Lasso v9 process filter

All About Process Lasso Version 9 Final

I, of course, immediately posted when version 9 was published, but that was not the introduction it deserved. I am/was exhausted, having worked so hard to get it released (not that the work is done, updates coming already). However, I didn’t well document the changes, so let me document a few. Config Profiles These are […]

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Process Lasso screenshot

Process Lasso v9 Goes Final

Process Lasso version 9 has gone final. It has a new, silky smooth UI on resize, and a lot of cool new features. Gen1 license holders should visit to convert their license code (one step despite the name, step 2 is receiving the key, lol). The ‘high level’ change list is: New Lasso Config […]

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Process Lasso Configuration Profile Screenshot

Progress Report on v9 Final Release

I had some build server issues last night that slowed me down, and have just a couple more things. Build 273 is coming now and this should test well and would be done except for these tasks, which won’t take long: power plan notifications some UI artifacts unattended install licenses support work fix new ‘overlay’ […]

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Process Lasso per-process CPU use screenshot

Process Lasso’s little white (or black) line

This has been in Process Lasso for ages, but few noticed it, and our documentation needs – well, it’s on the agenda. This post is intended to supplement it. The white line on the graph shows the CPU utilization history of the processes you’ve got selected. It will disappear if none are selected. In the […]

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