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Server License

Single Server Install


Site License

Unlimited Installs at Same Site


Quantities can be specified at checkout for annual and lifetime licenses.
If you require multiple monthly subscriptions, checkout each individually or contact us!

License Terms

Lifetime licenses are a one-time payment for a perpetual license that includes all future product versions. No further license fees will be due, ever, and you’ll get all future updates!
Site licenses allow unlimited Server Edition and Workstation Edition installs at a physical site (5 mile radius). For multiple locations, a separate Site license is required for each, or you can purchase a Multi-Site license.
Monthly licenses automatically recur.
Annual Site licenses automatically recur.
Annual Server licenses must be manually renewed every year.
For automatically recurring licenses, cancelation is pain-free through our web portal.
If purchasing multiple Monthly Server, Monthly Site or Annual Site licenses, please contact us for assistance. For Annual Server and all Lifetime licenses, the quantity can be adjusted at checkout.
Virtual machines are licensed the same as physical machines.
Process Lasso Server Edition is mandated for Windows Server operating systems.

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