New Battery Icon Slider on the Microsoft Surface

Why do I only have a Balanced power profile?

Many Windows 10 portable devices (laptops) have locked-down power profiles. These systems have only a singular power profile, usually ‘Balanced’.  Instead of multiple power profiles, there are multiple tiers of the Balanced power profile. A ‘power mode’ slider on the system battery icon in the system tray provides access to the performance tiers of the […]

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Process Lasso Forced Mode Screenshot

New Docs on Forced Mode

This is an update as we work to refine product documentation in all languages. Process Lasso’s Forced Mode is now documented here. Forced Mode When enabled, Process Lasso’s Forced Mode causes Lasso settings such as process priority classes and CPU affinities to be continually reapplied, instead of only performed once on a given instance of a […]

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CPUBalance Insights Screenshot

CPUBalance v1.0 Released

CPUBalance v1.0 has been released. CPUBalance represents a subset of Process Lasso, specifically it’s famously effective and demonstrable ProBalance function, users who want ONLY that feature may want to install this even smaller rendition of the algorithm. However, CPUBalance also shares a Governor (silent core engine) with Process Lasso, so Process Lasso v8 users may wish […]

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