Process Lasso

Real-Time CPU Optimization and Automation

Make Processes Run Your Way


Maintains system responsiveness during high CPU loads

Performance Mode

Bitsum Highest Performance power plan for ultimate performance

Responsiveness Metric

Monitor system responsiveness with our proprietary metric


Automate and persist CPU affinities, priorities and more


Max performance when PC is active, but conserve energy when idle


Stand-alone core engine, silent install, automatic updates and native 64-bit

Real-Time Apps

Ensure optimal performance for real-time applications

Audit System Activity

Log and audit process launches and other selected system activity


Widely deployed at large organizations for 15 years. Safe and conservative

Process Lasso Boxshot

Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a system automation and optimization utility containing a fleet of algorithms to dynamically boost the performance of your server and retain responsiveness during high loads. Further, with Process Lasso you can automate all kinds of process settings with rules, persistent process priorities, CPU affinities, etc…

Among its features is our famous ProBalance algorithm that temporarily reduces the priority of troublesome background processes in order to improve PC responsiveness, as shown in real-world and synthetic tests. Then there is the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan, tuned to give you maximum performance when you need it. IdleSaver will drop you down to a more conservative power plan when you walk away.

Our proprietary responsiveness metric will give you an accurate representation of actual system responsiveness, and logging will let you examine process activity.

This is the real deal, make no mistake! It is intended for power users, but average users can get large benefits by simply installing it. No further configuration necessary! There is so much more. Give it a try yourself!

Keep servers responsive during high CPU loads with ProBalance
Real-time CPU affinity and process priority optimization
Optimize and automate process settings, power plans and more
Monitor responsiveness with our proprietary algorithm
Partition CPU cores to limit per-process CPU use
Disable Hyper-threading / SMT per-process
Disallow select processes
Limit number of instances of a process (even per-user)
Log and audit process activity
Auto-restart processes
Broad CPU compatibility (SMP, NUMA)
Light-weight native C++ code with negligible resource use
Efficient stand-alone core engine that can run as a service
GUI is entirely distinct and optional
 INI configuration supporting dynamic changes
Does NOT inject system hooks or change persistent system settings
 Unattended install and headless operation
 Extensive Documentation
 Quick Start Guide for Servers
Compatible with all Windows Server variants!

Process Lasso Pro Server Edition is in use at many major corporations on servers of various types (many Remote Desktop / Terminal Servers). They use it because they are tired of seeing non-critical normal priority process(es) degrade server responsiveness.

With our proprietary ProBalance algorithm, micro-lags and stalls will be mitigated. You don’t have to take the word for it, try our graphical demo for yourself.

Process Lasso offers several compelling features for network administrators. They have control over which processes are run, their priorities, CPU affinities, maximum running instances, and much more. While it is theoretically possible that scripting languages could accomplish some of what Process Lasso does, they are very slow and cumbersome in comparison to tight native C++ without any abstraction layers. We at Bitsum Technologies specialize in low-level code, so you won’t see our software hogging your resources.

Best of all, Process Lasso has an independent core engine (ProcessGovernor) that can run as a service or normal elevated process. Some people prefer services, while in the post-XP world of Task Scheduler 2, others prefer running it as a normal process.

Since server administrators need to evaluate the full capabilities of the product, we offer a trial edition of Process Lasso Pro. This is the Server Edition: A timed trial of Process Lasso Pro. It includes all features of the software, but will expire after 30 days. Upon expiration, you should purchase a license from the options below.

The core engine (ProcessGovernor.exe) can run all by itself, without the GUI management console. It can optionally be configured to run as a service, or set itself up in the Windows Task Scheduler. Custom usage is simple and command line switches are provided for even greater control.

Process Lasso, and its ProBalance algorithm, are as useful and efficacious for new PCs as they are for old PCs, especially since the speed of processors hasn’t been increasing a lot in recent years, replaced instead by increased parallelism (more cores). In fact, a strong argument can be made that Process Lasso is now more useful and efficacious than ever!

Betanews on ProBalance:

Process Lasso’s headline technology is ProBalance, a smart tool which monitors running processes and intelligently adjusts the priority of resource hogs as they appear.

Can this really make a difference? We used the developer’s (Bitsum) “CPU Eater” demo to create a process with 48 active threads, and tried launching Chrome (with its core files cached). It took 30-40 seconds to appear with ProBalance disabled, under 1 second with it turned on.

That was a very extreme example, so we tried again with 16 threads (one per core), and Chrome loaded in 5 seconds; 8 threads and it loaded in around 2, still more than twice the ProBalance-enabled time.

We tried a few other CPU-stressing apps with similar results. If you’re running multiple applications at the same time, and something tries to hog your CPU, then Process Lasso’s priority tweaks generally mean your system stays very responsive.

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Overclocking is so pervasive that CPU, RAM and motherboard manufacturers cater to it. Modern CPUs are smart enough to self-throttle if they reach a critical temperature, making it safer than it once was. Further, power-saving technologies such as core parking and frequency scaling help resist thermal build-up. Given this, you can probably get away with […]

Process Lasso v9.1 – Introducing the Instance Balancer

Process Lasso v9.1 has been released! This new version offers several enhancements over the last v9.0 build and a new feature called the Instance Balancer. The Instance Balancer individually assigns CPU cores to multiple instances of the same application. This is done by way of a selectable algorithm. Presently, the options are to either give […]

Coreprio v0.0.5.0 – Inclusion/Exclusion Patterns

Coreprio has been updated to allow for inclusion and exclusion patterns (list of applications to target). These apply to all features of Coreprio. Wildcards are allowed. The console mode utility allows these as well, via the new ‘–inclusions’ and ‘–exclusions’ parameters. Since Coreprio’s Dynamic Local Mode works best for applications that do not put a […]

Lasso: Processor Group Display

Process Lasso now displays the processor group(s) an application’s threads are running on. We wrote about processor groups a while back. They exist to allow for systems with more than 64 logical CPU cores. In Process Lasso, we refer to Processor Groups as ‘CPU Groups’. By default, an application’s threads are assigned to only a […]

Coreprio: Bitsum’s Own Dynamic Local Mode

Coreprio is Bitsum’s custom implementation of AMD’s Dynamic Local Mode. It is more configurable than AMD’s implementation, allowing the user to set the prioritized affinity, thread count and refresh rate. History When the high core count ThreadRipper 2990wx and 2970wx were developed, AMD had to make due with the 4 memory channels available in the TR4 […]

NUMA Nodes Added to CPU Affinity Dialogs

As of Process Lasso v9.0.0.522, NUMA nodes have been added to the CPU affinity dialogs. This is part of an on-going effort to improve manageability of high core count systems.

Video of Ryzen Master’s Dynamic Local Mode

UPDATE: Bitsum is testing our own Dynamic Local Mode implementation – See this forum thread for more information. Here at Bitsum we’ve been closely following the AMD Threadripper 2nd gen releases. As has been well reported on tech sites, the core heavy 2990wx and 2970wX have an unusual configuration where only 2 of the 4 dies […]

The 64 Core Threshold – Processor Groups on Windows

TL;DR – Microsoft hacked in support for more than 64 logical CPU cores by adding ‘processor groups’. Existing process level CPU affinity masks apply to only a single processor group, but threads within a process can be manually assigned to other CPU groups by the application developer. As systems with more than 64 logical CPU […]

Get Ultimate Performance On Any Windows 10 Edition

>> Download Ultimate Performance Installer (v0.0.1.0) Microsoft announced the Ultimate Performance power plan to be part of Windows 10 for Workstations at version 1803 and above. This new plan disables core parking and CPU frequency scaling on AC power – just like our years old Bitsum Highest Performance power plan. For those that want the original Ultimate […]

Microsoft Announces ‘Ultimate Performance’ to Prevent Micro-latencies. Sound Familiar?

The latest Windows 10 for Workstations build features a new ‘Ultimate Performance‘ power plan to deal with potential micro-latencies. Sound familiar? Yes, here at Bitsum we’ve had the ‘Bitsum Highest Performance‘ power plan for years. It seems somebody important finally caught on. While I have mixed feelings any time Microsoft starts to encroach, I do […]

Process Lasso Setup Guide

How do I setup Process Lasso for maximum performance? This article provides some guidance, specifically for home and workstation users. Server users should try this page. Summary: Process Lasso can be simply installed without additional tweaking or tuning. ProBalance works automatically to help maintain responsiveness in the face of high CPU loads. Configure Performance Mode. Identify […]

Why Does a Process Refuse to Relinquish RAM?

Virtual memory ‘trimmers’ or RAM ‘cleaners’, whatever you want to call them, they’ve been a staple in the industry since the days of NT4. Almost all of these apps are best avoided! Most operate on the incorrect premise that you want more ‘free’ RAM. In fact, RAM should be as occupied as possible with commonly […]

Conservative By Default – Check Those ProBalance Options!

Please do not forget to check the ProBalance Options. I designed it to be as safe and conservative as possible, thus for some multimedia users you may need to uncheck the following: Ignore the foreground process Do not act on processes of non-normal priority These may inhibit the full might of ProBalance coming down on […]

How To Restart A Process When It Exceeds a Threshold

The little known Process Watchdog feature of Process Lasso is designed to do just this, automate all kinds of actions. It is being massively improved, but the current rendition is useful, so it’s time to start mentioning it. Let us take the above example, which you can clearly understand. It will restart aa.exe if found […]

How to Make Process Lasso’s Main Window Open at User Login (not just start in systray)

I’ve had this question a few times and so am going to add a toggle. However, the task list is quite long and new projects are under work (I know, I always say that, but they are… some people never see, like infrastructure work, others do – like CPUBalance and ParkControl). For people waiting on […]

CPUBalance Updated to v1.0.0.68

This build of CPUBalance fixes a couple flaws in the last build’s updater. I had added a safety, just in case I neglected to clear edge-node caches (ahem), but took it a bit overboard, causing a 25 second delay when a user-initiated update check was performed. This should fix that up. In other news, I found […]

New Gen1 License Conversion Page Goes Online

See new page at will convert Gen1 licenses. This is for people who bought their license prior to 2015 (though some bought Gen2 in Q4 of 2015). Now, it will use your license to find your account and send you everything you are eligible for, so keep that in mind. Yes, a prior script existed […]

Boost Internet Speeds By Reducing Router Overhead

Your Wireless router is a mini-computer. A staple of our homes in many cases, as it enables access to the Internet. These wireless routers are a tiny computer that run an embedded edition of linux in most cases, rarely other OSes like VxWorks. Many wireless routers have dedicated chips to accelerate NAT routing and all […]

What is the difference between a ‘Thread’ and a ‘Core’?

These two terms have some serious confusion around them. This is because there is a disparity between hardware and software use, although both are similar. In hardware, a ‘thread’ usually means a logical core. It may or may not be a physical core (e.g. Hyper-Threaded). The image above shows a good graphical representation of this. […]

How do I Tweak My PC For Maximum Performance?

How do I tweak my PC for maximum performance? Today I will attempt to give a single answer so I’m not repeating myself so often. FIRST, you need to install Process Lasso or CPUBalance. Why either/or? Well, both provide the ProBalance algorithm that keeps background processes at-bay. Forget all other tweaking for the moment. You WANT […]

ParkControl – Tweak CPU Core Parking and More The Right Way

I am a little annoyed by SEO today. A lesser quality app than ParkControl and incorrect guidance are found in search results. They bring the user to a tool that does a brute-force search of the registry to change the applicable CPU power subsystem options, and then often mandate a reboot afterwards. Any site with fake ‘download […]

PSA: Beware of ‘Foreground boost’ cons

This is an except from our page here. What about Foreground Boosting (NOT what ProBalance does)? Foreground boosting is a common scheme used by some snake-oil software. Do not be fooled! The foreground process is that which has the keyboard and mouse focus. This means there is only ever one foreground process at a time, […]

Should You Disable Hyper-Threading?

Hyper-Threading (or SMT for AMD) exposes two logical CPU cores for every physical CPU core. It does this by sharing computational units of the physical CPU core between the two virtual CPU cores. If neither of the paired cores needs to use the same CPU resources, then they can run simultaneously. This allows for more […]

Process Lasso v9.0.0.318 Released

This build is something of a relief to me, as it fixes all major or semi-major bugs I’ve tracked post-v9 release. Inevitably, software companies find bugs after release. That’s why we all do updates, from Microsoft to Bitsum. It is just some law of the universe. We had 6000 beta testers and 2 QA guys […]

Save Money and Reduce Overhead with CPUBalance

Are you a Process Lasso user who really only uses the famous ProBalance algorithm? If so, you should consider the much cheaper (and more free) CPUBalance. It is now an either/or scenario, because Process Lasso contains all of CPUBalance functionality, so if you need Process Lasso, then you don’t need CPUBalance. In any event, for […]

FAQ Additions – How do I change the language of Process Lasso v9?

Some may note we removed the language selection in v9. It now honors whatever your OS selection is. If you want to over-ride this, all you need to do is re-download and run the installer. Now, I will say we have had conflicting reports about the success of this, but presently see it as a […]

All About Process Lasso 9

I, of course, immediately posted when version 9 was published, but that was not the introduction it deserved. I am/was exhausted, having worked so hard to get it released (not that the work is done, updates coming already). However, I didn’t well document the changes, so let me document a few. Config Profiles These are […]

Process Lasso v9 Goes Final

Process Lasso version 9 has gone final. It has a new, silky smooth UI on resize, and a lot of cool new features. Gen1 license holders should visit to convert their license code (one step despite the name, step 2 is receiving the key, lol). The ‘high level’ change list is: New Lasso Config […]

Process Lasso’s little white (or black) line

This has been in Process Lasso for ages, but few noticed it, and our documentation needs – well, it’s on the agenda. This post is intended to supplement it. The white line on the graph shows the CPU utilization history of the processes you’ve got selected. It will disappear if none are selected. In the […]

Release of Process Lasso v9 final is imminent – Here is how it will happen

Another day of hard-core debugging and bug resolution will solve remaining problems, plus a few features I’m adding at the last-minute, then we’ll have a good stable build from which I’ll continue work. First I’ll publicly issue an RC1 build late tomorrow, but not yet push out updates. It will, however, be the ‘final build’ […]

Bitsum’s Windows Responsiveness Metric

Ever notice the system responsiveness metric in many of our products? You may not, as it sits at 100% most of the time. However, those of us who do have sustained high CPU loads see it fluctuate, and see ProBalance remarkably return it to 100%. We should not take this metric for granted! It was […]

Useless Registry Cleaners

So, you use a registry cleaner. Well, that’s fine, none of us wants to be ‘dirty’. If you run it, it will ‘clean up’ your registry. Let’s do some analysis. When Microsoft designed Windows they realized that they would need a shared store for OS and application options. This store would need to support both […]

Governor Refresh Rate Slider – New in CPUBalance and Process Lasso v9

New in our ‘Insights’ module is a slider to control the refresh rate of the governor. We default to 1st, but have found 500ms to be very responsive. Once you get below that (250ms minimum), you start to lose advantage. The increments are in 250ms in the slider. This is live in CPUBalance v1.0.0.40!

Last Process Lasso Pro Build for Windows XP/2003 – Free!

This is an OLD, ARCHIVED version of Process Lasso. Get the latest Process Lasso version 9 here. The last XP/2003 compatible build of Process Lasso (v8.9.8.102) is available here. An activation code is provided below, making it 100% free for use. Licensing To activate your copy use activation code: #Z163632009 — be sure to include the […]

Week of Updates

We’ve had a week where I’ve pushed several important updates to: CPUBalance ParkControl Process Lasso v9 beta I will continue pushing updates at a rapid pace because I am in an important dev cycle, but will slow down from here a little. Our updater really makes it so easy, and many of this week’s last […]

Advisory: CryptoPrevent may interfere with updates

The software CryptoPrevent, which blocks certain types of software installations, first interfered with our updater a couple years ago, so I worked around it. It seems the malware authors did too, as CryptoPrevent is once again interfering with some Process Lasso updates. This software, written to address a particular type of malware, unfortunately interferes with a […]

Process Lasso v9 Gets ‘lasso profile’ Support

Quite simply, this feature will allow you to enter and exit configuration states as you’ve saved and defined. Maybe manually, or maybe as a process starts and terminates. Many users have requested it by many different names. At first I called them ‘profiles’, but lest that be confused with ‘power profiles’, I have went with […]

Power Management – Tiers of the Lone Balanced Power Profile

Many Windows 10 laptops and tablets have only a singular power profile, usually ‘Balanced’. Creation of power plans by third-party software is restricted. This will prevent the installation of the Bitsum Highest Performance power profile and any features that automatically switch power profiles. Workstations running newer Windows 10 builds also utilize this new dynamic Balanced […]

Process Lasso v9 beta issued, but more coming

I have opted to release Process Lasso v9 in the beta channel of v8 to keep the ball moving as fast as possible. That said, we are not feature complete. Sure, we have some cool features, but a lot of the big ones are yet to integrate. So far, we have these new features: Much […]

Mysql performance issues? Try this.

I manage all of Bitsum’s network infrastructure, and became discouraged when I saw that some recent changes (we are migrating to the cloud like everyone else) caused spikes in mysqld CPU consumption. I traced it down to a configuration variable that defaults to a surprisingly small number (8Mb). If you have a large site and […]

First Process Lasso v9 Alpha with Functional Process Filter

I first mentioned this feature back on Oct 22, so it is a bit embarrassing that I am just now enabling it. That said, we had the release of CPUBalance and major additions to ParkControl, among other work to Process Lasso and the site. So, it is not like we have been complacent. In all […]

ParkControl v1.2.1.6 Released – Notification of Active Power Plan Changes

This version has a neat new feature that not only can show you when the power plan changes, but what process initiated the change! In other words, it is not limited to ParkControl’s activities. We found some users with ‘hidden’ OEM power management software on their PC, so this will help ferret things like that out […]

New Docs on Forced Mode

This is an update as we work to refine product documentation in all languages. Process Lasso’s Forced Mode is now documented here. Forced Mode When enabled, Process Lasso’s Forced Mode causes Lasso settings such as process priority classes and CPU affinities to be continually reapplied, instead of only performed once on a given instance of a […]

Process Lasso Pro to Be Free In Windows XP

As we say goodbye to Windows XP support by dropping it from future product releases, we are going to give every Windows XP user of Process Lasso a free license. You will simply be auto-activated (assuming there isn’t abuse and we don’t have to require registration). This begins with v8.9.8.96. Official support for Windows XP […]

CPUBalance v1.0 Released

CPUBalance v1.0 has been released. CPUBalance represents a subset of Process Lasso, specifically it’s famously effective and demonstrable ProBalance function, users who want ONLY that feature may want to install this even smaller rendition of the algorithm. However, CPUBalance also shares a Governor (silent core engine) with Process Lasso, so Process Lasso v8 users may wish […]

ParkControl page replaces .REG files with PowerCfg.exe commands

For those of you who have used our .REG files to show core parking settings, we are switching to recommending use of powercfg.exe. Turns out it has a nice command line option that is much more reliable. The registry settings work to show, but once shown, you can’t hide them again without these commands. Thus, there […]

About our new Frequency of ProBalance Action Metric

Starting in CPUBalance v0.0.9.39 (BETA) and Process Lasso v9.0.0.101 (ALPHA), we have a new ‘Frequency of ProBalance Action’ metric to indicate how often a process is restrained. It is basically this: total_runtime / count_of_restraints This new metric lets you know how frequently a process is acted on WHEN it is running. Some processes run all […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.92 Released

A quick second final update to Process Lasso fixes a ‘counters’ (ProBalance history) mismatch that caused the Insights dialog to not show the correct history. This was due to the team all testing the co-administration of CPUBalance, and not testing only Process Lasso alone enough. So, this version comes with this one confirmed fix and […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.90 Released

This version is all about the future. I say that because it adds support for the co-installation of CPUBalance. Now, without this support, everything will still be fine, but with the new awareness things operate a bit smoother. For instance, the older governor (core engine) will launch the newer one, and the Insights button allows […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I suppose the Thanksgiving tradition is at least something most of the world is familiar with. Here in the USA we celebrate it as one of our major holidays. It is a time to give thanks for what you have and not gripe about what you don’t. This year we are extending gratitude to our […]

CPUBalance v0.0.9.5 BETA Released

We are moving to BETA with CPUBalance. There are only small rough edges to polish now. We anticipate a v1.0 release sooner than you would expect since this project has been ‘staged’ for so long. A lot of progress happened here lately, obviously. More work is on-going, so by the time you read this maybe twice […]

Do I still need Process Lasso on my new PC?

Absolutely you do! More than ever! We never sold that old ‘XP style’ optimization crud here at Bitsum, so we remain relevant, increasingly so. Process Lasso is as relevant, if not more, on newer processors than older. If you were to uninstall, most everyone then realizes the difference it was making! … and at the very […]

ParkControl v1.1.6.0 Released

This release was all about removing .REG files from the equation for those who wanted to show their CPU core parking options along with the others in the Advanced Power Plan options. Sire, a rudimentary form existed before, but this refines it for Skylake and above Intel generations, and restraints it (to only available features) […]

How to Disable BHP Recreation

For a very small minority of uber-tweakers, Bitsum Highest Performance (BHP) power plan recreation on Lasso or ParkControl resinstall has been an issue. Thus, I have provided a .REG file that will alleviate this *going forward*. Older versions and even present versions (as I write this) may not abide by it.  

Process Lasso v8.9.8.58 Released

You may have seen a few updates lately, and for that I apologize. With activity, sometimes the frequency of updates will increase. I know they can be bothersome, but at least you don’t have to reinstall the whole product like too many other PC applications in the world! We’ve made our update process pretty darn […]

Want to tune core parking yourself? Use ParkControl. Want it done for you? Use Process Lasso.

Long ago, I included an early version of ParkControl in Process Lasso – buried deep in it’s menus and rarely used. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to remove it, but get met with resistance when I do. Why would I remove it? Well, because it is now a distinct application, ParkControl. And it is 99% free. […]

TweakScheduler Page Added

We’ve added a page about one of our classic Bitsum freeware utilities, TweakScheduler. It has long been included with Process Lasso. You can reach it via ‘Options / External Tools‘. This is just one of many of our freeware utilities that have yet to be fully integrated into this new web site. TweakScheduler  

All About RegMerge

RegMerge is a simple freeware project I developed many years ago. I saw that importing .REG files was a ‘blind’ process and wanted to improve upon it, and did so. Lately, RegMerge got some exposure after a few site edits, so suddenly it was ‘in use’. Now, it continues to remain in ALPHA status because there […]

Process Lasso v9 and Process Filter

Originally posted on Facebook, but since few follow us there, I thought some of you may like to see internal progress being made on Process Lasso v9… The oft-requested filter on the processes views is being completed now. This will enable you to filter the list for only the processes you want (same as the […]

The Process Lasso GUI Rules Column

New, or even long-term, users of Process Lasso may not have noticed the nifty ‘Rules’ column that is displayed in the Process Lasso GUI. It gives a quick representation of the rules that apply to a specific process, even if those rules are wildcard based. In this post, we’ll define them. Rules You can see […]

RegMerge on Softpedia

Softpedia’s listing of RegMerge is linked to below. We have always supported Softpedia because they offer bundle-free downloads. No mess or fuss. I do caution that RegMerge is just one of many side-projects of mine, and is still in ALPHA state. As a registry tool, I really have to make it 100% before I would dare […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.50 Released

Changes: Change Settings Minor adjustments to default server settings Change Localization Updates to serveral languages Full revision history Process Lasso Download Links @ (certified clean and digitally signed): 32-bit EXE Installer 64-bit EXE Installer 32-bit EXE Installer Server Edition 64-bit EXE Installer Server Edition

RegMerge Updated to v0.0.2.1 ALPHA

RegMerge, a Bitsum freeware project, has been updated to v0.0.2.1 ALPHA to fix a parsing error in some .REG files. RegMerge is one of many projects I started, but left to linger because I didn’t see sufficient user interest at the time. That appears to be changing, so I’ll make sure the product is worthy of distribution ASAP. […]

The Great PC Optimization Debate

When it comes to PC Optimization, images of snake-oil and con-men often come to mind, and indeed the problem of fraudulent or misleading software is pervasive in this genre and many other software genres. Bitsum does optimization along with much more, like automation. We never did it the classical way — You know, registry cleaners and […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.48 Released, Improves Performance and MBARW Fix

This version improves the performance of Process Lasso itself, reducing it’s already negligible CPU use, and fixes an important interoperability issue with MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware BETA* where excessive CPU consumption would be seen. This is a back-port from the v9 branch so has minimal other changes, as we continue to keep the v8 branch stable as possible. *(stressed […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.44 Released

This fixes an edge issue we’ve had reported from time to time. It can be caused by a couple scenarios, but basically a ‘ghost’ process is listed in the Process Lasso GUI, having no other attributes. Once the fault was identified in the v9 branch, we verified the fix, back-ported the code, tested the back-port, […]

Core Parking Under the Intel Skylake Generation – .REG file to Unhide settings

Since these newer Intel processors take over control of core parking from the OS, they have different power management options. As we work to fully support the latest hardware, we’ve created a .REG file to unhide these options. The most important, arguably, is the basic ON/OFF switch to either use ‘autonomous’ core parking controlled by […]

ParkControl v1.1.2 Released

This version of ParkControl adds Bitsum Dynamic Boost. This is similar to Process Lasso’s IdleSaver technology in that it drops the PC down to a more conservative power plan on idle, but different in that when the PC is active, it forces it into the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan. It is made for those who want […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.42 Released

Process Lasso v8.9.8.42 While we work on releasing a wild new ParkControl with Bitsum Dynamic Boost, not to mention uProBalance Stand Alone, we found the time to update the release Process Lasso v8 branch. Enjoy! Changes: Fix Core Fix a ‘greater than or less than’ inversion in a particular advanced process watchdog rule. […]

Developers Get Some Assistance in Windows 10 Build 14901

If you are a developer, you have changed these Explorer View settings on every system you ever installed. Now, finally, there is a single-click option built into Windows. If this is present in your installation, you will find it under ‘For Developer Settings‘. There are also new easy-access changes for Remote Desktop and PowerShell. Just think […]

TurboBoost on an Intel I7-6560U SkyLake

The extraordinary thing about the Intel Skylake (6xxx) generation of CPUs are the changes in power management. As I’ve noted before, much of the real-time power management is moved to the hardware, making it much more efficient. When the OS was responsible for managing core parking, it just couldn’t do it well enough, hence utilities […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.38 Released

Another little update while we continue working hard towards two major product releases.. Process Lasso v8.9.8.38 Changes: Change Updater Added command line shortcut for Process Lasso ‘pl.cmd’ (pl) to auto-updater, as it did have a small update a while back, and it’s tiny anyway. Fix Updater Fix for any Server Edition installs that […]

Why can’t I utilize ALL my CPU cores?

I often find users under the misconception that they can find a way to put all those unused CPU cycles they see to work. I don’t mean at idle, I mean during CPU loads. Some think Process Lasso can do this for them, and I hate to tell them that it can’t. They are understandably […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.36 Released – Mitigating the Impact of Negligent ‘Cleaning’ Software

This minor update to Process Lasso v8 has an internal config subsystem related change. We had a couple odd support tickets and finally tracked the culprit down to third-party ‘cleansing’ software that was deleting our application data storage folder right out from under us! This error condition also caused a second problem, as this [having […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.24 Released

Not a lot to say about this minor update to Process Lasso, v8.9.8.24. A few small fixes, most back-ported from the active working branch. The Change Log can speak for itself. Downloads 32-bit 64-bit Process Lasso 32-Bit Workstation Process Lasso 32-Bit Server Process Lasso 64-Bit Workstation Process Lasso 64-Bit Server Change Log Fix GUI Fix […]

What do the system tray icons of Process Lasso and ParkControl mean?

We get the question “What does this icon mean?” often, so thought it time to properly document the latest icon sets we are using. Note that if you let Windows hide your system tray icons, you may never see any of these. I’ve documented the icons here, but will copy that content below as well. Did […]

ParkControl v1.0.3.0 Released – Includes Bitsum Highest Performance!

100% Freeware Downloads: ParkControl 32-bit ParkControl 64-bit This release of ParkControl makes a big addition – even though it’s just a small hyper-link toggle on the GUI. That addition is: Users can install or uninstall the ‘Bitsum Highest Performance‘ power plan. This pre-configured power profile maximizes CPU performance by disabling CPU core parking and frequency scaling, […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.12 Released

Process Lasso Pro v8.9.8.12 was released with a couple minor updates. The second listed here involves the lack of creation of the famous ‘Bitsum Highest Performance’ power plan during the initial install on Windows Servers (only). It would, however, be corrected on the first automatic product update. This situation was caused because we are severing two […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.10 Released

We released a Process Lasso v8 minor update this weekend, v8.9.8.10. The Version 9 Alpha Branch is under active development. Fundamental changes are taking place to the entire code base, and large additions we’ve planned for months or years are coming to fruition. When appropriate, we’ll back-port select changes to v8, but are mostly focused […]

ParkControl v1.0.2.4 – Auto-update for all

ParkControl is such a simple utility. I feel those who purchase Pro licenses are mostly doing so to help fund R&D at Bitsum. Still, I try to toss in perks when possible, but I went too far when I restricted automatic updates to the Pro edition of the product. Thus, at least for the time being, I’ve […]

Process Lasso v8.9.8.6 Released

Process Lasso v8.9.8.6 has been released. This is mostly minor maintenance that has accumulated in the v8 branch. Windows XP users who had activation or update issues should be fine using this build. Download Process Lasso ChangeLog: Fix All Minor fix to some code in Task Scheduler management module Change Core Force immediate […]

Network Optimizations – What to focus on, and what to avoid

I often get asked about network optimizations, and it’s an area of active R&D at Bitsum. I recently gave this answer to a Process Lasso user, so thought I’d share it with everyone. How do I optimize my network for Gaming? (or other use cases) Aside from having a high quality ISP, the best thing […]

Company Status as of April 2016

Let me say first that I am a ‘product man’. I believe that if you build a good product, everything else falls into place. If you don’t, then nothing will fall in place. Towards that end, a lot of product development has occurred the last quarter, but not as much as I’d like. Much of […]

Steps to Further Minimize Process Lasso’s Resource Use

Although Process Lasso is inherently very lean, being written in C++ and compiled to native x86 or x86-64 code, you can still further reduce it’s resource consumption by taking any of these steps: Set the GUI to load manually. The core engine (processgovernor.exe), running in the background, will apply all algorithms and automation. You can then open […]

Search Function Added to Site

As I continue to refine the rough edges of our new site and server infrastructure, it occurred to me that we were missing a good Search function to wade through all this wonderful content. So, I added such. It is now shown in the right-panel ‘widgets’ and also at Bitsum Search”. In other news – […]

ParkControl v1.0.2.2 Released

ParkControl v1.0.2.2 has been released. Changes in this revision: v1.0.2.2 – Fix crash seen on right-click of icon in some cases v1.0.2.2 – Optimize update check v1.0.2.2 – Put Task Scheduler check in asynchronous thread v1.0.2.2 – Add minidump support Download ParkControl 32-bit Download ParkControl 64-bit

Gen1 Users: How to Access Your New Bitsum Account

First, I would like to thank our loyal users – some of you have been with us since the start in 2002, and even before – in the days of Collake Software. It’s by your support that Bitsum has thrived to this day. It is with your support that we’ll continue to thrive. On our […]

Legacy Licenses Now Listed on ‘My Licenses’ Page

We’ve now added Legacy (now called Gen1) Licenses to the My Licenses page of our new website. This means that both your legacy and new license codes (if any of either) will be listed in the same place. Since both systems will continue to function indefinitely, and they are both accessible in the same place, […]

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CPU Performance Advancements Continue to Slow

Originally posted on Facebook, I am re-posting here as it received some interest, so I suppose it’s best to publish and archive. The below linked article, the subject of this commentary, tells us more of what we already knew… PC CPUs have long ended their rapid advancement stage. That isn’t to say they won’t quit maturing, we […]

Legacy license? Don’t worry! Here’s the plan…

UPDATE: This page will automatically convert your license(s) from Gen1 to Gen2. Contact us if you have trouble. A lot of our users have what we now call ‘legacy licenses’. These are license codes with the format X-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX . These codes will remain valid and functional for the duration of their terms (lifetime in many cases), […]

Process Lasso v8.9.7.6 Released

Process Lasso v8.9.7.6 was released yesterday. This is a minor update to the v8 series, with the following revisions (below). Meanwhile, work on version 9 and other projects continues at a feverish pace. We thank all our loyal users and supporters! Change Core Add latest Avira processes to tamper resistant list Change GUI […]

Continued Site Refinement

As promised, the integration of the new site continues. We developed a custom plug-in that facilitate’s our more advanced integration. This transition is on schedule, and will be worth the brief disruption and confusion caused. Today’s Additions:  Proprietary plug-in for all our advanced integration. Latest version information displayed on home page (more places coming) – pulled from database. […]

New Process Lasso Boxshot

We have an awesome new set of application icons and even a boxshot. Let us know what you think! We think it’s a huge improvement … EDIT: This post updated 07-17-2016 with a newer rendition of the boxshot from the same artist.

Should I Micromanage CPU Affinities?

In some cases, yes, but it depends on your goal, and you need to be smart about it. If your goal is increased performance, remember that the Windows CPU Scheduler tries to manage which threads are on what cores itself, and it’s not entirely dumb. So, when you micro-manage CPU affinities, you are second guessing […]

Do Not Risk Your PC with Cracks and Keygens!

Recently I have seen a new round of malware-laden cracks and keygens for Process Lasso Pro. You MUST understand that your security software is not absolute protection. It’s not even close. I believe the real-world, 0-day malware detection rate lingers somewhere around 40%. If security software protected you 100%, we’d not have a malware problem in the […]

New website goes to base domain

Our new web site infrastructure has now been merged into our base domain name. This may result in a few quirks I’ve yet to address, but it had to happen. Our duplicitous site setup was confusing Google and impacting our search engine ranking. Therefore, I had to bite the bullet. I don’t think anything major will […] Adds HTTP/2 For Improved Speed and Security

Always staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, Bitsum has added HTTP/2 to our web server infrastructure. This means a substantial boost in performance for persistent connections. Google and most major providers are already using this on the servers, but it’s only beginning to trickle down to smaller businesses and web hosts. As for what […]

Process Lasso Pro Entire Home Monthly Subscription – $6.95 USD per month!

Process Lasso Pro Entire Home – Monthly  

Beta Labs – Process Lasso Gets Even Faster!

While developing version 9 of Process Lasso, the first thing I did was implement a low-level change that I had planned for some time. This particular portion of code hadn’t seen substantial changes in at least 6 years. Basically, using a container to cache process handles, I have been able to reduce process handle opens […]

Spreading the Load – CPU Affinities and Hyper-Threading

Many users disable Hyper-Threading to ensure maximum performance. When the technology first emerged, this was good advice for users with real-time application. However, now that CPU architectures have matured, as have operating system CPU schedulers, the question of whether to disable Hyper-Threading is a little more complicated. Modern desktop and laptop CPUs from AMD and […]

Process Lasso v8.9.6.0 Released

We’ve released Process Lasso v8.9.6, another minor update. See the revision list below. Meanwhile, work continues on the v9 alpha branch, where we can break free of some of the constraints placed on us in the stable v8 branch. Changes: Fix GUI Fix issue in last update where language selection on multi-user systems may be […]

Bitsum Acquires EV Code Signing Certificate

Our existing code signing certificate was due to expire this year, so it was time to renew. This time around we found the certificate authorities were advertising Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificates, which are a-kin to EV/OV SSL (TLS) certificates that result in the larger green bar on some web sites. Extended Validation means the […]

Process Lasso v8.9.4.4 – Español available once again!

This v8 update adds back the Spanish translation, something we lost years ago when it’s maintainer left. Thanks to a new translator, Gelton Medina, Español is back! This version also has a few other fixes and adjustments, including a new desktop shortcut – something back in favor for some Win10 users. See the full list below: Changes: Addition […]

New site progress and guidance on legacy orders

Lately I’ve been pulling double-duty, restructuring and reformatting the web site, and getting familiar with it’s back-end systems so that I can write custom code to better integrate our legacy and new systems together. After all, we aren’t running a CMS because we can’t code, we’re running one to leverage the capabilities of third-party plugins […]

Minor Updates

Process Lasso v8.9.3.4 and ParkControl v1.0.1.4 have both been issued. These are minor updates mostly to address the SHA2 code signing snafu we had last week. This will ensure everyone has the latest properly signed binaries. As a side note, Process Lasso v8.9.3.5 beta is also being simultaneously issued and includes a new Spanish translation! […]

SHA1 Deprecation and Win10 SmartScreen Filter Warning (SHA2 Code Signing)

Many Windows software vendors will continue to feel the pain after learning the hard way that SHA1 deprecation occurred, or, as in our case, weren’t as ready for that as they thought! This is the story of our experience, where we had switched to dual-signing with SHA1 and SHA2, but didn’t get it precisely right […]

Process Lasso v8.9.3.2 Released

This is a minor release to Process Lasso v8, but has some relatively important fixes and improvements. We now will be branching v8 from v9 so that future betas will all be of v9. We may occasionally back-port changes to v8, but will otherwise be working to get v9 out the door. We plan for […]

New Payment Methods

To help facilitate payments with as much ease as possible, we’ve added support for two new payment gateways: Amazon – Now you can pay with your Amazon Store Card. If you’re like me, you do most of your online shopping at Amazon, so we felt this might help some to afford our software. MercadoPago – Supports […]

Bitsum’s CPU Affinity Textual Representation

During the course of development of Process Lasso and other Bitsum software, it became apparent that we needed a way to express CPU affinities in an efficient, shorthand, textual manner. This specification became used by the Default CPU Affinities and, in fact, all CPU Affinity settings of Process Lasso. The specification is quite simple. It is […]

ParkControl v1.0.1.1 Released

This minor update to ParkControl offers several language refreshes and corrects an error in the last version where the licensing information wasn’t as visible as it should have been. It also adds dual-signing with SHA1 and SHA2, as will be the case of all Bitsum binaries going forward. Other than that, not anything worth writing home about. […]

Process Lasso v8.9.1.5-beta – Dual-signing, again

Shortly after the release of Process Lasso v8.9.1.4, we noticed that our binaries ended up with only the newer SHA2 signature. Now, for patched users of Vista and above, this was no problem, *except* for the fact that it appears a segment of the security industry does not yet recognize these SHA2 signatures and/or (also […]

The Update Conundrum – How do you know updates are safe?

First, let me say: Bitsum updates are safe! This article is in reference to a theoretical industry-wide mechanism of exploit, not Bitsum updates! Next, let’s answer the question: How do you know if updates are safe? Well, they most certainly are for 99.99% of people, so you should absolutely keep your PC and other systems/apps […]

Process Lasso v8.9.1.4 Released

This minor pre-v9 update of Process Lasso adds some important features. One, we have added ‘Clear’ and ‘Invert selection’ buttons to the CPU affinity selection dialogs, for those with a lot of CPU cores to check/uncheck. Note that the INI configuration file supports our unique shorthand format, such as 1-3;5 (for cores 1-3 and 5), […]

Windows 10 Update 1511 Buries ‘Run as Administrator’

A recent (coming to everyone) Windows 10 Update (1511) buries the ‘Run as Administrator’ context menu item under ‘More’. Just a heads up, not worth a large article.

Bitsum Switches to Dual-Signed Binaries

We’re now switching to dual-signed binaries across the board to comply with the latest security standards, while continuing to retain support for Windows XP. This means our binaries will have two digital signatures, though you’ll only see one in the Properties. The two will be SHA1, and SHA2 (256). This is part of a continuing […]

The Most Overlooked Factor Affecting Network Performance – Packet Loss!

A lot of people want to improve their network performance, whether speed or latency, and spend big bucks making haphazard guesses as to what may help. I also see advanced Quality of Service apps and features built into most modern wireless routers. Needless to say, network performance is a big issue, and becoming a big industry. The ironic […]

ParkControl Pro v1.0.1.0 Released

This release of ParkControl adds some important system tray menu settings and expands support for single-click updates to free trial users. There is one reported issue where a small minority of users see ‘insufficient rights’ errors. We believe this is most likely caused by inappropriate registry tweaks based on guidance given at other web sites, […]

About Task Scheduler 2.0, and Why You Should Never Disable It

In NT6 (Vista), a major kernel and subsystems redesign occurred. The refactored subsystems are still used in Windows 10 for desktop applications, thus are still important, especially after the arguable ‘failure’ of Windows 8 Store Apps. The subsystem in question here is the Task Scheduler. In Windows XP and before, when an application wanted to start itself at […]

Process Lasso v8.9.0.2 – A minor interim update

This build of Process Lasso updates a couple languages, and is just a maintenance release to the v8.9 branch. Larger changes are coming in v9.0.

Process Lasso v8.9 Released

Process Lasso v8.9.0.0 Detailed Revision History Fix GUI Fix possible (never seen) case where a series of events and particular logic path could cause the Keep Running state to inappropriately persist upon Lasso stop/start. #minor #internal-discovery Fix Governor Set ProBalance ‘restored’ log events pertaining to CPU affinity change reversion to match ‘Log ProBalance […]

Process Lasso Pro’s ProBalance Algorithm In Video


Intel’s Speed Shift Validates ‘Bitsum Highest Performance’ Power Plan /w Skylake and Kabylake Generation CPUs

For a long time now, Bitsum has been telling users that, even in the default Windows High Performance power plan, core parking and CPU frequency scaling causes performance problems during bursting CPU loads, which are the most common type. Now, we get to say: We Told You So! That’s right, Intel’s new Speed Shift technology has […]

ParkControl Pro v1.0.0.4 Released

A minor update to ParkControl Pro, v1.0.0.4, has been released. This is simply language updates and some very small changes. Larger work is coming after we unveil some BIG news in the near future. For those with PAID ParkControl Pro licenses, the One-Click Update will literally be faster than you can blink your eye! For […]

Process Lasso on the 8’s. Version has been released.

Process Lasso v8.8.8.8 Process Lasso on the 8’s, v8.8.8.8. This is a minor update for stable-branch positioning prior to branching for the next beta series (separate from the v9 branch). We have included the latest language updates from our dedicated translators, made some more next-gen licensing adjustments, and a few other very small changes. The […]

How to Securely Wipe an Android Device – The Paranoid’s Guide

Our mobile devices are connected to all our online accounts and clouds, giving unfettered access to our lives. They are also often replaced. Since Android devices have a built-in mechanism to do a ‘Factory Reset’, many may believe that sufficient. I do not. I believe this will leave data recoverable, especially if you didn’t use […]

Legacy Site Licenses

Do you *require* an account here? No. Can you get one? Yes. Should you? Not yet. We’ve fielded some requests from licensed Process Lasso Pro, ParkControl Pro, PECompact, PESuite, and other customers asking about migrating their accounts to the new website. At this time, there is absolutely no reason to migrate your user account. The legacy […]

ParkControl Pro v0.0.3.8 adds new application icon and graphics

Thanks to our team member Ed Kiefer, who submitted some new images, ParkControl now has an application icon used by: Main application icon (for Start Menu shortcuts and such) Installer EXE icon and ‘header icon’ (seen during install) In-Dialog graphic TitleBar and Alt-Tab switching TaskBar when ParkControl dialog is displayed We are now working on […]

ParkControl Pro v0.0.3.6 adds post-update notification

ParkControl Pro v0.0.3.6 is the latest build, adding a nice post-update notification pop-up for use in all *future* Single-Click updates. We found the updater so rapid that it absolutely HAD to have a successful update confirmation popup, else users barely noticed what happened. We’re still on schedule to release the v1.0 of ParkControl Pro in […]

ParkControl Pro v0.0.3.4

As our new ParkControl Pro stand-alone utility marches towards v1.0, we’re proud to announce v0.0.3.4. This version adds the ability to view or select the active power plan from the system tray menu, similar to what is offered in Process Lasso. Version v1.0 will come within days. Expect frequent updates until then. We are very grateful […]

Process Lasso v8.8.6.0 Released

Process Lasso v8.8.6.0 is the usual, now routine, weekly maintenance release, but has some important adjustments and fixes. We are now branching the code base to begin work on the version 9 beta series, though continued minor updates to version 8 will occur in the interim. Please help us, help you, by purchasing a license […]

The Curious Demonization of the Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is meant to serve as a shared storage location for system and application settings. It is essentially a database, has per-user hives, multiple data types, and is generally well-suited for it’s purpose. Lookups (retrieval) of registry values are extremely rapid since the keys are traversed using an optimal data tree (an algorithm […]

Process Lasso v8.8.2 Released

This version brings a lot of changes, largely license related. We now fully support our next-gen codes here at our new web site. This includes free trial licensing codes as well as paid license codes. Legacy codes will continue to be supported indefinitely. The old site and codes aren’t going anywhere, so there’s no need […]

Process Lasso Version

See previous larger update and details below… Most Recent Changes: Version Type Component Change Change Installer Fix descripton of new ‘add to environment PATH’ installer section Change Installer Switch all auto-correct installer downloadss to SSL Change Installer Add secondary custom 64-bit OS detection mechanism for oddly tweaked PCs that cause NSIS scripts […]

Process Lasso and Windows 10

So today I wanted to touch base with you and quickly talk about the new Windows 10 that’s just been released to the public (July 31), and how our newest version of Process Lasso can really benefit you, more than ever… Since Windows 10 release, many people are finding themselves once again excited about the PC’s future. Windows […]

Experience Windows 10 (well worth it)

Everyone has been writing about Windows 10, and while a lot of it is click-bait, there is also a lot of good information. If you haven’t got a license for Windows 10 yet, I do recommend getting one as soon as you can. Given that, I’m just going to state a few simple things that are my […]

Process Lasso v8.6.6.8

Changes: Fix GUI Fix ‘Change CPU affinity on restraint’ ProBalance menu option wasn’t opening ProBalance Settings dialog Change Insights Flesh out remaining ProBalance menu options, now offering all ProBalance settings within Insights Change Updater Correct installed version number for add/remove programs list after automated product update Change Licensing Next-gen licensing system […]

Process Lasso v8.6.4.2

This is a minor maintenance release. Changes: Change GUI Fix length of solicitation dialog for PT-BR Change Licensing More next-gen licensing system work Change Core Minor maintenance work Process Lasso Download Links @ (certified clean and digital signed): 32-bit EXE Installer 64-bit EXE Installer 32-bit EXE Installer Server Edition 64-bit EXE […]

Process Lasso v8.6.1.6

This is a minor maintenance release.Changes: Change GUI Extend update revision history pop-up time to 30 seconds Change GUI Let Escape key minimize GUI to system tray Change LOcalization Update Polish, PT-BR, Italian, Russian, and French Process Lasso Download Links @ (certified clean and digital signed): 32-bit EXE Installer 64-bit EXE […]

Process Lasso v8.6

Changes/Updates: Addition Core Add log entry to indicate if pro-only features of the governor have expired in the workstation edition Addition Licensing Add internet connection check prior for better error reporting when activation fails Addition Licensing Show specific error message if next-gen license code is inactive Addition Licensing Add preliminary support […]

Process Lasso 8.4 Released

Process Lasso v8.4 (released on July 2nd 2015) Changes: Fix Installer Fix for an unnecessary registry key created during config storage Fix rcTools Fix issue with ‘Configure process watchdog …’ not localized (and possibly other strings) Fix CPUEater Fix inability of CPUEater Demo to detect governor as running when configured as a […]

When CPU Affinity Matters

When CPU affinity matters Case 1: Limit a Process’s CPU Consumption One common case where CPU affinity matters is one of CPU resource allocation. Specifically, keeping a process limited to using a certain amount of CPU time or percent of available total CPU time. By limiting a process to specific cores, you have the ability […]