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Version 9 For Workstations Latest BETA
Version 9 For Servers Latest BETA for Servers

Process Lasso is FREE (with caveats), but Process Lasso PRO requires payment. The differences are here. It is the traditional Freemium model.

If nothing else, even if you have the perfectly tuned PC, our ProBalance algorithm will save you from a worst-case scenario.

Latest Versions

Process Lasso v9.0.0.440 - 03/12/18
Process Lasso v9.0.0.439 beta - 03/12/18

Are you a download site automatically checking for new versions? Monitor this page for finals or this page for betas. Any issues with v9, or any other version? We archive ALL released versions for downloading by registered users. For the last XP compatible build (v8 branch) release, see this link.


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Single PC or Workstation

  • Process-Lasso-Pro-workstation-license-34Single PC
  • Lifetime Updates
    minor and major – pay once & never again!
    *if lifetime selected
  • Commercial use allowed
    Quantities can be adjusted in the cart.
  • Can be transferred to new PC
  • 30 Days Guaranteed Satisfaction Refund
  • ALL Advanced Features

Buy PL Entire Home Pro

ALL PCs within the same home

  • Process-Lasso-Pro-workstation-license-34 Entire Home
  • Lifetime Updates
    minor and major – pay once & never again!
    *If lifetime selected
  • Single Key for All Installs
  • Non-Commercial use only
    Unlimited PCs in the same home
  • 30 Days Guaranteed Satisfaction Refund
  • ALL Advanced Features

Get access to our exclusive and innovative features at their fullest!

For Windows Servers (2012, 2012R2, 2016, etc..), you must instead purchase the Process Lasso Server Edition. Read about license types here. Otherwise, for Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.. see below:

License Terms

REFUNDS? We have a 45 day, no questions asked, refund policy!

Licenses /w Lifetime Updates – One time license payment and you have a LIFETIME license going forward, entitling you to all minor and major updates. This is the most popular option by far. No tricks. No ‘bound to a single PC’. You can transfer any license to a new PC so long as you discontinue use of the old PC (unless you are entitled to both, such as an Entire Home License)

Licenses /w Yearly Updates – We don’t sell many of these because Lifetime is such a good value, but for limited time licenses, you can use the last released version during that update eligibility period indefinitely, bu t may not be able to re-activate if you lose activation somehow (it won’t be by our mandate!).

Entire Home Licenses – These allow you to use Process Lasso on all PCs in your home. Although the limit expressed is 5, more are permitted. The key is that these must be in your home, not in multiple locations, and not for commercial uses.

All licenses are non-transferable to other people, but you can of course upgrade PCs. Discount codes can not be combined.

Get Process Lasso and our famously effective and safe ProBalance algorithm, developed here exclusively after years of R&D! Process Lasso is FREEMIUM. Look right for a FREE download link. However, we need your support to continue development, thus offer a ‘Pro’ edition with extended functionality. We ask you to consider purchasing it, a one-time purchase forever with our unique LIFETIME licenses. This helps enable Bitsum to remain independent and continue offering software as freely as possible. In any event, thank you for being a Process Lasso user!

* All PCs in the same home means that you can activate all your personal home PCs. This applies only to a single home/family and, commercial use is not allowed. The Server Edition is exempt. For practical purposes, you may see a limit expressed such as ‘5 PCs’, but you can disregard that and know it means unlimited within your home.

If you have a credit voucher or discount code, it will be reflected in the final Checkout screen (not here).

Maintaining my independence as a developer, given PC development costs (digital certs, MSDN, web hosting), meant I had to generate money from my software. To do this, I decided on a Freemium model which is part free, but part paid. I felt this the most honest. Other software that may claim to be 100% free has a bunch of ads (e.g. which download button?), or is bundle-ware. At Bitsum, it is straight-up. We provide a service via our software, and in exchange we charge a licensing fee to some portion of our users who desire a better experience or more features.

Some of our software I have made 100% freeware though, so let’s not forget that, but the important thing is that my independence as a developer led to multiple innovations, because I have been ‘out here on the fringes’. Thus, it is imperative that I remain independent, else I am just another programmer at yet another huge corporation. It is only with your help and support that continues to be possible. So far so good, for 20 years (being independent), and I thank all our users for that!

Jeremy Collake
Founder and CEO