How Free Is Free? What is Freemium?

Maintaining my independence as a developer, given PC development costs (digital certs, MSDN, web hosting), meant I had to generate money from my software. To do this, I decided on a Freemium model which is part free, but part paid. I felt this the most honest. Other software that may claim to be 100% free has a bunch of ads (e.g. which download button?), or is bundle-ware. At Bitsum, it is straight-up. We provide a service via our software, and in exchange we charge a licensing fee to some portion of our users who desire a better experience or more features.

Some of our software is 100% freeware, but maintaining independence as a developer is imperative that I remain independent, else I am just another programmer at yet another huge corporation. This has led to numerous unique developments, including PECompact, WRT54G unlocking, Process Lasso, and much more. It is only with your help and support that continues to be possible. So far so good, for 20 years (being independent), and I thank all our users for that!

Jeremy Collake
Founder and CEO

Freemium is a term coined in the software industry for a licensing model by which application is free, but has some restrictions or offers additional functionality in a Premium/Pro edition of the software.

How Free is Process Lasso?

Did you know Process Lasso was the FIRST utility of its kind? Bitsum literally created the real-time PC optimization market and more. We invented the famous ProBalance algorithm and were one of the first to notice and do something about the performance degradation caused by OS controlled CPU core parking (Intel later moved core parking control to the hardware due to this!). We even developed a remarkably simple, accurate responsiveness metric to measure the impact of our technologies. With your support we’ll continue breaking new ground!


Feature Process Lasso Free Process Lasso Pro
ProBalance YES YES
SmartTrim – The first-ever intelligent RAM optimizer YES YES
Gaming Mode 2.0 YES YES
Persistent (Sticky) process settings YES YES
Disallowed processes YES YES
ProBalance I/O restraints YES YES
ProBalance CPU Affinity based restraints YES YES
IdleSaver – Save energy without sacrificing Performance YES YES
Hyper-threaded core avoidance YES YES
Temporary Keep Awake YES YES
Foreground Boosting YES YES
Control Power Profiles YES YES
Control CPU Core Parking YES YES
Virtual Memory Trim Automation YES YES
Automate Power Profiles YES (partial) YES
Automate CPU Core Parking YES (partial) YES
Application Power Profiles TRIAL PERIOD ONLY* YES
Process Watchdog (memory and CPU limits) TRIAL PERIOD ONLY* YES
Instance count limits TRIAL PERIOD ONLY* YES
Automatic Gaming Mode TRIAL PERIOD ONLY* YES
Anti-sleep processes TRIAL PERIOD ONLY* YES
Keep processes running TRIAL PERIOD ONLY* YES
Core engine as service NO YES
Set custom CPU affinities for ProBalance NO YES
TweakScheduler tool NO YES
MultiMedia Scheduler tool NO YES
Access to older versions NO YES
Premium Support NO YES
Solicitation ‘nag’ at program start YES NO
Everything else MAYBE YES

Bitsum LLC and its affiliates reserves the right to change the license liberties granted to any feature on or off this table at any time, without notice.

*The trial period may vary, but is typically 14 to 30 days. For the Server Edition, the trial build is 30 days. Some nags may be shown sooner in some versions.

Other unlisted features may also be disabled in the free build.

Partial indicates that some automation functions of the feature may disable when the trial period elapses.