Windows 10 Ultimate Performance Mode

Microsoft Announces ‘Ultimate Performance’ to Prevent Micro-latencies. Sound Familiar?

The latest Windows 10 for Workstations build features a new ‘Ultimate Performance‘ power plan to deal with potential micro-latencies. Sound familiar? Yes, here at Bitsum we’ve had the ‘Bitsum Highest Performance‘ power plan for years. It seems somebody important finally caught on. While I have mixed feelings any time Microsoft starts to encroach, I do […]

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Facebook image

Facebook Integration Restored

Facebook integration with our company Facebook page had incidentally been disassociated, and so I’m reporting its restoration. I’ve also added ‘like’ buttons for all our posts, which I hope people use. I do NOT recommend using Facebook as the primary support contact. Please email instead. Why? If I real-time chatted with every user I […]

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Process Lasso - Real-Time CPU Optimization and Automation

About To Take It To The Next Level – Again

I haven’t posted in a while, except for my last poorly written release announcement of CPUBalance. For some reason, when I’m coding, my ability write English (my native language!) goes out the window, thus release announcements are where you will most often find grammar errors. Although I’ve been issuing important minor updates, I have been […]

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