Process Lasso Instance Balancer

Process Lasso 9.1 – Instance Balancer

Process Lasso v9.1 has been released! This new version offers several enhancements over the last v9.0 build and a new feature called the Instance Balancer.

The Instance Balancer spreads the CPU across running process instances, of either the same or multiple applications (when using advanced match rules). When there are more instances than allotted CPU cores, instances are ‘stacked’ in a round-robin manner. When the instance count of managed applications changes by new process creation or termination, a re-balance occurs.

Equal CPUs per instance
Distributes CPU cores evenly across matching process instances, dynamically adjusting as new instances run or terminate.
Specific core count per instance
Assigns a fixed number of CPU cores to each matching process instance.

All children of a process can be matched with a ‘childof: ‘ prefix, such as childof: boinc.exe. Alternatively, it can be accomplished with RegEx, e.g. /^([^,]*,){5}boinc\.exe.*,/.

This feature supports Regular Expressions for more complex and precise matching.

Instance Balancer in action

Other product improvements include a better looking graph legend with numerical readings, smoother listview refreshes, bug fixes and a few areas of refactoring.

Process Lasso v9.1

Demo video of Process Lasso’s Instance Balancer:

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