Process Lasso Dark Mode

Process Lasso 10.1 – Darker Dark Mode

Process Lasso v10.1 has arrived! This version improves dark mode by adding a dark menu bar, status bar and CPU core graphs. These seemingly small changes were a decent bit of work, but we think it was well worth it! See before (left) and after (right) screenshots below…

Process Lasso v10.1.0.42 Changelog – June 15 2021 

  • Dark mode for CPU core graphs, status bar, and menu bar
  • Improved tab control appearance in light mode
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
(33) GUI: Improvements to RAM Load graph control
(25) GUI: Minor menu caption tweaks
(19) GUI: Dark CPU core graphs
(17) GUI: Adjust statusbar Windows build text
(17) GUI: Reduce frequency of statusbar partition resizing
(15) LogViewer: Add dark menubar
(15) Insights: Add dark menubar
(13) GUI: Don't owner draw tab controls in light mode (restores full visual effects)
(11) GUI: Add dark statusbar
(11) GUI: Minor changes to updater
(9) GUI: Fix a duplicated colon in About dialog license details
(7) GUI: Add dark menubar
(3) GUI: Add options to toggle dark menubar and statusbar
(1) GUI: Abide by BHP uninstall if done through ParkControl (and vice-versa)
(1) GUI: Add more version info to copyable section of About box

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