Process Lasso Revision History

Latest Versions

Process Lasso version - 10/10/18 beta - 10/18/18

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Version 9 For Workstations Latest BETA For Workstations
Version 9 For Servers Latest BETA For Servers

Workstation if you run Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10. The Server Edition is exclusively for Windows Servers, such as Windows Server 2016. The correct edition will auto-install no matter the installer you choose.

Version 9 Revision History

v9.0.0.499 beta – Oct 18 2018

  • Additional UX work for 64 core processors

v9.0.0.498 – Oct 10 2018

  • Some UX fixes for the 2990wx and other systems with groups of 64 cores
  • Fix 2x restraint total count can occur in Insights UX
  • Fix post-update revision history may on system tray icon click after notification balloon disappeared
  • Update RU, PTBR, FI languages

v9.0.0.492 – Oct 3 2018

  • Add menu item under ‘Options / Performance Mode settings’ to uninstall/reinstall Bitsum Highest Performance power plan
  • Improve watchdog dialog initial appearance
  • Fix Watchdog issue with CPU affinity bitmasks > 32
  • Licensing: Unbind CPU core count from unique machine ID. Requires re-activation to unbind
  • Improve terminate process functionality in filtered view
  • Other small fixes and enhancements

v9.0.0.470 – Aug 15 2018

  • Show message box on restart after ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
  • Restore listview header right-click to select visible columns (in addition to right-click on tab)
  • Add last four digits of activation code to About Box
  • Show Status column by default in All Processes view
  • Fill app name and desc with process base name if can’t be retrieved
  • Fix filtered processes view didn’t adopt customized columns from All Processes view
  • Fixes to column setting persistence
  • Fix extreme date change could cause days installed to roll over
  • Fix to CPU time sort under certain conditions
  • Fix Dark / white graph theme menu item check inversion
  • Change to default column ordering in all processes listview
  • Enable minidumps

v9.0.0.456 – July 11 2018

  • Add omitted config password protection to persistent Single-Threaded Performance Mode
  • Remove some languages not kept maintained
  • Misc other enhancements

v9.0.0.452 – May 3 2018

  • GUI now allows protected processes like Easy Anti-Cheat clients to be configured for Performance Mode by adding their basename to the list, instead of throwing an error when pathname resolution fails.
  • Allow process basenames to be specified (w/o wildcards) in the Performance Mode list.
  • Add optional command line matching to Default CPU Affinities
  • Fix to governor refresh rate slider in Insights dialog

v9.0.0.442 – Mar 26 2018

  • Divide CPU core utilization graphs into 2 vertical stacks for additional display room
  • Add some special purpose debug logging related to configuration file load disposition
  • Update PTBR, Russian

v9.0.0.440 – Mar 12 2018

  • Change Memory Load default graph color
  • Add custom color selections to View menu for new 3rd (custom) color theme. Click on graph to toggle between color sets
  • Add theme selection menu in new View / Colors submenu
  • Adjustments for games with anti-cheat protections where process filename can’t be resolved (memory priority, gaming mode)
  • Fix of old 2017 to 2018
  • Fix Forced Mode use with Dynamic Thread Priority Boost persistent setting
  • Updated Russian, German, Finnish, Italian

v9.0.0.426 – Jan 8 2018

  • Fix 5 second refresh interval configuration persistence
  • Update German and Chinese translations
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

Process Lasso Version 9.0 Final Since v8.0 Final (a partial list)

  • New Lasso  Config Profile Support — we will build onto this!
  • New CPUBalance integration provides Frequency of [ProBalance] Action Metric and more
  • New Installer with improved auto-correction and language support
  • Filter process view to list only the processes you are interested in
  • Pause list and graph by pressing spacebar, or entering a filtered view
  • Quick-terminate is back by menu item (or DEL key)
  • Removde graph ‘map/legend’ Bitmap and replaced with drawn text for easier localization
  • Important Improvements to ProBalance
  • Better auto-detection of language in multi-user environments
  • Deferred key activation for unattended/silent installs
  • 20% reduction in installer size
  • Approx 40% improvement in already negligible resource use (over 8.0)
  • Better interoperability with security software (over v8.0)
  • All the accumulated changes from v8.0 to v8.9.
  • … MUCH MORE coming, but it may be after v9.0

Old Changes

The full revision history is hidden for brevity …