Do Not Risk Your PC with Cracks and Keygens!

Recently I have seen a new round of malware-laden cracks and keygens for Process Lasso Pro.

You MUST understand that your security software is not absolute protection. It’s not even close. I believe the real-world, 0-day malware detection rate lingers somewhere around 40%. If security software protected you 100%, we’d not have a malware problem in the world. Malware is regenerated constantly to get past security software.

The only thing that can keep you safe online is your behavior. You can NOT protect yourself if you are downloading unsigned apps from unknown vendors, or relying solely on security software (p.s. do NOT ever double-up on security software).

Process Lasso Pro is very liberally licensed, so I assume that anyone who would risk their PC by using a crack or keygen, even from ‘trusted’ sites, just isn’t aware of the risk. Malware may infest your machine, yet show no visible sign. Often times, the only thing that reveals it’s presence is bugs or interoperability issues.

The only thing that can keep you safe online is your behavior…

While some people may put their faith in security software, or hoping to ‘notice’ malware, the truth is that even experts can’t ‘notice’ a well-applied rootkit. Once you have exposed your PC to unknown risks, then you have immediately invalidated the security integrity of that OS install. This matters more to some than others, but is the undeniable truth.

Now some of you will say, “I trust my source and I refuse to pay if I can get by without doing so!”, I know I will not change your behavior any more than I would change the behavior of a heroin addict. Just know the risk! Is that risk really worth the few dollars to you?

Only install packages downloaded from trusted sources like Bitsum, where all our binaries and installers are digitally signed. Also, our site,, is 100% HTTPS. That means if you are anywhere that is HTTP, then someone has ‘hijacked’ our domain resolution on your PC, a popular ploy by crackers.