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Process Lasso v9.0.0.348 - 05/20/17

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Process Lasso Version 9.0 Final Since v8.0 Final (a partial list)

  • New Lasso  Config Profile Support — we will build onto this!
  • New CPUBalance integration provides Frequency of [ProBalance] Action Metric and more
  • New Installer with improved auto-correction and language support
  • Filter process view to list only the processes you are interested in
  • Pause list and graph by pressing spacebar, or entering a filtered view
  • Quick-terminate is back by menu item (or DEL key)
  • Removde graph ‘map/legend’ Bitmap and replaced with drawn text for easier localization
  • Important Improvements to ProBalance
  • Better auto-detection of language in multi-user environments
  • Deferred key activation for unattended/silent installs
  • 20% reduction in installer size
  • Approx 40% improvement in already negligible resource use (over 8.0)
  • Better interoperability with security software (over v8.0)
  • All the accumulated changes from v8.0 to v8.9.
  • … MUCH MORE coming, but it may be after v9.0

Version 9 Revision History

v9.0.0.348 – May 20, 2017

  • Fix to some language preservation issues from v8 (Chinese only). Users who lose their language when updating from v8 (should not happen from v9) just need to reinstall the product. v9 tries to match you up with your Windows language selection by default, but if you over-ride that in the installer, it will honor *that* setting.
  • Allow co-install with CPUBalance once again, for evaluation purposes.
  • Remove redundant ‘Process Lasso’ registry key.
  • Improve uninstall cleanup
  • Improve build system
  • Correct a few minor issues not worth mentioning
  • Update Traditional Chinese and French

v9.0.0.340 – May 11, 2017

This is a minor release to correct some deficiencies in recent builds and completes early maintenance on the CPUEater app, which was only quickly addressed prior to the last scheduled update. The core problem with prior use in v9 was the ‘Ignore children of foreground processes‘ setting, which was not properly turned off prior to starting the test (at least not turned off and the governor given time to update it’s settings!). Upon reflection, this default was changed, and the CPUEater was rewritten to give warning in case of this option, which simply means you have to click away from the CPUEater window before ProBalance will kick in. However, once a system is inundated, this may be hard! REMEMBER, the CPUEater *only* creates normal priority threads in normal priority class processes, thus this sort of monopolization even blocking higher priority threads should not be possible, but it is! This is the core CPU Scheduler deficiency that ProBalance corrects.

  • Show CPUEater options by default
  • Remove ‘Ignore children of foreground processes’ checkbox from CPUEater, as it could not be updated reliably from there
  • Change default setting of ‘Ignore children of foreground processes’ to false, as this may be the preferred configuration for most (it is for me). If you see it act on anything you don’t want, exclude that specific process.
  • Remove some experimental code in prior builds
  • Improve uninstaller temp path use so that it functions better (requires a product reinstall to replace the uninstall.exe file)
  • Update French

v9.0.0.338 – May 9, 2017

This was a scheduled release I almost missed due to server maintenance. Read about that horror story here. Sunday the server was inaccessible to most of the world at least some of the day, or extremely slow. Monday it was fixed by disabling Cloudflare, but then I created a new issue in a failed attempt to switch nameservers. Here on Tuesday, all should be normalizing and I can get back to code. Needless to say, I did not appreciate this distraction, so I wrote about it.

  • Includes, and issues, new v9 compatible CPUEater Demo. The old one did not support profiles, and did not dynamically disable exclusions problematic to the test. Further, we found that the timing in v9 (by default) is not as aggressive as v8, so we lowered the thread count. This makes for less of a demo, but more reliable and maybe more realistic. The next beta series we’ll be experimenting with adjusting timing (and more). This type of synthetic heavy CPU consumers must be ‘hit’ by ProBalance before they are allowed to monopolize things so far that even the governor can’t restrain them; and remember, these are threads running at normal priority, so you’d think the high priority governor could/would always have access to them, but it doesn’t – hence the issue in the Windows CPU scheduler! However, by the same token, we don’t want ProBalance to act too frequently. Certainly our demo shows this scheduler problem in stark relief. All these settings are also available for YOU to tweak, so you don’t have to wait on us. See the ‘Advanced settings’ in the Insights module, or in the Process Lasso menu.
  • Improved toggle of ‘View legend’ in graph options.
  • Several internal minor fixes and adjustments. (all internally documented, but nothing worth mentioning)
  • Updated several languages and made a few grammar fixes.

v9.0.0.326 – April 30, 2017

We dug deep to find issues with this build, so are approaching the end of the post-release bug work and are now focused on new development again! Other issues are being tracked, but all minor (e.g. grammar, etc..).

  • Fixed issue where use of any default (persistent) process memory priorities would cause a lock-up of Process Lasso or it’s core engine due to a blocking critical section errantly entered twice. This seldom-used feature was a nook we caught during testing; seldom used because memory priorities are fairly useless to end users.
  • Switch to inetc NSIS installer plugin, which is more likely to result in successful in-installer downloads of the correct edition, as opposed to the fail-safe of shelling out to the web browser
  • Disallow Server Edition beta updates for reasons of stability, since Windows Servers are typically mission critical
  • Transitioned 2 new documentation pages to the new web site (Command Line Arguments and About the INI Config File)

v9.0.0.318 – April 27, 2017

  • Fixed issue with switching between profiles would cause governor to refuse to acknowledge changes until it restarted
  • Fixed issue with creation of new profiles when selecting to use current config
  • Fixed some new features of the silent/unattended install
  • Fixed an issue with the new, now optional, file-system backed synchronization (used for UNC paths and those who have thousands of remote instances)
  • Fixed issue where when there was contention for the configuration, it could become locked in a static state until the governor (or GUI) was restarted – either could have manifested this
  • Replace a file-system lock with mutex, returning to prior behavior while giving those who need a file-system lock access to one.
  • Restart Process Lasso after changes in ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
  • Increase efficiency of file-system lock by approx 50% – though this is now something not used by most (must be manually enabled)
  • Remove old warning about changing settings when the ‘reset to defaults’ section is checked in the installer
  • Added slight delay to governor when a config change is detected to deal with rapid-fire changes like sliders
  • Improve config profile management, creation, and deletion
  • Improve config import/export
  • Re-enabled creation of config profiles (were disabled while under maintenance for safety)
  • Other minor code adjustments and improvements
  • Updated French and Russian

v9.0.0.300 – April 20, 2017

  • Fix some code issues that never manifested as bugs, but were none-the-less incorrect.
  • Other fixes and adjustments

v9.0.0.290 – April 14, 2017

  • Fix Chinese updates from v8 now honor Chinese in v9. Other languages *should* be using your OS language, and if you don’t like that one, then you simply re-run the installer (which is also true for Chinese).
  • Fix issue when Active Processes is the last tab left open, but fixed by temporarily forcing All Processes to be the tab opened first. Further work will be done.
  • Fix issue with unterminated language array (had no functional impact, thankfully, which is why it wasn’t noticed).
  • Add support for some specialized license types
  • Fix Finnish language
  • Internal code improvements (switch to VS2015 build tools for more optimal and secure code!)

v9.0.0.284 – April 12, 2017

  • ALL – Remove legacy licensing code that was no longer in use, as it complicated things. If this causes deactivation, simply activate again. If you have a Gen1 key, you will be taken to a page to migrate to a Gen2. It now works pretty good, but if you have any troubles, contact us.
  • GUI – Improve case of missing attributes in some processes (will take some time to validate fully).
  • Installer – Fix auto-download corrections (instead of using browser)

v9.0.0.278-284 – April 11, 2017

  • Installer- Fix Chinese EULA was Japanese.
  • GUI – Fix issue with ability to get process command line, resulting in the previously fixed (by other mechanisms) listview fill issues by current-user only configurations and limited/standard users.

v9.0.0.276 – April 8, 2017

  • Initial publuc release build of v9.

Old Changes

The full revision history is hidden for brievity …

To get the last version 8 build, which is FREE in XP and 2003, you visit this page.

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