Process Lasso's new CPU Group Display

Lasso: Processor Group Display

Process Lasso now displays the processor group(s) process threads are running on. I wrote about Processor Groups a while back. In Process Lasso, we will refer to Processor Groups as ‘CPU Groups’.

By default, a process’s threads are assigned to only a single processor group. However, processes can utilize more than one CPU group by specifically assigning threads to a different group at run-time.

When a process does assign threads to more than one group, it becomes a multi-group process. This can cause some considerable confusion with the process CPU affinity mask, since that mask only applies to the default CPU group for that process. That is the nature of Processor Groups since the feature was tacked onto Windows as an after-thought.

We’ll be rolling out more updates in this area, to Process Lasso and other products. This new display is present in Process Lasso v9.0.0.558.