Coreprio User Interface

Coreprio v0.0.5.0 – Inclusion/Exclusion Patterns

Coreprio has been updated to allow for inclusion and exclusion patterns to be specified. These apply to all features of Coreprio. Wildcards are allowed. The console mode utility allows these as well, via the new ‘–inclusions’ and ‘–exclusions’ parameters.

The full revision history is below.

  • Add inclusion and exclusion pattern matching by process basename, -l,–inclusions and -x,–exclusions parameters
  • Add inclusion and exclusion control to management GUI
  • When using console app, force Bitsum DLM to ‘On’. Previously enabled only if -f flag for NUMA Dissociater not given
  • Add GUI note that AMD’s implementation of DLM, if installed, is disabled
  • Minor other improvements