Process Lasso Rules Screenshot

The Process Lasso GUI Rules Column

New, or even long-term, users of Process Lasso may not have noticed the nifty ‘Rules’ column that is displayed in the Process Lasso GUI. It gives a quick representation of the rules that apply to a specific process, even if those rules are wildcard based. In this post, we’ll define them. Rules You can see […]

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Softpedia page for RegMerge

RegMerge on Softpedia

Softpedia’s listing of RegMerge is linked to below. We have always supported Softpedia because they offer bundle-free downloads. No mess or fuss. I do caution that RegMerge is just one of many side-projects of mine, and is still in ALPHA state. As a registry tool, I really have to make it 100% before I would dare […]

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