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BE OPTIMAL - Real-Time CPU Optimization & Automation!

Windows Utilities


ParkControl is a simple freeware utility that lets the user easily view and tweak the hidden CPU Core Parking settings in Windows. It also allows for easy management of CPU frequency scaling. Settings are applied individually to each Power Profile on the system. So, a user can, for instance, disable core parking and frequency scaling on their 'High Performance' power plan.

ParkControl is distributed as a 'live EXE'. No install required. No bundles. No crud. Simple and pure freeware.

License type: FREEWARE


RegMerge allows you to compare your current registry hive(s) with that of an exported REG file. This will allow you to compare and contrast parts of your registry (or the whole thing) with another system, AND also allow for safely importing REG 'repair sets' to fix various PC problems.

  • Compare
    By comparing your registry to that of another system, or an earlier state you can determine likely causes of problems.
  • Import safely and selectively
    Instead of wondering what a REG file has done, or if it is even different than your current registry, you can now see what it will change and selectively apply it
Latest version: Invite Only Alpha Testing
License type: Freeware 100%

(also entitled MoveAndLink) - Move a folder to another drive and replace it with a junction point (hard link), making it so no path changes are required. This utilizes NTFS Junction points so works on W2K-Windows 7. Do NOT use without seeing warnings and cautions. See SHJunction (SHJunc) for a similar utility I wrote years ago. Windows Vista+ will now display these junction points (hard links) with a shortcut overlay.

  • I bought a new hard drive and want to move some of my program files to it without having to change a thing, or reinstall the software
  • I have an SSD and want to minimize writes to it. Therefore, I need to Move and Link high traffic folders to another drive - a conventional one
  • I am out of space on my primary hard drive partition and want to move folders from it without having to change the path I reference them by

Latest version: v0.12 alpha
License type: Freeware


Have you ever want to know if cleaning or defragmenting your registry really makes a difference in its performance? RegBench is a small utility that benchmarks your system registry. It outputs to XML and uses a display template to allow for viewing of the results within your web browser. It is a console mode utility, but a GUI front-end will be added if this product turns out to be popular.

Latest version: v0.17 alpha
License type: Free for home and acedemic use


This application will simply initiate a load upon all system CPU(s). This was created for testing Process Lasso's ProBalance technology. However, it can be used to test *anything* for the effect on overall system responsiveness.

Latest version: Same as Process Lasso
License type: Free for trial, academic, or home use. Commercial use requires licensing.


This is a benchmarking or stress-testing application that will allow you to place a load on specific logical cores.

Latest version: Kept in sync with Process Lasso
License type: Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact for affordable licensing.


This is/was an application that allows you to run any normal Windows application as a system service. Due to abuse, we have limited it's availability. You can request a download by emailing . Be sure to include your web site, real name, and any other information we may need to identify you as a legitimate Windows software author. Commercial license to redistribute MakeService modules within your application is also available. The price can be quoted to you as you ask.

License: Freeware for non-commercial use and non-redistribution use. Commercial use or redistribution requires license.

WfpDeprotect, WfpReplace, WfpAdmin, and WFP R&D

For technicians who need an easy way to replace WFP protected files. Requires Admin rights, of course. This is a tool for TECHNICIANS, DEVELOPERS, ADVANCED USERS *ONLY*. These files are protected to prevent the user from doing dumb things. So, don't go unprotect them and do something dumb. If you do not understand this, do not use any of these utilities or information. They are provided only because in some cases technicians, developers, and advanced users simply need a mechanism to replace WFP monitored files.

Latest version: v0.1 beta
License type: Free for home and acedemic use


This is a small console mode utility that will allow for deletion or replacement of files at system boot. It works with ALL Windows variants (even 9x).

Latest version: v1.02 alpha (May, 2000)
License type: Freeware and open source, not GPL. Commercial use requires license.


SHJunction (SHJunc) is a free utility to manage NTFS reparse points, allowing for creation of junctions (virtual folders). This tool is currently in alpha stage of development.
License: Free


High performance compression library. Intended for extremely good compression ratio and very rapid decompression with low memory overhead. Used by PECompact (as pec2codec_jcalg1.dll, not default). Written in x86 32-bit assembly language, the full source code is included. The compression ratio is generally better than Zip's Deflate and other common compression algorithms. Included is a DLL and libraries for easy use in your own projects. For more information and compression results of the Canterbury corpus, click here. JCALG1 is utilized in many applications, including AMD for BIOS compression and VMWare for application virtualization compression. Though a bit dated now, this compression algorithm has certain advantages still today on certain data sets and environments. The one advantage it doesn't have is compression speed. Decompression speed is quite fast though, and compression ratio is competitive.. especially considering the fact that it uses no statistical algorithms. A more modern algorithm in this class is LZMA, though its decompression speed is a bit slower than that of JCALG1's. License: unclassified


DriverSpyNT is a one of a kind utility to intercept and monitor NT device driver I/O request packets (IRP). It can hook any virtually any device on the system and show you what processes are interacting with it, and dump the contents of the I/O request packets for analysis. It supports all Windows NT kernels, tested through Windows XP (it should work fine in Vista too). This utility has not been updated in some time, due to a lack of necessity for updates. It 'just works'. License type: Shareware

Tweak CPU Scheduler

(For Windows NT kernels: 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, etc..)

This utility allows you to tweak the NT scheduler. Now part of Process Lasso's advanced tool.

Vista Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tool

The Vista Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tool (vistammsc) is a small utility to help you configure the multimedia class scheduling service in Windows Vista and above.

Now a part of Process Lasso Pro.


PWShow (PasswordShow) displays the characters being asterisks in password fields of many applications. Most modern web browsers allow the same type thing. It does not compromise security, it lets the user recover their own password in the same was a browser's 'show password' link does.
License: FREE

Developer Utilities and Source Code


This consists of PETrim, PESubsys, PEChksum, PEHideText, PEInsert, PESetVer, PEClassify, and potentially other small freeware utilities. Most owrk on both 32-bit PEs and PE+ (64-bit). These are for a limited developer audience.


Windows 32-bit Executable Bunder / DLL Emulator. PEBundle can bundle multiple files into a single executable, and even emulate some bundled DLLs in memory. It can also remotely download bundled DLLs on-demand, and register COM controls. The last version released is v3.20. More info is here or ordering info.

PE Compressor/Bundler Benchmarker

This utility, which includes C++ source, times the decompression or reconstruction time of executable compressors, bundlers, or other portable executable tools which attach themselves to a host executable. It works by timing the interval between the process creation and the instruction pointer reaching the host executable's original entry point. We use this to keep our software optimal. You can use it to test to see the effects on executable load speed for any executable 'wrapper'. License: Free for non-commericla use, Open Source

LZSS Implemention in C/C++

This is a very simple implementation of the LZSS compression algorithm written in C++. I wrote this years ago and it isn't intended for real-world use, but is a good example and may be useful for someone. View lzss.cpp License: Free, Open/Source [commercial use has restrictions]


This nifty utility scans assembly language projects for unreferenced variables, a feature missing from most assemblers. This project is no longer maintained. It generally works well on most assembly language source, but some more sophisticated source codes using may confuse it.

BIT I/O Classes

These two C++ classes, bitin and bitout, facilitate bit input and output. They are great for compression or encryption algorithms, or any other code that requires input and output on a bit scale. They are free for use after contacting us to let us know you are using them.

Boyer-Moore Search

This high-performance string search algorithm includes assembly language source and an easy to use DLL. It includes a binary search function in addition to case sensitive and insensitive string searches. This implementation is not ideal for multiple searches for the same substring since the table is rebuilt on each search. This implementation was done many years ago. There are better implementations out there and the algorithm itself is so simple as to require only a few minutes to code from scratch.

Embedded Systems Work

Firmware Modification Kit

A kit that allows for extraction and rebuilding of firmware images for many popular embedded devices. This kit was specifically created to deal with DD-WRT firmware images for the WRT54G, WRT54GL, and WRT54GS. License: Free, Open/Source - GPL

WRT54Gv5 R&D

This is a research project. License type: Free, Open/Source


Utility to deconstruct, build, fix, and analyze VxWorks firmware images for the Linksys WRT54G v5, WRT54G v6, WRT54GS v5, and similar models. This includes (reverse engineered) detailed data structure definitions and the requried checksum algorithm. License: Free, Open/Source - GPL


Utility to deconstruct TRX images into their component parts. License: Free, Open/Source - GPL
    C++ source
  • Not posted in HTML yet. See firmware mod kit.

Trendnet TEW-632BRP Firmware

This is a research project. License type: Free, Open/Source

WL530-G R&D

This is a research project. License type: Free, Open/Source

IPK Packages

Informational. The structure (format) of an IPK and a script to create one. These are used by firmwares based on OpenWrt, or even distant cousins like DD-WRT. License type: Free, Open/Source