Process Lasso Rules Screenshot

The Process Lasso Rules Column

The ‘Rules’ column in the process list provides a quick view of rules set for each process.


Format: [X][L][_][x][W][g][K][#n][d|D][e][p][t][Mx][s][iX][<..<<<<][RHANBI][0-63]

Character(s) Meaning
X Excluded from ProBalance
L CPU Limited
_ Instance Balanced
W A watchdog rule is set
g Process induces Performance Mode
K Keep running (restart if terminates)
#n Instance count limit of n, e.g. #2 for a limit of 2
d|D Prevents sleep of PC, or PC and display, respectively
x Excluded from foreground boosting
e IdleSaver is disabled when this process is running
p Process will cause the PC to enter a particular Power Profile
Mx Where ‘x’ is the persistent memory priority set for this process.
t Excluded from SmartTrim
R Persistent priority class: Real time
H Persistent priority class: Highest
A Persistent priority class: Above normal
N Persistent priority class: Normal
B Persistent priority class: Below normal
I Persistent priority class: Idle
ih Persistent I/O priority class: High
in Persistent I/O priority class: Normal
il Persistent I/O priority class: Low
ib Persistent I/O priority class: Very Low (background)
0-63 Persistent CPU affinity, i.e. ‘0-2,3,5’ for cores 0,1,2,3,5
< Hard Throttle level lowest
<< Hard Throttle level low
<<< Hard Throttle level moderate
<<<< Hard Throttle level high