server Edition
  • Support named config profiles with Governor-as-Service
  • Add function ‘Options / Memory / Purge standby list now’
(37) InstallHelper: Speed up /terminate operation in some circumstances
(35) Licensing: Allow Governor to be deployed as system service in the free edition
(35) InstallHelper: Default Governor deployment type to system service in Process Lasso Server Edition
(35) InstallHelper: Default GUI auto-start to current user only in Process Lasso Server Edition
(35) InstallHelper: Update some deprecated tooltips
(35) InstallHelper: Update old tooltips with latest guidance
(35) GUI: Cosmetic to create profile dialog
(33) InstallHelper: Fix Governor set to auto-start for all users when only current user was selected
(29) Core: Improve elapsed run-time format for termination occurred log entries
(29) Core: Improve sanitization of new named config profile selector mechanism
(29) GUI: Increase default log pane height as % of total
(27) All: Minor code adjustments
(17) TestLasso: Expand command line help
(15) GUI: Add function 'Options / Memory / Purge standby list now'
(15) InstallHelper: Minor adjustments to Task Scheduler code
(13) InstallHelper: When creating a start-at-login task for a specific user, use the initiating user instead of admin user
(9) InstallHelper: Add initiating user context awareness (e.g. limited user who invoked installer or reconfigure, prior to admin elevation)
(9) Core: Mitigate logging issue with some protected (vmmem) and intermediate state (crashing) processes that could be repetitively logged as terminated before actual process destruction (when termination log events enabled)
(9) Core: Log launches for processes without paths (when creation log events enabled)
(5) Launcher: 32-bit build compiler options adjustments
(5) Core: Automatic gaming mode: Don't allow gldriverquery64.exe to temporarily trigger Performance Mode
(5) Tools: Legacy.MultimediaSchedulerConfig: Fix potential issue with handling of some messageboxes
(5) Tools: Legacy.MultimediaSchedulerConfig: Don't allow save confirmation dialog to remember answer, else 'No' would cause persistent silent failure to save
(5) GUI: Fill implied user for SYSTEM process
(1) All: Support named config profiles with Governor-As-Service
(1) All: Move named config profile selector from registry to file (.profile) stored in base config folder
(0) GUI: Refactor RAM Load display to a more generic control
(0) Languages: Update Russian, Slovenian, Finnish

v9.8.4.2 – Aug 19 2020

  • Show WSL and protected processes
  • Assorted fixes and enhancements
(37) GUI: Fix a redundant deallocation in a rare logic path (terminate attempted without sufficient access)
(37) Build: Improve debug symbol archiving
(35) Languages: Update PTBR
(33) Core: Emit specific log message if Keep Running feature is disabled due to license
(29) GUI: Active Processes Tab: Fix issue where terminated processes could persist in list under some scenarios
(27) GUI: Allow multi-select in Actions (log) listview (previously only supported in LogViewer)
(27) GUI: Further refactoring to support WSL and protected processes
(27) GUI: Improve failsafe icon for pathless processess
(27) GUI: Application Power Profiles Config Dialog: Clear edit box after add and prohibit duplicates
(25) GUI: Application Power Profiles Config Dialog: Handle double-click to remove listview items
(25) GUI: Application Power Profiles Config Dialog: Add 'clear all' button
(21) GUI: Suppress to Dark Mode compatability warning on older Windows 10/2016 builds [backported to 9.8.2]
(19) Core: Allow Application Power Profile rules to be combined with 'Induce Performance Mode' on the same process [backported to 9.8.2]
(13) GUI: Add 'Options / Power / Always start Process Lasso with power profile' [backported to 9.8.2]
(7) Core: Keep Running and Watchdog launch actions now always launch unelevated (HKLM override available) [backported to 9.8.2]
(7) Core: Prohibit process launches when Governor-As-Service (HKLM override available) [backported to 9.8.2]
(1) GUI: Change default button on Application Power Profiles config dialog [backported to 9.8.2]
(1) Core: Fix an issue with Keep Running failing to launch some console apps due to DETACHED_PROCESS CreateProcess flag [backported to 9.8.2]
(0) GUI: Default 'ignore problematic processes' to False
(0) GUI: Show WSL and protected processes

v9.8.2.2 – July 8 2020

  • Add option to switch power profile when Process Lasso starts
  • Keep Running and Watchdog launch actions now always launch unelevated
  • Suppress Dark Mode compatibility warning on older Windows 10/2016 builds
GUI: Suppress Dark Mode compatibility warning on older Windows 10/2016 builds
Core: Allow Application Power Profile rules to be combined with 'Induce Performance Mode' on the same process
GUI: Add 'Options / Power / Always start Process Lasso with power profile'
Core: Keep Running and Watchdog launch actions now always launch unelevated
Core: Prohibit process launches when Governor-As-Service
GUI: Change default button on Application Power Profiles config dialog
Core: Fix an issue with Keep Running failing to launch some console apps due to DETACHED_PROCESS flag

v9.8.1.16 – June 16 2020

  • Improve support for exotic CPU topologies
  • Fix graph presentation on systems with unequal size NUMA nodes
  • Fix an issue with the Processor Group Extender that could result in incomplete thread distribution
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(17) GUI: Tools: Fix launching ParkControl from Lasso when installed to custom path
(13) Core: Fix issue Processor Group Extender could fail to fully distribute threads
(11) Core: Support x-way SMT (>2 logical processors per core), for future processors
(7) All: Minor adjustment to compiler options
(7) Core/GUI: Assorted refinement to multi-group support
(7) GUI: Change select power profile dialog to droplist
(7) GUI: Minor adjustment to exit by system tray menu
(3) GUI: Add message if Windows 10 build hasn't been verified to work with Process Lasso's Dark Mode, prompting user to enable override
(3) GUI: Don't show unpopulated NUMA nodes (Threadripper in some modes)
(3) Tools: Adjust max width of message boxes for ancilliary tools (previously applied to GUI)
(3) Insights: Improve close behavior
(0) GUI: Fix graph presentation on systems with unequal size NUMA nodes (some Threadripper 1xxx/2xxx systems in 'Distributed' and 'Legacy' modes)
    Note that affected TR 1/2 users may find they actually desire to be in 'Local' mode, aka 'Interleaved' Memory Channel setting in BIOS/UEFI
(0) All: Switch to GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx (Win7+) instead of GetLogicalProcessorInformation, resulting in more robust CPU topology support

v9.8.0.54 – May 31 2020 – Release Announcement

  • Refactored CPU core graphs; split into NUMA nodes, supporting multiple processor groups [screenshot]
  • Improve foreground process awareness with Governor-As-Service (GaaS)
  • Make ProBalance option ‘Ignore children of foreground’ default to on
  • Add ‘Always on top’ option
  • Add parked core count to status bar
  • Add option to hide CPU core graphs
  • Other fixes and enhancements (see details)
(49) InstallHelper/GUI: Clear named config profile selection when Governor reconfigured to run as a service (not supported)
(49) Code signing: Switch TSA to Digicert
(47) InstallHelper: Fix issue changing config file path while a named config profile is in use
(45) All: [beta2beta] Pre-release checks, language updates, and code review
(41) GUI: Restore 'Show CPU core graphs' option
(41) GUI: On open, instanteusly populate instead of waiting for first GUI refresh interval
(39) GUI: F5 (refresh) now also updates filtered view and system tray icon
(39) Installer: Improvements to command line parsing
(37) Tools: Remove CPU core graphs from ThreadRacer
(35) GUI: Adjust CPUEater demo to work more seamlessly with 'ignore children of foreground'
(31) GUI: Add parked core count to status bar
(31) Core: Apply new GaaS foreground awareness to 'ignore children of foreground'
(31) Core: Make 'Ignore children of foreground' ProBalance option ON by default
(29) GUI: Add Always-On-Top option to View menu
(27) GUI: Cosmetic to application power profiles configuration dialog
(27) GUI: Fix an issue with /startwithprofile command line parameter
(25) GUI: IdleSaver config dialog: when enabled for first time, set default idle time of 15 seconds
(25) GUI: Change application power profile and High Perf mode browse button to select only basename
(23) Updater: Enhance integrity checks
(21) GUI: Have core performance counters poll at configured GUI refresh speed
(21) Core: Improve reliability of Performance Mode rules
(21) Core: Adjust handling when pathname of a process isn't immediately available
(19) GUI: Process context menu item 'Induce Performance Mode' now adds basename to list instead of pathname
(19) GUI/Core: Fix an issue with /configfolder command line parameter
(19) All: Internal refactoring surrounding log and config path over-rides
(17) GUI: Add setting disable progress bar themes in new 'View / Performance' submenu
(17) GUI: Change icon on 'Restart Process Lasso' message box
(9) GUI: Improve behavior when graph is too narrow to display CPU core utilization and/or RAM load
(7) GUI: New CPU core utilization graph, split into NUMA nodes, that supports multiple processor groups
(3) All: Minor adjustments to licensing and activation 
(3) Core: Improve foreground process awareness with Governor-As-Service
(1) GUI: Dark Mode tested to Win10 19635
Languages: Update Russian, French, Sloevnian
Languages: Restore Japanese

v9.7.6.26 – May 1 2020

  • New load balance algorithm for the Group Extender feature
  • Make effort to enforce CPU affinities on multi-group processes by moving existing threads
  • Tune default ProBalance timing
  • Fix menu-induced config profile switching
  • Assorted fixes and enhancements
(23) GUI: Lower default ProBalance time over threshold before action
(23) GUI: Add command line parameter /startwithprofile
(23) GUI: Add special log entry to indicate reason for continuous reapplication of persistent CPU affinities for multi-group processes
(21) GUI: Update French
(19) GUI: Add processor group (if specified) to persistent CPU affinities in rules column string
(19) GUI: Adjust message about multi-group processes and CPU affinities. A best-effort to move existing process threads is now made, but future threads won't be constrained to the target CPU affinity without re-application of the CPU affinity.
(19) Core: Disable Governor log errors when CPU affinity attempted to set on multi-group process
(17) Core: Fix issue where Steam services could cause Automatic Game Detection Perf Mode to trigger under some circumstances
(15) Core: Add registry option to disable governor minidumps
(15) Core/GUI: Fix per-process CPU utilization calculation on systems with multiple processor groups
(13) GUI: When 'Show only Process Lasso [systray] icon' used, don't change icon on ProBalance event
(11) GUI: Watchdog config dialog: Improve double-click on listview item behavior
(11) GUI: Adjustments to solicitation dialog
(9) Core: Fix problem with non-default option 'Match command lines' on persistent CPU affinities (this setting is deprecated, use new RegEx matching)
(9) GUI: Rules string: move instance count after CPU affinity for clarity when both exist
(7) Core: Enable Governor minidumps for release channel
(7) GUI: Add confirm/warning about beta channel update frequency when toggled on
(7) GUI: Disable 'Main / Elevate Now' menu item instead of delete it
(7) Core: Fix a potential governor stop after switching named config profile
(5) Core: New method to attempt forcible imposition of procssor group change on multi-group processes
(5) Core: GroupExtend: Change methodology to balance thread count across processor groups
(5) GUI: Fix GUI wouldn't reload config after named config profile switch by menu item

v9.7.5.44 – Apr 21 2020

  • Add processor group support to CPU affinity settings
  • Add ability to move a running process to a different processor group
  • Add Regular Expression support to Persistent CPU Affinities
  • Fixes and enhancements
(44) GUI: Fix 'Main / Keep awake' submenu in when GUI running as admin
GUI/Core: Refactored current and persistent CPU affinities to allow for processor group specification
Core: Fix ProBalance parameters on fresh install didn't always match 'Reset defaults'
Core: Improved unicode RegEx matching
Core: Log error if persistent CPU affinity set fails
Core: Minor optimizations
Core: Support RegEx in Persistent CPU Affinity rules
GUI: Fix activation wouldn't persist when done from some limited rights user contexts
GUI: Fix backup INI file was shown as a distinct profile
Tools: Minor code update to MMSC configurator text to affinity parser
Tools: Cosmetic improvements and rename to 'Multimedia Class Scheduler Configuration Tool'
Tools: Migrate tools and other features to use new CPU affinity selection dialog
GUI: Add 'Help' button to process match for default CPU affinities now that it supports regular expressions
GUI: Better handle cancel of affinity set during multi-select operation
GUI: Support Dark Mode on Windows 10 19608
GUI/Core: Deprecate 'random' CPU affinity option from Watchdog CPU Affinity change action
GUI/Core: Fix to per-process CPU utilization calculation on multi-group systems
Core: Add log error message if Watchdog affinity change fails
GUI: Add 'Elevate now' menu item to elevate Process Lasso GUI to admin
GUI: Watchdog: Make greater/less dropdown a droplist
Core: Fix unnecessary configuration reloads when named config profiles were used
Core: Tune ProBalance defaults for some HCC platforms
GUI: Affinity selection: Disable NUMA node checkboxes on multi-group systems
GUI/Core: Add specific error messages when user attempts to set CPU affinity mask for multi-group process
GUI/Core: Improvements to named configuration profile switching
GUI: Add /SetActiveProfile command line paramter to ProcessLasso.exe to change active configuration profile to named
GUI: Improve appearance of some message boxes
GUI: Minor optimizations
Core: Add config path to profile change log entry
GUI: Fix a crash in Active Processes tab when 'Hide suspended processes' was checked
GUI: Misc small code fixes
Languages: Update Polish, Slovenian, Finnish

v9.7.0.48 – Mar 30 2020

  • Optimizations
  • Don’t pause process listview updates while in filtered view
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(43) GUI: Create distinct process context menu items for Suspend and Resume process
(41) All: Optimizations to thread enumeration
(41) ThreadRacer: Replace OK/Cancel buttons with single Exit button
(41) GUI: Improve reliability of process suspension (note that it may take a few seconds for a process state to change)
(39) GUI: Active Processes tab: Improve sort behavior
(37) GUI: Active Processes tab: Use process enumeration data from primary view
(37) All: Change 'hide suspended processes' value name to force reset to new default (false)
(37) GUI: Remove an unecessary warning messagebox on process suspension
(33) LogViewer: Cosmetic work to About Dialog
(31) Build: Adjust debug information for Server Edition
(31) All: Fix product version format in version info resource
(29) GUI: Add option to disable listview process tooltips
(29) GUI: Minor text changes
(25) GUI: Fix listview sort issue where some rule strings were being misinterpreted as integers
(25) GUI: Small optimizations to listview sort compare function
(19) Core: Migrate ProBalance exclude foreground processes setting to new key name, or default to off for Server Edition
(19) CPUEater: Adjust default thread count
(17) GUI: Don't pause process listview updates when in filtered view

v9.7.0.16 – Mar 1 2020

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
GUI: CPU Limiter configuration dialog - On listview row double-click, populate all controls with removed item
Core: Fix issue where leaving rule-induced Performance Mode when it had been previously manually engaged could cause inappropriate reversion to prior power plan
Core: Add distinct log entry description when Performance Mode manually induced
Core: Add distinct log entry for continuing performance mode after process ends because Perf Mode had been manually induced
GUI: Fix manual Performance Mode not persisting when Process Lasso restarted
GUI: Fix Active Processes tab rules column not clearing when last rule removed

v9.7.0.2 – Feb 19 2020 – major – Release Announcement

  • Add new Processor Group Extender feature
  • Fixes and enhancements
All: Add new Processor Group Extension feature to enable group unaware processes to use the entire CPU
Core: Don't keep trying to start a Keep Running process that fails to launch (though do retry on config change/reload)
GUI: Fix Dark Mode listview scrollbars stayed dark when Lasso in light mode but OS in dark mode
GUI: Fix Keep Running issue with paths or command lines that have embedded commas or semicolons
GUI: Fix watchdog up/down buttons could leave ephemeral visual debris in last 2 fields when moved rule is 'launch process' action
GUI: Set current I/O priority to normal after a persistent I/O priority removed by single-select process context menu
GUI: Add configuration dialog for processor group extension
GUI: Add 'clear all' button to SmartTrim exclusions (generic list config dialog)
GUI: Minor to ProBalance Advanced Options config dialog
GUI: Minor change to tooltip helper for config dialogs
GUI: Fix I/O delta column showed bytes instead of kilobytes
GUI: Refresh licensed name on graph after activation by About dialog's via syslink control

v9.6.0.68 – Jan 31 2020

  • Add per-session agent to facilitate some features with governor-as-service
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to limited user environments, especially when combined with governor-as-service
  • IdleSaver now available with governor-as-service
  • Improvements to IdleSaver configuration, allowing broader range of settings
  • Add back Spanish, Italian, Polish, and French languages
  • Considerable other product refinement
(65) InstallHelper: Fix an improper warning about config writability (insufficient retries during file contention)
(61) GUI: Update languages
(61) GUI: Don't allow a prevent sleep rule to exist in both categories by context menu
(61) GUI: Cosmetic work to IdleSaver config dialog
(59) GUI: Fix single-select process context persistent I/O priority 'none'
(57) Core: Fix per-process Prevent Sleep with governor-as-service
(57) Core/GUI: Remove a redundant prevent sleep type (now only PC or PC and Display)
(57) Core/GUI: Improve ProBalance event occurred signalling to GUI with governor-as-service
(57) GUI: Cosmetic work to app power profiles config dialog
(57) GUI: Prevent sleep dialog cosmetic and add 'clear all' button
(57) Core: Minor code change to config profiles
(55) GUI: Fix to detection of governor-as-service with a limited user
(55) GUI: Fix limited user governor-as-service can't be manually stopped/started (now prompts for admin)
(55) Updater: Fix limited user governor-as-service isn't started after update
(55) Licensing: Fix product activation may fail to persist or propagate to other users when initiated by a limited user
(51) GUI: Fix activation state or licensee name change not immediately reflected on graph overlay
(49) GUI: Improve IdleSaver config dialog idle time setting controls
(49) SessionAgent: Add registry option to set refresh rate (HKLM agentrefreshrate, in milliseconds)
(49) GUI: Adjust options menu item text for 'Configure IdleSaver' and 'Performance Mode'
(45) Core: When application power plan engaged during IdleSaver idle state, on disengage revert to IdleSaver's last seen non-idle power plan instead of the IdleSaver idle power plan that was active at time of engagement
(43) GUI: Show/manage some protected processes (security software) ignored in prior versions by default ('Ignore problematic processes')
(35) InstallHelper: Add warning if chosen language is out-of-date
(33) GUI/Core: Improve handling of invalid Regular Expressions
(33) Core: Only install session agent with governor-as-service
(31) GUI: Fix Dark Mode title bar in latest Windows Insider builds
(27) Update: Require administrator earlier in update process (change seen in updates *from* 27+)
(23) Install: Improve exit signal to Lasso instances in multiple sessions
(23) InstallHelper: Fix spacing on startup scope radio boxes in config dialog 1
(19) Build system maintenance
(15) GUI: Pause sorting while in right-click context menu for primary and active process listviews
(15) GUI: Process context menu restart selection on Lasso GUI itself now uses self-restart method
(15) GUI: Don't apply process filter if only whitespace
(15) GUI: Restore Italian, French, Spanish, and Polish (note that translations are out of date)
(09) GUI: Filters now allow traditional substring matches to be inverted by placing '-' or '^' at first position
(09) GUI: Filters now allow regex by forward-slash encapsulation
(07) GUI: Show warning on graph if config not writable
(05) GUI: Show process icons in filtered view
(01) Add new per-session agent to pass last session info to governor-as-a-service
  - IdleSaver now available with governor-as-service
  - IdleSaver now checks idle time across all interactive sessions
(01) Updater: Minor adjustments to close for file replacement
(01) Installer: Don't re-add to system path if previously removed

v9.5.1.0 – Jan 1 2020

  • Allow hundredths precision in Watchdog (advanced rules)
  • Fixes and improvements to Watchdog
  • Expanded new Regular Expressions to ProBalance Exclusions
  • Other product enhancements
(51) GUI.Watchdog: Improve config dialog up/down button behavior
(51) Core: Populate command line field to watchdog log type action events
(51) CPUEater: Fix status bar overlap with 'just took action' static control
(51) Change copyright years to 2020
(51) Language updates
(49) GUI: Remove checkbox on 'Uninstall BHP' menu item
(47) Core.Watchdog: Improve handling of redundant log entries
(47) Core.Watchdog: Log actions even if no setting change was necessary (process already at target)
(47) Core.Watchdog: Other fixes and enhancements
(47) Core.Watchdog: Minor optimizations
(47) GUI: Update Slovenian
(47) GUI: Restore primary listview filter update on items add/removed
(45) Core: Support RegEx in ProBalance exclusions
(45) GUI: Add process match help to ProBalance exclusion dialog
(43) GUI.ActionsLog: Fix to context menu items and auto-select of any matching running process
(43) GUI: Change to 'process match' listview column headers in config dialogs
(43) GUI: Add tooltip to Watchdog 'Divide CPU % by total core count' option
(43) Uninstall: Delete desktop shortcut
(41) Core/GUI.Watchdog: CPU and memory thresholds now allow precision in hundredths
(41) GUI: Update Russian

v9.5.0.40 – Dec 18 2019 – Release Announcement

  • Added Regular Expression matching to multiple fields for Instance Balancer, Watchdog, and CPU Limiter rules. See documentation on process matching.
  • Optimizations to GUI
  • Improvements to Active Processes tab
  • Large number of assorted fixes and enhancements
(35) GUI: Restore average CPU utilization to active processes tab
(33) GUI: Watchdog dialog: Replace CPU % threshold drop-down with edit box
(33) GUI: Watchdog dialog: Round CPU % given in decimal to nearest integer pending Watchdog support for such
(29) GUI: Bring existing instance of Insights to foreground if already running
(29) Core: Fix issue with traditional rules when user is appended after single character process match (e.g. *:jerem)
(27) Insights: Added menu item for Advanced ProBalance Options dialog
(27) Insights: Fix some settings could revert when changed from Advanced ProBalance Options dialog
(25) GUI: Make Process Lasso info (e.g. config path) selectable in About Dialog for copy/paste
(23) GUI: Instance Balancer dialog: Show error when user tries to add static core count rule with 0 cores specified
(21) GUI: Assortment of small cosmetic and internal improvements
(21) GUI: Optimizations
(17) GUI: Fix a filter issue with mixed case in some fields
(15) GUI: Rewrote process icon management
(5..11) GUI: Some refactoring of Active Processes tab code
(89) Core: Add RegEx (and multi-field) support to CPU Limiter, Watchdog, and Instance Balancer
(89) GUI: Add 'help' buttons beside process match strings for Instance Balancer, CPULimiter, and Watchdog
(87) Core: Fix Instance Balancer issue when total logical cores is not evenly divisible by per-instance core count
(87) GUI: Add Windows 10/2019 build number to status bar
(87) GUI: Support Dark Mode up to Win10 build 19536
(85) GUI: Add 'View / Colors / Always allow Dark Mode' for user over-ride on untested new Win10 builds
(85) GUI: Change priority adjusted log action text to remove colon
(83) GUI: Fix a reported GUI crash
(77) GUI: Add dynamic (updating) RAM stats to SmartTrim dialog
(77) GUI: Remove cache size from status bar RAM part
(73) Core.InstanceBalancer: Allow 'childof:' prefix to be any character case
(73) GUI: Fix Show/hide graph button one pixel too wide in Active Processes view
(71) GUI: Show icons in Active Processes tab
Language updates

v9.4.0.70 – Nov 26 2019

  • GUI: Active Processes: Add sensitivity adjustment slider shown above list
  • GUI: Fix to ‘File / Choose alternate log folder’
  • GUI: Dark Mode support for Windows 10 19025
  • GUI: Several other small and cosmetic enhancements
  • Log: Standardize CSV output, adding headers, quotes and removing BOM
  • Log: LogViewer: Add full history CSV export in addition to current view export
  • Log: Fix main GUI ‘File / Export log to CSV’ would not export full history
  • Core: Improved process suspend function, now compatible with Resource Monitor
  • Core: Improved legacy hard throttle function

v9.4.0.46 – Nov 7 2019 – minor

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
  • Update Chinese and Slovenian

v9.4.0.28 – Nov 1 2019

  • GUI: Support Windows 10 Dark Mode and interface with OS setting
  • GUI: Dark Mode improvements
  • GUI: Add tooltips to CPU utilization graphs
  • GUI: Show active config profile on graph, if used
  • GUI: Self-restart now opens with main window visible
  • GUI: Fix governor could be inappropriately stopped by GUI on session exit
  • Core: Fix use of Performance Mode when Governor running as service
  • Core: Fix ‘Hide Suspended Processes’ was defaulting to true
  • TweakScheduler: Zero ratio bits when fixed length quanta used
  • InstallHelper: Preserve character case of global config path
  • InstallHelper: New modern browse dialogs for global log and config folders
  • All: Many other optimizations, fixes and enhancements

v9.3.0.74 – Oct 9 2019

  • GUI: Fix an issue with wildcard matching for persistent I/O priority classes
  • GUI: Fix formatting in status bar when system RAM GB is more than 2 digits (>99GB)
  • GUI: Update Chinese, Russian, Slovenian
  • Core: Default ‘also check rules for path matches’ to true
  • Licensing: Allow Performance Mode process list to be edited in free edition
  • Licensing: Allow use of ProBalance advanced option ‘Restrain by CPU Affinity’ in free edition
  • All: Other additions, fixes and enhancements

v9.3.0.64 – Sept 18 2019

  • GUI: Add CPU bitmask edit control to CPU Affinity selection dialog
  • GUI/Core: Add selection for power plan to use with Performance Mode, in case user desires something other than BHP (e.g. AMD Ryzen High Performance)
  • GUI: Add license name graph overlay in lower-left region
  • GUI: Fix crash seen after selecting process context menu items after target process had terminated
  • GUI: Add warning about use of multiple configuration profiles while governor as service
  • GUI: Speed process icon population
  • GUI: Update PTBR
  • Settings: Change default ‘hide suspended processes’ to OFF
  • All: Other additions, fixes and enhancements

v9.3.0.44 – Aug 25 2019

  • Core: Allow duration of 0 to indicate indefinite period in CPU Limiter rules
  • Core: Allow larger max integer values in CPU Limiter rules
  • GUI: Expand edit control widths on CPU Limiter dialog
  • Core: Remove some deprecated code from governor
  • Core Exclude vmmem from ProBalance actions by default
  • InstallHelper: Fix to startup type management legacy code
  • Updater: Fix quickupgrade could fail to be replaced on update in last final
  • All: Compiler optimization setting adjustments
  • All: Update Chinese, German, Russian
  • Other minor

v9.3.0.30 – Aug 9 2019

  • GUI: Standardize fonts for filter edit controls
  • GUI: Adopt Explorer style listviews in normal theme
  • GUI: For dark mode, add dark scrollbars on listviews
  • GUI: Update Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Slovenian
  • Other minor

v9.3.0.22 – July 31 2019 – Release announcement

  • New CPU Limiter algorithm to dynamically reduce a process’s CPU use
  • Per-process CPU utilization precision now in hundredths
  • Refactored SmartTrim, added ability to Purge Stand-by List
  • Improved and more standard update notifications
  • Arranged Options menu into categories
  • Retarget all projects to VS2019 platform toolset
  • Large number of other enhancements

v9.2.0.32 – July 3 2019

  • GUI: UX refactoring and tuning (details below)
  • GUI: Change font of controls on main window
  • GUI: Change order of rotation through color schemes when clicking on graph
  • GUI: Change color of graph grid, now less prominent
  • GUI: Reduce main window margins by half
  • GUI: Reduce RAM load graph width
  • GUI: Fix core graphs display issue when odd size logical CPU cores
  • GUI: Enable core graphs display for single CPU core systems
  • GUI: Improve appearance of core graphs
  • GUI: Sizer (divider) control apperance improvement
  • GUI: Switch to shortened Uptime format
  • GUI: Fix RAM load graph could get mispositioned after manual sizing
  • GUI: Improve flicker of CPU utilization and RAM load graphs on sizer control
  • GUI: Move Lasso versions to right-most status bar component
  • GUI: Strip embedded tabs in processor name string
  • GUI: Change ‘RAM Load’ caption to ‘% RAM’
  • GUI: Default panel size adjustments
  • GUI: Change the methodology for panel size adjustments with main window resize
  • GUI: Improve graph legend ellipsis
  • GUI: Rename ‘automatic updates’ to ‘update without prompt’
  • GUI: Add registry option ‘nographgrid’ to hide graph grid
  • GUI: Update German and Slovenian
  • GUI: Other misc changes
  • Core: Change module description in version block

v9.2.0.14 – June 28 2019Release announcement

  • GUI: Added Dark Mode
  • GUI: Expanded custom color selections
  • GUI: Improved filter edit control appearance and function, add ‘X’ clear button when populated
  • GUI: Window painting and sizing optimizations
  • GUI: Change default graph color
  • GUI: Improved display of many message boxes
  • GUI: Large number of cosmetic and control enhancements
  • Other misc changes

v9.1.0.68 – June 8 2019

  • GUI: If system only has a single CPU group
    • For default process columns, hide ‘CPU group’
    • Set CPU utilization bars caption to ‘CPU %’ instead of ‘CPU Group 0’
  • GUI: Improvements to graph components and sizing, especially for non-English languages
  • GUI: Restore ‘Governor Not Running’ warning graph overlay
  • GUI: Text, menu item, and dialog cleanup and consistency improvements
  • GUI: Fix issue where previously used config profile couldn’t be deleted until governor restarted
  • GUI: Show automatic gaming mode in rules column
  • GUI: Restore color theme when GUI launched
  • GUI: Invalidate target windows after theme change
  • GUI: Status bar – Remove ‘cores /’ prefix on queue length per core
  • GUI: Improve process tooltip formatting, especially for non-English
  • GUI: Continued prep for full dark mode
  • GUI: Add Slovenian
  • GUI: Other code improvements
  • Core: Allow auto-detected games to be children of framework (e.g. Steam) at any level, not only immediate child
  • Misc other

v9.1.0.42 – May 22 2019

  • Core: Refactored the Instance Balancer
    • Allow for wildcards
    • Allow for childof: to balance all children, e.g. ‘childof: boinc.exe’
    • Re-balance if any PID in set changes, rather than net instance count change
  • Core: Default to disabled process creation and termination log events
  • GUI: Disable listview gridlines by default
  • GUI: Add ‘View / Show gridlines’ option
  • GUI: Don’t show ProBalance stats on graph if ProBalance is disabled
  • GUI: Change graph overlay ‘ProBalance restraints’ to ‘ProBalance events’
  • GUI: Add custom color selections for listview
  • Additional fixes and enhancements

v9.1.0.28 – Apr 27 2019

  • GUI: Add Processor Utility % to status bar (see this page for info)
  • GUI: Add CPU Queue Length and Load Ratio to status bar (queue_length / core_count)
  • GUI: Add Process Lasso version to status bar
  • GUI: CTRL+C copy to clipboard support of selected rows in primary listviews (including filtered views and logviewer)
  • GUI: Fix a small memory leak seen under some conditions
  • GUI: Minor other improvements
  • LogViewer: Persist window size and position
  • LogViewer: Expand right-most log column to horizontal size of window if it would otherwise be initialized to a lesser width
  • LogViewer: Move log listview column persistance to HKCU
  • LogViewer: CTRL+A select all support
  • Expand maximum command line length in places where an older Windows constant was used
  • Migrate to VS2019

v9.1.0.6 – Mar 8 2019

  • Add Instance Balancer feature that assigns CPU cores to multiple instances of an application based on a specified algorithm
  • Refactor Keep Awake timer functionality
  • Refactor persistence of Keep Awake timer and manually induced Performance Mode when Process Lasso is restarted
  • Add last metric (CPU use, responsiveness, memory load.) readings to graph legend
  • Add background to graph legend to enhance visibility
  • Add custom color selection for graph legend background
  • Change order of graph color scheme rotation on click (black, white, custom)
  • Use performance counter for total CPU utilization instead of calculation
  • Change CPU topology status bar format
  • Maintenance to updater for server edition
  • GUI Rules column now also shows ProBalance exclusions matched by path
  • Improvements to session (user) name resolution
  • Fix a painting issue with actions log listview header
  • Make listview painting smoother during frequent updates
  • Remove a deprecated registry key in server edition
  • Persistent CPU affinities configuration dialog improvements
  • Re-order status bar parts to put dynamic columns first
  • Defaults: Turn on process icons in Server Edition, turn on process creation/termination logging in Workstation Edition
  • Misc cosmetic work and enhancements
  • Update Chinese (simplified and traditional), German, Finnish, Russian languages

v9.0.0.582 – Feb 13 2019

  • Default to more appropriate global log path when governor configured as a service
  • Fix a rare crash seen in processlasso.exe
  • Allow GUI to display more complex persistent process setting rules (pathname, command line) in listview
  • Allow for smaller main window sizes to be remembered
  • Minor other

v9.0.0.574 – Feb 1 2019

  • Dynamically size status bar parts
  • Improvements to watchdog configuration dialog (confirm close without save, formatting, text)
  • Restore confirmation on cancel w/o save to all configuration dialogs
  • Remove minimum window height and width during resize
  • Always use OS default size and width for main window, first run post-install

v9.0.0.568 – Jan 26 2019

  • Add CPU type to status bar
  • Make CPU topology distinct status bar item
  • Continued work to processor group support
  • Single-selection process context menu: Move memory priority to ‘More’ submenu
  • Add processor group to CPU utilization and parking graphs caption
  • Import sort behavior of listviews
  • Add sort direction indicators to listview headers
  • Save column states on mimimize of main window (instead of only on exit)
  • Improved main window resizing
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
  • Assorted cosmetic and string changes
  • Update Russian

v9.0.0.558 – Jan 12 2019

  • Add processor group (‘CPU groups’) display to indicate processor group(s) a process’s threads are running on – info
  • Change to CPU core graph ordering to adhere better to NUMA node grouping
  • Change to default listview ordering
    • NOTE: These changes will cause saved listview column ordering and sizes to be reset once
  • Show ‘KB’ instead of ‘K’ in I/O Delta
  • Show blank instead of 0 KB in I/O Delta
  • Fix installer unicode (Chinese, Russian)
  • Update to NSIS 3.04

v9.0.0.552 – Jan 3 2019

  • Fix issue with Hyper-Threaded/SMT avoidance current CPU affinity selection
  • Fix a cosmetic resource issue in process context menu on Intel platforms
  • Fix an issue where some process information could be blank
  • Core process enumeration and management code maintenance
  • Update copyright year
  • Minor other

v9.0.0.548 – Dec 26 2018

  • Fix exception in 546 when a secondary instance of ProcessLasso.exe is launched directly w/o using ProcessLassoLauncher.exe
  • Minor cosmetic improvement to ProBalance advanced options dialog
  • Update Finnish and German languages

v9.0.0.546 – Dec 21 2018

  • Do not allow installation of BHP on power plan locked systems. Advise to use “Performance Mode” slider on the battery icon instead. More info
  • Disable ParkControl’s Dynamic Boost if IdleSaver is active
  • Cleanup registry debris from attempted installations of Bitsum Highest Performance on Microsoft Surface devices
  • Prevent multiple instances of the update available dialog
  • Add /no_raise_existing to command line switch to instruct Process Lasso to not raise the GUI of an already running instance, and instead silently exit for secondary instances in the session
  • Added current version to update dialog
  • Power profile menu items now dynamically refresh to allow for immediate reflection of changes, including install/uninstall of BHP
  • Stop and restart governor during user-induced uninstall of BHP
  • Fixed product uninstaller didn’t cleanup HKLM, causing any prior user-induced uninstall of BHP to persist.
  • Fixed user-induced install of BHP didn’t clear any previous user-uninstalled marker (used to indicate to the product not to automatically reinstall BHP)
  • Added checkmark to ‘Install/uninstall BHP’ when BHP is installed. Menu item text still changes

v9.0.0.538 – Nov 21 2018

  • Improvements to CPU parking and utilization display for some SMP or HCC systems
  • Adjust [Vista] Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tool saved message box selection to reduce confusion during save
  • IdleSaver’s ‘Disable while Performance Mode engaged’ now also applies to manual engagement of Performance Mode
  • Update Chinese, Chinese Traditional and German. Restore French and Italian.

v9.0.0.526 – Nov 10 2018

  • Fix to ‘Induce Performance Mode’ (formerly ‘Classify as a High Performance’) process context menu item
  • Fix digital signing of some modules in 32-bit distributions
  • Minor adjustment to inter-process communication queue management

v9.0.0.522 – Nov 4 2018

  • Add NUMA node selections to all CPU affinity selection dialogs
  • Organizational changes to process context menu
  • Assortment of string, message box, and dialog improvements
  • Improvements to watchdog advanced rules dialog
  • Change ‘Disable SMT’ to ‘Disable Hyperthreading’ for Intel CPUs
  • Change first-time minimization to system tray notification text
  • Include ThreadRacer in Lasso distribution and add to Tools menu
  • Add CPUEater and TestLasso support for 64-bit CPU affinities
  • Fix CPUeater and TestLasso support for greater than 64 threads
  • Fix Del and CTRL+A keys in filter edit box
  • Increase load rate of process icons
  • Remove some languages not up to date

v9.0.0.502 – Oct 21 2018

  • UX fixes for the 2990wx and other systems with groups of greater than 32 CPU cores
  • Additional UX fixes and string changes
  • Update DE, RU, PT-BR

v9.0.0.498 – Oct 10 2018

  • UX fixes for the 2990wx and other systems with groups of greater than 32 CPU cores
  • Fix 2x restraint total count can occur in Insights UX
  • Fix post-update revision history may on system tray icon click after notification balloon disappeared
  • Update RU, PTBR, FI languages

v9.0.0.492 – Oct 3 2018

  • Add menu item under ‘Options / Performance Mode settings’ to uninstall/reinstall Bitsum Highest Performance power plan
  • Improve watchdog dialog initial appearance
  • Fix Watchdog issue with CPU affinity bitmasks > 32
  • Licensing: Unbind CPU core count from unique machine ID. Requires re-activation to unbind
  • Improve terminate process functionality in filtered view
  • Other small fixes and enhancements

v9.0.0.470 – Aug 15 2018

  • Show message box on restart after ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
  • Restore listview header right-click to select visible columns (in addition to right-click on tab)
  • Add last four digits of activation code to About Box
  • Show Status column by default in All Processes view
  • Fill app name and desc with process base name if can’t be retrieved
  • Fix filtered processes view didn’t adopt customized columns from All Processes view
  • Fixes to column setting persistence
  • Fix extreme date change could cause days installed to roll over
  • Fix to CPU time sort under certain conditions
  • Fix Dark / white graph theme menu item check inversion
  • Change to default column ordering in all processes listview
  • Enable minidumps

v9.0.0.456 – July 11 2018

  • Add omitted config password protection to persistent Single-Threaded Performance Mode
  • Remove some languages not kept maintained
  • Misc other enhancements

v9.0.0.452 – May 3 2018

  • GUI now allows protected processes like Easy Anti-Cheat clients to be configured for Performance Mode by adding their basename to the list, instead of throwing an error when pathname resolution fails.
  • Allow process basenames to be specified (w/o wildcards) in the Performance Mode list.
  • Add optional command line matching to Default CPU Affinities
  • Fix to governor refresh rate slider in Insights dialog

v9.0.0.442 – Mar 26 2018

  • Divide CPU core utilization graphs into 2 vertical stacks for additional display room
  • Add some special purpose debug logging related to configuration file load disposition
  • Update PTBR, Russian

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