Convert Gen1 License Keys to Gen2 Keys

Which one do I have?

First, unless you bought Process Lasso Pro prior to 2016, then it is Gen2. Also, ALL OTHER products are Gen2.

Gen2 License: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note that ‘freebie’ promotional licenses which are always clearly stated as non-upgradeable will fail. For those, go back to an older version if necessary, such as version 8. If you do not receive any email after running this script, then the conversion failed, and you need to contact us at and we will look up the account. There are many permutations of licenses the last 15 years, so having to manually convert valid paid licenses is not unusual. I continue to refine the script so I have less support.

After conversion, if it succeeds, CHECK YOUR EMAIL for a new license code.

Beginning conversion process... contact us if trouble, don't freak out! Email if this page doesn't work or gets it wrong, or use the widget in the lower-left.

Gen1 Code: