Process Lasso Dark Mode

Process Lasso 9.2 – Dark Mode

Process Lasso v9.2 has been released! This version adds a Dark Mode theme and has considerable other refactoring of the GUI internals.

You can enable Dark Mode by right-clicking on the graph to rotate between the 3 available color themes of Light, Dark, and Custom. Alternatively, you can select it by way of the ‘View / Colors’ sub-menu.

Improved fonts, filter controls, window sizing, and general GUI performance round-out the highlights. A plethora of smaller fixes and enhancements were also made.

Improved Filter Controls

Before you ask – No, we aren’t done with Dark Mode. Further refinement is absolutely planned!

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UPDATE: The screenshot on this page is periodically updated to the latest version, currently 10.1 beta. Dark Mode has come a long way since v9.2!