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Trendnet TEW-632BRP - Modified Firmware

WARNING: You use this information and firmware at your own risk. You accept all liability for damages, intangible or tangible, resulting from the use or misuse of this firmware. By downloading and installing any of these firmware images, you accept all risks associated with it, and accept the (remote) risk of bricking your router. Note that these firmware images should be as safe as the vendor images, but they may be less tested, and I certainly want to warn users before-hand. You can recover from bad firmware flashes using the process I've documented in the wiki.

After getting one these routers for a cheap price, I've worked hard to reverse engineer it [link to research now dead, work lost on a wiki] and get it ready for OpenWrt/X-Wrt. In the meantime, I've decided to distribute a tweaked up version of the vendor firmware. I've also made it easy for people to create their own firmwares by adding support for these images to my Firmware Modification Kit.

I think at this point the biggest benefit of all this work is allowing users to create their own firmware images so easily. You can so easily take the vendor firmware (or my play edition), extract it with the Firmware Modification Kit, edit the startup scripts and whatever other changes you want to make, then rebuild it. Or, if you need to add some software to the distribution, you can simply use the toolchain (and/or vendor sources I've committed to Berlios) to build the packages you need. It is now SO easy to customize the firmware you need.

Although I've made all this real easy for users, if you'd like for me to create a custom firmware for you, give me an email.

My request of users is this: Contribute information back. If you make a discovery of any kind, or have advice or input, please publish it on the Wiki page. It is through a collaborative community effort that we all benefit most. My development background is not in embedded linux, but over the last couple years I've learned a lot and published everything.

Notes about this firmware:

  • The root telnet login password is empty, the device is insecure as is.
  • You'll find the busybox utility set to be quite inclusive in this firmware. If there is any other utils that people want included, just let me know.
  • I symlink'd /www/tmp to /tmp/www -- a place where you can put your own web pages or other files and have them accessible via http.

What's next?

These features are coming soon, whenever I get time and impetus to do them.

  • WDS and client mode support in web UI and boot scripts
  • Other extensions to the web UI
  • A writable root filesystem (JFFS2 overlaid over squashfs backed files)



Latest release: Jan, 11 2009 - Build 15

If you like this work, please donate.