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Final Process Lasso Release Compatible with Windows XP/2003 (archive)

This is an OLD, ARCHIVED version of Process Lasso.  Instead, get the latest Process Lasso version here.

The final Windows XP and Windows 2003 compatible version of Process Lasso (v8.9.8.102) is available on this page. Using the provided activation code (below) will turn it into Process Lasso Pro.

Since there have been a plethora of important product improves since this old version, so we strongly recommend using the latest version instead.


To enable Pro features, use activation code: #Z163632009 — be sure to include the # character. This code is not valid for other versions of Process Lasso.

Note that if you upgrade to a new version, your licensed status will be lost, and new versions may not be compatible with your OS.

Legacy Process Lasso for Windows XP/2003 v8.9.8.102

Workstation Edition:

Download Process Lasso v8 for XP 32-bit
Download Process Lasso v8 for XP 64-bit

Server Edition:

Download Process Lasso v8 for 2003 32-bit Server Edition
Download Process Lasso v8 for 2003 64-bit Server Edition

For those who need to go back even further to Windows 2000, see this page.