New Battery Icon Slider on the Microsoft Surface

Why do I only have a Balanced power plan?

Many Windows devices now have locked-down power plans. These systems have only a singular power plans, usually ‘Balanced’. Microsoft extended the Balanced power plan horizontally and eliminated the additional power plans. They call these new tiers of Balanced plan ‘Power Modes’. Read on for how to restore traditional power plans…

Did you know? Power Plans, Power Profiles, and Power Schemes are the same thing. Microsoft changed the name several times over the history of Windows. Most recently, they call them ‘Power Plans’.

Instead of multiple power plans, there are performance tiers of the Balanced power profile. A Power Mode slider on the battery icon in the system tray provides access to these tiers (modes). These modes only change processor performance settings, thus can be considered ‘light’ power plans. Settings such as display time-out are static across all modes of the Balanced power plan.

Users can restore support for multiple power plans by opening the Power Options of Windows and clicking the link ‘Create a power plan’, as shown below. After doing this, reinstall Process Lasso or ParkControl to enable the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan.

If support for multiple power plans is restored, the Power Mode slider will be available only when the Balanced power plan is active.

For more information, see this Microsoft documentation: Customize the Windows performance power slider.