This is a set of PE manipulation utilities formerly bundled with PECompact. They are now a stand-alone project. Most support PE+ (PE64). PE Suite utilities even support wildcards and directory recursion.

  • PETrim
    Reduce size of PE by physical realignment and/or extra-data (overlay) stripping (PE/PE+).
  • PESubSys
    Set the subsystem of a PE, allowing you to change it after linkage. Switch from Console mode to Windows mode, or vice-versa. (PE/PE+)
  • PEHideText
    Obfuscate plaintext in a module’s physical and virtual image. (PE/PE+) docs
  • PEInsert
    Embed data/text into the header cave of a PE. (PE/PE+)
  • PEChksum
    Generate a new checksum on a module. (PE/PE+).
  • PESetVersion
    Get and/or Set many of the OS versions of a module. (PE/PE+)
  • PEWatermark
    Watermark a module with a unique ID. (PE/PE+)

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