TweakScheduler is a small utility originally conceived prior to 2009 as a small tool to adjust Win32PrioritySeparation registry value that controls if the foreground process (app that has focus) should receive longer CPU time slices than background processes, and if so, how much longer. It has later been excluded as part of Process Lasso’s installer, […]

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Using the Process Lasso GUI

Rules The rule abbreviations column gives you a quick and easy way to check process rules. Abbreviations are defined here: Rules column format: [X][x][K][g][M][e][s][p][Mx][R][s][iX][<-<<<<][#n][RHANBI][0-61] Character(s) Meaning X Excluded from ProBalance restraint W A watchdog trigger of any type is set on this process x Excluded from foreground boosting e Energy Saver is disabled when [...] Read more

Process Lasso Silent and Unattended Install

Process Lasso [ main docs index ] Command Line Arguments TL;DR; For a silent install, use the /S switch with the installer meant for your edition (else the auto-correct will download the right installer and may interfere). e.g: ProcessLassoSetup.exe /S Some command line arguments, such as /keyfile can also be added, e.g.: ProcessLassoSetup.exe /S /keyfile=c:\mykey.key Note that […]

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Silent Installation

Unattended Installation Process Lasso can be installed without any user interaction. To do so, simply add the /S switch to the command line installer. If you have an activation code, you can also specify it, along with all sorts of other data like the configuration file or path. ProcessLassoSetup64.exe /S If doing unattended installs, it […]

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Process Lasso Server Edition Quick Start

This new page is a work in progress, largely derived from existing content. If you don’t find what you need, please check back later. Package Process Lasso was designed with server use in mind, and further to consume as few resources as possible. Towards that end, it is highly modular, with the primary two executable […]

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Process Lasso FAQ

Which edition should I download (32 or 64, Workstation or Server)?You can’t select wrong. The Process Lasso installer automatically downloads the correct edition. Process Lasso Server Edition will always install on all Windows Server operating systems, and otherwise the workstation edition will install. The only time you need to worry about which installer to use [...] Read more