Screenshot of Windows Power Options with only Balanced on a Surface

What to do if you only have the Balanced power plan

If your PC only has the Balanced power plan, then it almost certainly means that you have a Microsoft Surface, or some similar device from another OEM. The good (and bad) news is that there is a registry hack to enable other power plans – the 3 default then and third-party ones (like Bitsum Highest […]

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Mysql performance issues? Try this.

I manage all of Bitsum’s network infrastructure, and became discouraged when I saw that some recent changes (we are migrating to the cloud like everyone else) caused spikes in mysqld CPU consumption. I traced it down to a configuration variable that defaults to a surprisingly small number (8Mb). If you have a large site and […]

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How to Disable BHP Recreation

For a very small minority of uber-tweakers, Bitsum Highest Performance (BHP) power plan recreation on Lasso or ParkControl resinstall has been an issue. Thus, I have provided a .REG file that will alleviate this *going forward*. Older versions and even present versions (as I write this) may not abide by it.  

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Windows Power Profile CPU Options for Skylake

Core Parking Under the Intel Skylake Generation – .REG file to Unhide settings

Since these newer Intel processors take over control of core parking from the OS, they have different power management options. As we work to fully support the latest hardware, we’ve created a .REG file to unhide these options. The most important, arguably, is the basic ON/OFF switch to either use ‘autonomous’ core parking controlled by […]

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Windows 10 For Developer Settings Screenshot

Developers Get Some Assistance in Windows 10 Build 14901

If you are a developer, you have changed these Explorer View settings on every system you ever installed. Now, finally, there is a single-click option built into Windows. If this is present in your installation, you will find it under ‘For Developer Settings‘. There are also new easy-access changes for Remote DesktopĀ and PowerShell. Just think […]

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Screenshot of Task Manager Under Heavy CPU Load

Why can’t I utilize ALL my CPU cores?

I often find users under the misconception that they can find a way to put all those unused CPU cycles they see to work. I don’t mean at Idle, I mean during CPU loads. Some think Process Lasso can do this for them, and I hate to tell them that it can’t. They are understandably […]

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