Process Lasso Forced Mode Screenshot

New Docs on Forced Mode

This is an update as we work to refine product documentation in all languages. Process Lasso’s Forced Mode is now documented here.

Forced Mode

When enabled, Process Lasso’s Forced Mode causes Lasso settings such as process priority classes and CPU affinities to be continually reapplied, instead of only performed once on a given instance of a process.

Do not confuse this with mere default/persistent/always priorities or CPU affinities. That (persistent process settings) is a core feature of Process Lasso, but the user must set them under ‘Always’ in the process context menu. The Forced mode option tweaks the way that persistent CPU affinities and process priority classes are applied.

Normal Default Affinity (‘Always’ in context menu):

  1. Process launches
  2. Process Lasso sees rule and changes CPU affinity once
  3. Any later changes are left to be. For instance, if the app changes it’s own CPU affinity or priority class.

Forced Mode Default Affinity (‘Always’ in context menu):

  1. Process launches
  2. Process Lasso sees rule and changes CPU affinity
  3. Process Lasso sees rule and changes CPU affinity (if different)
  4. ….

This is to deal with cases where processes set their own settings. However, since it is assumed a process that sets it’s own settings knows what it is doing, this setting is disabled by default and Process Lasso will not try to ‘fight’ with the process for settings. When disabled, if a user rule conflicts with a process self-setting, a race condition can theoretically exist, though is normally not an issue since the launch of the process would have to occur within a handful of unlucky milliseconds of a given second.

The option can be toggled in Process Lasso here:

Process Lasso Forced Mode Screenshot

  • Out of interest, what are some examples of apps that change these values on the fly — Microsoft apps? Other apps?
    — Cheers, Tony Austin

  • Marius Ottesen Høllesli

    microsoft fuck it up as usaual just idle the sucker Windows to they make pc 2 week login because of Windows update i activated Windows 8 69 times Product key is blocked and this program is never a problem activate you can put io priority and that is going to be awsome example if you lower to idle having 6 7 get gen intel lets say you stripe 2 hdd and you have some backgound like Windows update if idle it you increase even if not diskdefragmented 20000% hdd so instead waiting for that map to load lets say killing floor 2 it only takes long time when hibernation pagefile and some other like Windows defender search something if not it idle that and instead waiting 30 Seconds it takes 2 Seconds to load that map and same With priority other programs does not do that in a efficient way like it
    because magnetic hdd not sdd has seek time so when not in fragment over other file do not atempt to diskfragment ssd have no seek time and wil die because of Write limit so when something read a sector slowing lets say mspmp Down sata you can see pretty awsome like 1 kb adding to ram and then what nothing if something not disturb it it then poops to 200 300mb With a 2 sata 3 disk so you open up the game and play it or wait for the others thats when you join ingame they leave because nobody joined the game 2 3 sec some gb loaded to ram no you set to game

  • There aren’t many. Some audio apps or, I never asked, apps do – rarely. I don’t think any Microsoft components do, they prefer to do the smart thing and leave all cores available for their threads.

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