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All About RegMerge

RegMerge is a simple freeware project I developed many years ago. I saw that importing .REG files was a ‘blind’ process and wanted to improve upon it, and did so.

Lately, RegMerge got some exposure after a few site edits, so suddenly it was ‘in use’. Now, it continues to remain in ALPHA status because there are deficiencies, so I do not recommend using it. Still, I’ve updated it a few times recently and added our one-click Bitsum updater.

What does ‘ALPHA’ mean anyway? Well, that means I should not even really be letting you use it, but I am, with *plenty* of warnings to let you know that it is in this early, unfinished state. That said, of course it generally works alright most of the time, else I wouldn’t publish at all.

It may handle 99% of .REG files fine, but that last 1% maybe not. It also requires additional safety mechanisms, as although it tries to create a .REG undo file, a restore point is recommended prior to any use.

If you are not comfortable using non-production software, do not use RegMerge. Bugs may exist, it may take me time to get to them, I may mess something else up, etc… that is what happens during active development.

This is just one of a ton of my older freeware projects. That means I work on it as I have time, and am inspired to do so. I learned years ago that if I *only* worked on freeware, I would be a very poor man, no matter how many donations I asked for. Many freeware users do not appreciate this reality, but, put simply, freeware just does not pay bills (unless you resort to deceptive practices like some companies, e.g. installer bundling).

If you require commercial-level support, then Contact Us and we’ll negotiate such. Any bugs reported by casual users will certainly be fixed as I get the time and impetus, so we appreciate those during this process. Were it the ONLY responsibility I had, it would be done in a day, but it is NOT (by far), so please keep that in mind.

If you do dare to use it, do so with caution, and if you would like to see it further developed, contribute by purchasing a ‘RegMerge Pro’ license (no difference or activation code at present).

Thank you for being a Bitsum software user!

Jeremy Collake