CPU Hardware 'threads'

What is the difference between a ‘Thread’ and a ‘Core’?

These two terms have some serious confusion around them. This is because there is a disparity between hardware and software use, although both are similar. In hardware, a ‘thread’ usually means a logical core. It may or may not be a physical core (e.g. Hyper-Threaded). The image above shows a good graphical representation of this. […]

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ParkControl Screenshot

ParkControl – Tweak CPU Core Parking and More The Right Way

I am a little annoyed by SEO today. A lesser quality app than ParkControl¬†and incorrect guidance are found in search results. They¬†bring the user to a tool that does a brute-force search of the registry to change the applicable CPU power subsystem options, and then often mandate a reboot afterwards. Any site with fake ‘download […]

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Beware Of Image

PSA: Beware of ‘Foreground boost’ cons

This is an except from our page here. What about Foreground Boosting (NOT what ProBalance does)? Foreground boosting is a common scheme used by some snake-oil software. Do not be fooled! The foreground process is that which has the keyboard and mouse focus. This means there is only ever one foreground process at a time, […]

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ThreadRacer on an Intel i7-6650U

Why You Disable Hyper-Threading or NOT, and How to Know the Difference

When Hyper-Threading first came out as a ‘concept’, the hyper-threaded logical core was little more than an add-on to the primary core, providing as little as 10% of its performance. However, in the last couple years, things have changed. Both Intel and AMD have changed their architectures, and the Windows CPU scheduler is very aware […]

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