Earn Money as a Bitsum Affiliate

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Potentially Earn Money By Simply Appending Your ID to a URL

As a software engineer, I need to spend my time developing products, not marketing those products! Thus, at Bitsum, you have a substantial opportunity to earn an income through our affiliate program. Basically, you refer users to our site, and if they later order anything, you get a commission. We use industry-standard, third-party tracking and reporting systems, ensuring transparency for all.

There are simple steps to becoming a Bitsum Affiliate:

  1. Register at this site
  2. Go to this link to apply to be an affiliate
  3. Wait for applicant review

From there, referring users is as simple as adding ‘/r/myaffiliatename’ to any URL. For instance:


This works for any Btsum.com URL, whether sub-folder or not.


  • We pay a flat 30% percentage commission in net earnings from sales.
  • Sometimes adjustments may occur due to technical errors.
  • Bitsum reserves the right to refuse payment if our ethical standards¬†have been breached.

Ethical Standards:

  • No install¬†bundles. All distributions must be as originally built and signed by Bitsum LLC.
  • No cheating or abuse of the affiliate program. Any kind of cheating or abuse of the intent of the program is in violation. Just because it works, doesn’t make it right.

The terms here are not indefinite. They are subject to review quarterly. If no review occurs, the current terms carry. Modification of important terms will come with notification to all affiliates.

Then you are up and going!