Quit using Registry Cleaners!

Useless Registry Cleaners

So, you use a registry cleaner. Well, that’s fine, none of us wants to be ‘dirty’. If you run it, it will ‘clean up’ your registry. Let’s do some analysis. When Microsoft designed Windows they realized that they would need a shared store for OS and application options. This store would need to support both […]

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AMD Ryzen CPU Logo

AMD’s Ryzen

This time I’m going to leave a post for the users. Comment on what YOU think about AMD’s new Ryzen CPU line-up. And, remember, no matter whose processor you prefer, competition is always good. For a better article than I have time to write, see Anandtech’s excellent article on Ryzen. As a side note, ProBalance […]

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Mysql performance issues? Try this.

I manage all of Bitsum’s network infrastructure, and became discouraged when I saw that some recent changes (we are migrating to the cloud like everyone else) caused spikes in mysqld CPU consumption. I traced it down to a configuration variable that defaults to a surprisingly small number (8Mb). If you have a large site and […]

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How to Disable BHP Recreation

For a very small minority of uber-tweakers, Bitsum Highest Performance (BHP) power plan recreation on Lasso or ParkControl resinstall has been an issue. Thus, I have provided a .REG file that will alleviate this *going forward*. Older versions and even present versions (as I write this) may not abide by it. https://bitsum.com/files/regsets/no-recreate-bhp.zip  

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