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CPUBalance Pro – Restrain CPU Hogs to Improve PC Responsiveness

CPUBalance is near-Freeware (Freemium) that contains ProBalance, Bitsum’s proven and real-world demonstrable technology to retain system responsiveness during high loads, or even save you from a hard reset during a worst-case scenario.

CPUBalance is unique in that it can either run independent of Process Lasso, or along-side Process Lasso, offering extended functionality over the ‘base’ ProBalance algorithm. That includes a sliding aggressiveness scale, an easy access system tray icon, and a newer ‘core technology’ than is available in Process Lasso, since it has a slightly longer development cycle due to its greater number of features.

Feature FREE PRO
ProBalance General YES YES
ProBalance Affinity Changes NO YES
ProBalance Insights YES YES
Everything else… YES YES

CPUBalance Insights Screenshot

CPUBalance Insights Screenshot

This application is a SUBSET of the technology found in Process Lasso. It is designed to work with or without Process Lasso present. Why?

If you already have Process Lasso v8, you do not NEED this application, but as a side effect of having it, do get these benefits:

  • Newer tech than is in Lasso v8, but Lasso v9 will eventually have that tech.
  • A different system tray icon for specific ProBalance interactions.
  • A new Frequency of Action (Restraint) metric, which is pretty cool.
  • Note that these features are all planned for Process Lasso v9 – so no removal or reduction of features here!

About CPUBalance

CPUBalance takes our famous, time-tested (since 2002!) and exclusive ProBalance algorithm that is proven to retain system responsiveness during high CPU loads. It can’t fix all responsiveness problems, but its impact on a high CPU load, even on modern multi-core CPU’s, is amazing. Real-world demos like saving a file in multimedia editing software is a great example; your PC is brought to a sluggish state until you switch away from that app (letting ProBalance kick in since it excludes the foreground app by default), then you see a night and day difference. It’s hard to believe, so test it yourself. You can create your own ‘high load’ demo, and it does not need to run at anything but a normal priority class with normal priority threads. That is all it takes to severely impact the responsiveness of Windows, to the point of it being unusable, and hence the problem that ProBalance resolves.

While CPUBalance can stand apart from Process Lasso, it can also run along-side it with perfect integration (when complete). It uses the same core engine (Bitsum’s processgovernor.exe), so you get the same algorithm with either product, and the two do not conflict with one another. Instead, CPUBalance offers an additional system tray icon and easier access to ProBalance controls. In the future, it will offer more UI functions that may not be present in Process Lasso. However, Process Lasso is always the ‘big dog’ and the ‘upsell’ that includes everything, all our many algorithms.

Already Using Process Lasso?

CPUBalance extends Process Lasso with the latest ProBalance controls and core engine available, and integrates perfectly with Process Lasso.

NOTE: If using Process Lasso v9 BETA, do *not* install CPUBalance, as Process Lasso v9 now contains the same ‘Insights’ and core engine as does CPUBalance.

Not Using Process Lasso?

No problem! If you only want ProBalance, then this app is for you!

Revision History:

v1.0.0.22 – Improve interoperability with latest Process Lasso version 9 (where it is no longer needed! – CPUBalance is for those who want *only* the ProBalance algorithm)
v1.0.0.22 – Get latest v9 branch governor updates (a few fixes to advanced ProBalance parameters)
v1.0.0.20 – Fix language detection issue in last build
v1.0.0.18 – Fix critical future update issue due to identical event names accidentally used (copy and paste accident corrected before it became too much of an issue)
v1.0.0.18 – Add new language auto-detect in-product
v1.0.0.18 – Update languages
v1.0.0.14 – Fix rare issue with co-install of Lasso could cause two instances of CPUBalance governor in some sessions to be running.
v1.0.0.10 – Additions to log item types shown by Process Lasso v9 branch logviewer, as present in CPUBalance.
v1.0.0.9 – Added log items for I/O Priority Class changes during ProBalance Restraint
v1.0.0.9 – Improve LogViewer caption
v1.0.0.8 – Update Russian, fix installer version number
v1.0.0.6 – Fixed some broken (in the UI) or non-listed advanced options
v1.0.0.6 – Switched to standard language for some advanced options
v1.0.0.6 – Remove advanced instance safeties added to last build, since they proved redundant
v1.0.0.4 – Changes to co-install governor procedures
v1.0.0.4 – Change metadata on processgovernor.exe module to match CPUBalance
v1.0.0.2 – Fix some minor cosmetic issues with ProBalance options dialog
v1.0.0.2 – Update French
v1.0.0.1 – Release
v1.0.0.0 – Release Candidate 1

Difference between Pro and Free?

At present, nothing except your name. That’s right, it is 100% free right now. That may change going forward with certain feature restrictions or such. For this first release, we just wanted to show off our technology. That said, now is the time to buy if you want the best deal, or want to support the project, and we very much appreciate that! IF we ever restrict features, it will be like Process Lasso, only those on the fringes.

See table above for planned restrictions in future versions (as you see, only advanced features most don’t use).


Q: Does CPUBalance replace Process Lasso?
A: NO! Nowhere close. It can complement Process Lasso by running along-side it, where it integrates perfectly, or it can run without Process Lasso. I think that it’s actually best to run with Lasso, and that will definitely be true of existing Lasso users who appreciate it’s wide array of features.

Q: What happens when Process Lasso and CPUBalance are both installed?
A: When installed with Process Lasso, it and CPUBalance work together. They both use the same core engine, ‘processgovernor.exe’. So if you already have Process Lasso, this just extends the user interface and system tray icon, perhaps a newer core engine, and additional ProBalance tweaking.

Q: Is ProBalance still going to be part of Process Lasso?
A: YES, of course. No tricks here. Both these products will use the latest rendition of Jeremy Collake’s famous ProBalance algorithm.

Q: What is the current status?
A: Fully functional working beta /w updater. Final v1.0 release imminent.

Q: Is a PAD file available?
A: Yes, it is hosted here: https://bitsum.com/pad/cpubalance.pad

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