How do I Tweak My PC For Maximum Performance?

How do I tweak my PC for maximum performance? Today I will attempt to give a single answer so I’m not repeating myself so often.

FIRST, you need to install Process Lasso or CPUBalance. Why either/or? Well, both provide the ProBalance algorithm that keeps background processes at-bay. Forget all other tweaking for the moment. You WANT this algorithm. This is the famous algorithm we can actually demo in real-world and synthetic tests! It is ON by default and, by default, both products will do nothing but enforce this.

SECOND, consider installing ParkControl, especially if you only installed CPUBalance. This is because you want the Bitsum Highest Performance power plan. That is pre-tuned for you for maximal performance by turning off CPU core parking and frequency scaling, among other things, and we keep it maintained for you! But Process Lasso also provides this feature. Both it and ParkControl will help you to automate between this power plan and a more conservative one, should you care about energy savings.

THIRD, if using Process Lasso, right-click on any non-Steam (picked up by default) games or performance processes and select ‘Classify as Performance Process‘. This will help give Process Lasso guidance.

FOURTH, do NOT go on a ‘tweaking rampage’, marking processes as highest priority class, or trying to do this or that, hoping to eek out a marginal performance gain. Due to pseudo-random activity on a PC and network, your results have to repeated over and over in a controlled, scientific method in order to be reliable. Each and every change. Leave it to those of us who do it for a living, let us make your life easier ;).

FIFTH, consider your security software. It is the largest impact on system performance in many cases because everything you open or traffic you send/receive has to go through it. At least visit its real-time scanning section and see if you can tune it down. This is at your own risk. I won’t make a recommendation on which I use at this time, though it isn’t hard to guess.

Anything I’ve missed, clarification, or questions? Please ask below!

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