Process Lasso Pro

Process LassoReal-Time Optimization & Automation Watch It In Action Get Free or Buy Pro Download Install Process Lasso 32-bit Install Process Lasso 64-bit Latest: v9.7.6 - 05/01/20    Optimize My SERVER(s) Instead   LIFETIME Licenses Sold Here! ProBalance - Exclusive process optimization technology improves PC responsiveness! Learn more Gaming Mode 2.0 - Bitsum Highest Performance power [...] Read more


This is a set of PE manipulation utilities formerly bundled with PECompact. They are now a stand-alone project. Most support PE+ (PE64). PE Suite utilities even support wildcards and directory recursion. PETrim Reduce size of PE by physical realignment and/or extra-data (overlay) stripping (PE/PE+). PESubSys Set the subsystem of a PE, allowing you to change […]

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Should You Disable Hyper-Threading?

Symmetric Multi-Threading (SMT), also known as Hyper-Threading, exposes two logical CPU cores for every physical CPU core. It does this by sharing computational units of the physical CPU core between the two virtual CPU cores. If neither of the paired cores needs to use the same CPU resources, then they can run simultaneously. This allows […]

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Command Line Arguments

Process Lasso [ main index ] Command Line Arguments Command Line Arguments for Installer (also valid for InstallHelper) Switch (defaults in bold) Description Examples /S (case sensitive) Performs a silent installation. Since no configuration dialogs will be shown during install, you should complement this switch with others (listed below) to specify how you would like Process Lasso […]

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