ThreadRacer is a CPU benchmark utility that is able to put a normal priority CPU bound thread(s) on specific processors and/or run a single CPU bound thread on multiple processors. It is the ultimate multi-core benchmark setup, particularly when testing the true performance of logical cores.

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‘CPU’ vs. ‘Core’

These two words are synonyms, though in this world of rapidly evolving technology they have changed a bit. CPU is now used to represent a single physical unit, where-as core is used to represent one of many CPUs on a single die. In this way, it can be confusing. Just remember, 4 cores really means 4 CPUs all on one chip.

Reminder about what CPU % use is

I want to remind people that CPU utilization occurs in micro-bursts, and the % use per second is not a perfect representation of how fast or slow a CPU is. That is to say, just because that metric shows only 75% of a CPU consumed, that doesn’t mean that you had an ‘extra’ 25% laying around. The speed at which that 75% was executed matters too. At best this metric gives you some idea of how CPU intensive your operations are.