Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 New Year!

I wanted to wish all our customers, free users, translators, testers, and affiliates a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I haven’t bothered with any Christmas sales and such, as we always have competitive offers and pricing. Also it all seems a little disingenuous to me… Besides, I don’t think many people buy our software […]

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The Facts About AI

I often make passing comments trying to downplay the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence. This is because the hype has gotten so out of control that many people believe we are much further along than we actually are. It’s important to re-enter reality if we are to have honest conversations about this. It scares me that […]

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Quit using Registry Cleaners!

Useless Registry Cleaners

So, you use a registry cleaner. Well, that’s fine, none of us wants to be ‘dirty’. If you run it, it will ‘clean up’ your registry. Let’s do some analysis. When Microsoft designed Windows they realized that they would need a shared store for OS and application options. This store would need to support both […]

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New Battery Icon Slider on the Microsoft Surface

Power Management on the Surface – Tiers of the Lone Balanced Power Profile

Many Windows 10 laptops and tablets have only a singular power profile, usually ‘Balanced’. Creation of power plans by third-party software is restricted. This will prevent the installation of the Bitsum Highest Performance power profile and any features that automatically switch power profiles. The user can still tweak parameters like CPU core parking, but it […]

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