Screenshot of Process Lasso v.

Process Lasso v9.0.0.402 Released

This build just keeps the ball rolling while I work on larger upgrades to it. Since I have changed the default graph colors (eventually editable by the user), one might call this the LGBT edition, as it is quite colorful in comparison to prior builds of v9. I did not realize just how badly the […]

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Samsung Dex

Carrying Your PC in Your Pocket

I have long predicted, as have many, that someday you would return home (or go to work) and instead of powering on your laptop or PC, you’d dock your mobile phone and it would ‘be’ your PC. You’d have real monitor(s) and keyboard/mouse, and it would act as a PC. Simple as that. Except first […]

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Process Lasso Boxshot

Process Lasso v9.0.0.398 Released

This was a quick release to what is now an ‘older’ branch as I have been working on new technologies. Some know of them, some don’t, some internal Bitsum people don’t even know. I like to be a little secretive, as I hate being beat to the punch. But I have two (well more really) […]

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Facebook image

Facebook Integration Restored

Facebook integration with our company Facebook page had incidentally been disassociated, and so I’m reporting its restoration. I’ve also added ‘like’ buttons for all our posts, which I hope people use. I do NOT recommend using Facebook as the primary support contact. Please email instead. Why? If I real-time chatted with every user I […]

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Process Lasso - Real-Time CPU Optimization and Automation

About To Take It To The Next Level – Again

I haven’t posted in a while, except for my last poorly written release announcement of CPUBalance. For some reason, when I’m coding, my ability write English (my native language!) goes out the window, thus release announcements are where you will most often find grammar errors. Although I’ve been issuing important minor updates, I have been […]

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