Process Lasso Rules Screenshot

The Process Lasso Rules Column


The Rules column in the process list provides a shorthand notation of rules set for each process.

Format: [E|e][X][L][_][x][W][g][K][#n][d|D][f][p][Mx][t][s][iX][<..<<<<][RHANBI][0-63](0-63)

XExcluded from ProBalance
EEfficiency Mode ON
eEfficiency Mode OFF
LCPU Limited
_Instance Balanced
WA watchdog rule is set
gProcess induces Performance Mode
KKeep running (restart if terminates)
#nInstance count limit of n, e.g. #2 for a limit of 2
d|DPrevents sleep of PC, or PC and display, respectively
xExcluded from foreground boosting
fIdleSaver is disabled when this process is running
pHas a power plan rule
M#Where ‘#’ is the memory priority set for this process.
tExcluded from SmartTrim
RPriority class: Real time
HPriority class: Highest
APriority class: Above normal
NPersistent priority class: Normal
BPriority class: Below normal
IPriority class: Idle
ihI/O priority class: High
inI/O priority class: Normal
ilI/O priority class: Low
ibI/O priority class: Very Low (background)
0-63CPU Affinity
(0-63)CPU Set
<Hard throttle: lowest
<<Hard throttle: low
<<<Hard throttle: moderate
<<<<Hard throttle: high

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