Purchase PECompact

For payment by cryptocurrency, please contact us.

PECompact is licensed by the number of products you intend to publicly distribute that are compressed with it. If you do not plan to publicly distribute any applications, then you may choose ‘1 product’ and use it on as many modules as you want in your own company/home.

  1. $429- One Product – Use of PECompact allowed for a single application, which may include any number of distinct modules compressed with PECompact.
  2. $689- Three Products – Use of PECompact allowed for up to three applications.
  3. $1498 – Unlimited Products – Use of PECompact allowed for unlimited applications by the same developer.

All PECompact licenses include one year of free updates. The last released version during that period can be used indefinitely (renewal not forced).

Note that PECompact does not work on PE+ (PE64) 64-bit modules or .NET assemblies. It does work on any standard 32-bit PE, which basically means any native 32-bit Windows module (EXE, DLL, etc..).

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