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ProBalance -

Unique process optimization technology safely and effectively improves PC responsiveness!

Automation -

Automate & control process settings, power plans and more! Default/persistent process settings of all types.

Optimal Configuration -

Native 64-bit code for maximum performance on Workstations and Servers!

Gaming Mode 2.0 (NEW) -

Activate the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan for max performance.

The Audiophile's Choice -

Fast becoming the choice for those enthusiastic about optimizing high-fidelity sound reproduction!

Multiple Languages -

Localized to: English, German, French, Polish, Finnish, Italian, BR-Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese.

IdleSaver -

Max performance when active; conserve energy when idle! Performance without sacrificing power savings.

SmartTrim (NEW) -

The first-ever intelligent RAM manager! SmartTrim is selective and user-controlled.

Compatible -

Supports Windows XP to Windows 10.

Safe, Conservative, Small, and Time-Tested



Process Lasso Pro

Process Lasso Boxshot

How Does It Work?

Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU — leading to hangs, micro-lags, freezing (even crashing) and delays in your keystroke and/or mouse actions.

Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager…

Instead, it is an advanced process priority optimization and system automation utility. It offers process priority optimization, CPU core affinity optimization, power plan automation, automated rules, and so much more; you name it (within this area), and Process Lasso does it!

It’s most popular feature is the unique process optimization technology called ProBalance (Process Balance) that will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability by making intelligent dynamic adjustments to the priority class and/or CPU affinity of problematic background processes.

ProBalance will intelligently adjust process priorities and CPU affinities to positively impact the responsiveness of any Windows PC and/or Server (all Windows Server variants).

Process Lasso – Safe, Proven, Time-Tested – Test it for yourself!

How Will It Benefit Me?

Process Lasso is specialized Windows software, offering state of the art PC optimization and automation.

At Bitsum Technologies we work hard at offering solutions for every type of Windows user, in helping them to have a better experience through optimized, stabilized and consistent system performance… that remains constant (yes 24/7/365).

So whether you are an individual, a small or large family or a business, and whatever you use personal computer(s) and/or Workstation(s) for (play or work), we offer a choice of Process Lasso Pro License options (with ongoing updates and UNLIMITED support included), that should be perfect for you and/or your family and friends.

Experience Process Lasso Pro Activation today!

Pro License Options

The PRO edition of Process Lasso has no ‘pop-up reminders’ and includes additional features and functions.

From Single PC to Entire Home multi-license at a substantial discount per activation – Allowing you to install Process Lasso Pro on all the PCs and/or Workstations in your home.

We offer LIFETIME update subscriptions for all major and minor versions!

You can download and try it free today.

Process Lasso ProReal-Time PC Optimization Out of the Box!

GUARANTEED – 100% Clean Installers. No Installer Bundles. No Toolbars or other Junk. No Surprises.  Just clean, quality software. We do NOT resort to dirty tricks to generate revenue. Instead we charge a fair price for an honest product. Please support Bitsum so that we can continue innovating!

Reviews and Awards

Customer and User FeedbackSee what others say about Process Lasso

My computer was slow with Windows10

…this software has improved performance, congratulations, thank you very much.

Antonio Benevides

best app,

prolasso is first choice for all pc for me

Thank you.

It’s nice to upgrade to new version.

Best regards


SmartTrim Intelligent RAM Optimization


I just found out about Process Lasso yesterday – I had read about it on several sites before.

I broke down yesterday and installed it because I was desperate for an alternative to the Windows default task manager.

All I can say is… Wow. I should’ve never doubted you guys.

I love Process Lasso and I’ll definitely do anything I can to spread the word.


Purchase Process Lasso today.

I am a board certified clinical & forensic psychiatrist plus acupuncturist. Many times, what is rated # 1-2-3 is not always the best.

I have downloaded and tested every available Optimization Software going back to Windows 98 and up to Windows 7 Home Premium.

Process Lasso Pro, works 100% to balance my CPU & RAM, plus frequent updates and outstanding service seven days per week.

I trust Process Lasso Pro, 100% to optimize my computer & laptop. I would trust my life with this software.

Don’t be fooled by reviews & ratings (for other products), Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Optimize your computer today like you would protect the lives of your own family. Purchase Process Lasso today.

Best regards,

Dr. Hubert Hechabarria
Rep. of Panama

I absolutely love this program.

I use Fruity Loops loaded with a LOT of heavy plugins (full orchestras, multiple amps, Shredder II guitars, etc.) and it’s always given me small problems every now and again when rendering which would create small noise anomalies in the song because it seems no matter what I did I couldn’t allocate enough CPU power to it, even with 8 CPUS and manually setting the Priority.

I install Process Lasso, set everything to High for Fruity Loops and done…no more problems whatsoever.


John Ruff

Wow! I have never heard of this service before.

I tried it out tonight and its optimization is night and day.

Clearly this service is marketed to people with a little tech know how.

Will Buy after my trial!


I can’t thank you enough for this amazing piece of software!

I’ve recommended it to so many friends, and helped them tweak their PC’s, breathing fresh life into them!

When you’re poor, things like this that give your gear extra years of life are divine gifts!

You rock! 😀


Operating systems come and go

Operating systems come and go – but Process Lasso always remains.

David Stewart Jones

In my company we run a Citrix XenApp solution based on Windows terminal server

…and several years ago had a lot of problems with users hogging CPU resources, to the detriment of other users on the same server. Citrix has its own CPU fair sharing system, but it is really bad and with Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft also introduced one, but again not very good.

Searching for something better we stumbled upon Process Lasso and after a short test we bought it and implemented it on all our Citrix XenApp servers. In our production environment we currently have around 250 servers, serving some 3000 concurrent users.

When installed as a service Process Lasso turned out to be very effective at ensuring, that CPU is shared fairly among all users. A lot of processes you would normally not associate with high CPU loads, like Outlook or Acrobat Reader, can easily use enough CPU that it affects the other applications the user is running and in worst case other user’s applications. Multi thread applications like Excel can be particularly nasty, as it will happily use every available bit of CPU it can get its hands on, which will literally kill an entire server and make it unresponsive.

After introducing Process Lasso we very rarely see stalls or hangs caused by CPU load, even with all the Internet Explore processes frequently using lots of CPU due to flash banners usually :).

Being able to exclude process from ProBalance is also very valuable, as we do not want certain applications like our ERP system (SAP) to be restricted.

I have yet to hear about any other product that comes close to what Process Lasso does and for the price this really ought to be standard in any Citrix XenApp installation. The support is outstanding and request for new features are handled swift and very professionally.

Today I can’t even imagine running our Citrix XenApp installation without Process Lasso on it, since it would have a huge detrimental effect for the experience our users have using the system. So if you have never thought about using Process Lasso in an enterprise environment, especially in a terminal server environment, I can highly recommend trying it out.

Karsten Rechnagel - System Administrator
Solar A/S

Keep up the good stuff

Keep up the good stuff guys. I have an older Toshiba E1-1200 laptop struggling through Windows 10(it tents to pin Core 0 at 100% and thrash the old 5200RPM drive), and I was about to give up and put 7 back on it, but ProcessLasso saved it. It uses a bit more CPU resources itself than I’d like, but that;s fine, because it keeps all the hoggish processes in check. Well, bar System Interrupts. Think you could work on controlling that? On OEM systems with weird USB drivers, it can murder performance.

Ashley Robinson

I was a bit skeptical

I was a bit sceptical of how Process Lasso would make much difference to a system, but now I’m well and truly sold.

I’ve recommended it to so many friends, and helped them tweak their PC’s, breathing fresh life into them!

I can’t thank you enough for this amazing piece of software!

Atanas Mihaylov

I have been running Process Lasso on my desktop and laptop pc’s for at least 2yrs.

I find it uses very little in the way of resources and keeps the PC running smoothly.

The process has not installed any malware, crap-ware like a lot of free tools do, it just runs in the background adjusting load priorities on the PC’s CPU automatically.


Bitsum does it again.

Thank you for your hard work on this.


Great Software!!!

I and our staff members, have tested Process Lasso and have gotten very positive result for Computer Audiophile.

It seems to clean-up some left over stuffs like we clean the leaves on the driving way in late Fall.

Seung-Hyun Yoon (from Korea)

Amazing !

If there is only one program you ever install on your system, it has to be “Process Lasso” I have used computers for decades, and even now, on a premium laptop with a clean install, the difference is amazing. With nothing to configure at all, it just works !!

john O'Hara

Perfect for Audio Engineers

My PC is my bread and butter as an audio engineer. When my system started having issues and my audio applications were crashing, I spent several days trying to nail down the problem. Noticing that half my cores were parked for some odd reason, I stumbled upon ParkControl, installed and configured it, and INSTANTLY, all of my issues disappeared! This thing was a life saver for me!


Thank you good sirs for your sweet work.

I have been using your software for some time now and I am loving it.

It gives that additional look under the hood that I desire.

The smart trim feature looks promising and I am waiting for your next step up with 8.0.

Jonas Laukemper

Improve system response time and stability

Elena-OprisWith the help of Process Lasso you can improve the operating system’s response time and overall stability. It automatically adjusts the priority class for active programs via ProBalance, the app’s proprietary algorithm, in order to prevent them from hogging resources.

The interface consists of a regular window containing a list of all processes and active ones, along with a graphical representation that shows a history of the processor use, responsiveness, process restraint and memory load.

The list of active processes shows the name, user name, application name, ID, assigned rules, priority class, CPU affinity, I/O and memory priority, CPU level and average level (in percentage), CPU time, restraint history, memory (private bytes and working set), number of threads allocated, handles, page faults, and other relevant information.

For each process you can set the priority class (by default, Windows dynamic thread priority boost is enabled), CPU affinity, I/O and memory priority, and application power profile (e.g. balanced), as well as limit the number of instances, enable it to keep running and to restart if terminated, and prevent computer hibernation while it’s active.

In addition, you can exclude a process from the ProBalance restraint, foreground boost, and Energy Saver (lets you run the system in high performance mode and conserves power in idle state), mark it as a game or media player process (when the gaming/multimedia mode is enabled), trim its virtual memory, as well as restart or terminate it (by force, if necessary).

Furthermore, you can configure rules for adding a processor to a watchdog monitor list (e.g. for CPU or virtual memory, monitoring time range), as well as log all activity to file. These are just few of the options available for advanced users who would like to tweak Process Lasso.

The feature-rich application is surprisingly light on the system resources, has a good response time, and rapidly commits changes. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation. While Process Lasso packs advanced settings for experienced users, letting them fully customize each part of the app, the utility may also be run with default options, since it intelligently prioritizes high-demanding programs and terminates them if necessary. Less experienced users can look into help documentation.

5.0/5 – Stars

Reviewed by Elena Opris

This software certainly keeps my old PC working smoothly.

Without Process Lasso it certainly gets choppy.

R. Sullivan

You made my laptop work for me, instead of me working for my laptop

I simply Love your product: Process Lasso; it has ridded me of long lasting program delays and other frustrations. I would recommend your product to anyone with Windows machine. Cheers!

Joseph Sarnecki

ProBalance rocks :)

This is great job!

I am really feeling benefits here.

Keep up this great work ! 🙂


Lasso Pro on win 8.1 is FANTASTIC!!!

Hi, first of all I want to say I have tried and used many tweaks in my quest for audiophile nirvana and Lasso Pro on win 8.1 is FANTASTIC!!!

Process Lasso made a larger impact on my computer audio system than other products I had tried!!

I kid you not! Your software was on my machine as a trial for 5 minutes and I heard such an improvement in Sq and speed and way lower jitter the entire track was transformed, I purchased it!

Had to have it! Great job guys!! Thanks for your time and support!


Tom Pinckard

Jeremy, thanks

Bought !

This is first day I have really had a chance to listen to my system with Process Lasso. It is like all the audio software ( Jplay – AO – Fidelizer Pro) has now finally snapped into focus – magic !

I have used absolutely minimal configuration (as in previous post) and let Pro Balance do its thing – It’s VERY tempting to over-configure everything – but ProBalance is a LOT smarter than me and it does a terrific job on its own.

I was a bit sceptical of how Process Lasso would make much difference to a system that was only running audio in the first place – but now I’m well and truly sold.

Well done Jeremy !

Just a quick note – since installing PL, both my CPUs are now running about 5 degrees cooler !

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