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CPUBalance v1.0 Released – And it is 100% FREE!

CPUBalance v1.0 has been released after extensive testing. Of course, as with all our products, we’ll continue to refine it, but it is now at a level where we can recommend stable use with or without Process Lasso.

If you are curious about the new Frequency of Restraint metric, which is super-useful, then see this post.

Since CPUBalance represents a subset of Process Lasso, specifically it’s famously effective and demonstrable ProBalance function, users who want ONLY that feature may want to install this even smaller rendition of the algorithm. However, CPUBalance also shares a Governor (silent core engine) with Process Lasso, so Process Lasso v8 users may wish to get the latest and greatest ProBalance and other options. It adds no real additional overhead to Process Lasso, given this shared Governor.

So if both Process Lasso and CPUBalance are installed, which governor is used? The newer one is used. That is the quick answer.

Install CPUBalance Now!
(32-bit or 64-bit supported, installer auto-corrects)

Note that this product is made for the general consumer. Hard-core techies and Server Admins should stick to the big boy toy of Process Lasso, whose version 9 is coming up next!

Thanks to all who helped in our testing phase! To users who now install and use CPUBalance, give us your feedback below or in our Community Forum.

– Jeremy

p.s. No, it won’t be 100% free forever, but probably follow a liberal Freemium model similar to Process Lasso.

  • Gary

    Dang it; no 32-bit version.
    My 64-bit OS has plenty of memory, and runs smooth. It is my 32-bit 4G machines that need the help. At least in the meantime, Process Lasso still loves me.

  • Does this allow you to set CPU affinities to assign processes to only use specific CPU cores and does this program run automatic at start up etc.

    There was something in process lasso that does set CPU affinities.

    On process lasso the window title just says “default CPU affinities” with a list of executable processes listed that are assigned to specific cores. If only that was stand alone and free run automatic at start up :(

    That little feature is only reason I need it and love it because it makes it so simple efficient and easy for watching out for programs that can start running via scheduled tasks or cronjobs, It is always waiting and watching out for them and as soon as they run it sets their affinities to prevent them being CPU hogs.

  • There *IS* a 32-bit version. Install from the 64 link and it will auto-download it. Or use this link: https://bitsum.com/files/cpubalancesetup32.exe

  • Those features are left for Process Lasso. I can’t strip it bare ;). ProBalance was a feature many users were installing Process Lasso *only* for, so needed an independent app.

    It does run automatically on startup, yes. You can set ProBalance to change CPU affinities when it takes actions, FWIW.

  • Mr. Bubbles

    I use an older single core (AMD Athlon II Neo K125) netbook
    computer with 4 gigs RAM. Windows 7. I’m thinking CPUBalance would be
    a great addition to manage the OS. CPUBalance does the job simply and
    it’s not bloated software. I think Process Lasso, although great, would
    be overkill for my netbook. I use Process Lasso on my much more powerful desktop, and it’s
    awesome! Thanks for the freebie-for-now trial of CPUBalance!

  • You are very welcome! You were the type of user I had in mind while developing it. I am sure it will help you immensely (it is easy to forget how much it helps until you uninstall it ;p), and at the very least it makes a great ‘safety mechanism’ for an out of control process where you might otherwise have to do a hard reboot.

  • Mr. Bubbles

    Indeed! Thank you once again. Much appreciated. Excellent software.

  • JDPower

    I’m confused. The article says it’s a part of Process Lasso stripped out for a lighter program, but talks about using both together. Why would you use both if CPU Balance is already present in Process lasso???

  • Indeed, there is little reason to, it is written for people who want the opposite – only ProBalance without the rest of Process Lasso. However, there are advantages to having it co-installed. Namely, it has a superior user interface related to ProBalance. That interface will eventually come to Lasso v9, but it isn’t out yet. You also get an additional system tray icon dedicated to ProBalance and a newer core engine from the v9 branch.

  • JDPower

    Ah right, NOW it makes sense.

  • MrEthiopian


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