Config Profile Switcher

Process Lasso 10.3 – Config Profile Switcher

Process Lasso v10.3 adds the Config Profile Switcher, special ProBalance handling for SearchIndexer.exe, and much more! Generally, this version continues our never-ending commitment to refine and enhance Process Lasso, ensuring it always remains an essential part of your Windows software ecosystem.

Config Profile Switcher

Config Profiles, found at submenu ‘File / Config Profile‘, are named collections of all process rules and settings. They enable users to create sets of rules for specific workloads, for instance ‘Gaming’ and ‘Productivity’. Previously, these config profiles had limited utility because they couldn’t be automatically switched to when a particular process was run.

The new Config Profile Switcher fills the gap by switching config profiles when specified processes are run. When a matched process later terminates, the prior config profile will be restored. Each config profile should have rules to undo any changes made by other profiles, e.g. setting a CPU affinity back to all cores. 

This feature should be used sparingly. If multiple simultaneous running processes match different config switcher rules, only the oldest process will have its config enforced.

The Config Profile Switcher supports wildcards and advanced process match rules.

Config Profile Switcher
Config Profile Switcher Dialog

Special ProBalance Handling for SearchIndexer.exe

The Windows Search Indexer service is known to be problematic. Under some circumstances, it can monopolize the CPU and severely degrade system performance. This makes it a great candidate for ProBalance action, but by default services are excluded. Therefore, we’ve started a new service override list. This list is composed of problem services that ProBalance should act on regardless of the service exclusion. The first entry is SearchIndexer.exe.

Note that other features, such as the CPU Limiter and persistent CPU affinities or priorities, are also excellent candidates for mitigating high CPU usage by SerachIndexer.exe.

ProBalance Service Exclusion Setting (SearchIndexer.exe now exempted)

Process Lasso v10.3.0.50 Changelog – Oct 4 2021

  • New Config Profile Switcher feature
  • Add special ProBalance handling for searchindexer.exe
  • Other fixes and enhancements
(49) Core: Add ProBalance service exclusion overrides, first is searchindexer.exe
(49) Core: Minor ProBalance code maintenance
(47) GUI: Cosmetic improvements to Persistent CPU Priorities dialog
(45) GUI: Change 'File / Profile' menu to 'File / Config Profile'
(41) GUI: Set default IdleSaver time to 5 minutes
(39) GUI: Add confirmation dialog on config profile deletion
(37) GUI: Update German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, others
(35) GUI: Have 'Reset Configuration' also clear select registry backed settings
(33) GUI: Add tooltip to CPU Limiter dialog enforcement duration edit control to indicate that 0 means indefinite
(33) GUI: Add Windows version to About dialog
(31) GUI: Improvements to IdleSaver config dialog code
(31) Core: Fix to IdleSaver exclusion matches when username specified in rule
(31) GUI: Fix an issue where memory page priority rules could store with -1 values after being removed
(27) Core: Exclude any Steam child process running from "common\mixedrealityvrdriver" or "common\steamvr" subfolders from Performance Mode automatic game detection
(25) GUI: For rule additions by context menu, remove any matching exact (non-wildcard) full pathname rule before adding basename rule
(25) GUI: Change 'No default priority' and 'No default affinity' menu items to 'None' for consistency
(25) GUI: Add 'None' to multi-select persistent I/O priority context menu
(25) GUI/Core: Refactor some settings storage code
(23) GUI: Add menu item 'Options / Log / Set Max Log File Size' to set corresponding registry value
(23) GUI: Remove deprecated 'Keep log pruned' menu option and INI setting
(17) GUI: Remove deprecated code related to removed Active Processes tab CPU bar graphs
(17) GUI: Various improvements to Config Profiles
(15) GUI: Add error message on attempt to create config profile that already exists
(15) GUI: Manage Profiles Dialog: Fix 'Create New' would not always immediately refresh list afterwards
(15) GUI: Add Create Config Profile option to start with empty profile or copy current
(11) GUI: Change default config profile name to 'My First Profile'
(9) GUI/Core: Add Config Profile Switcher feature
(7) GUI: Fix issue where dynamic thread priority boost disabled rule removal by context menu wouldn't immediately re-enable boosting for that process instance.
(5) Installer: Refactor some language selection code
(1) SessionAgent: Fix crash on Windows 32-bit OSes
(1) GUI: Adjust Tools submenu captions

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