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For Windows Servers such as Windows 2016: Process Lasso Server Edition, licensed separately, is required.

Differences in Free and Pro listed here.

Latest Version

Process Lasso v9.0.0.538 - 11/21/18

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Single PC

  • Single Non-Server Workstation/PC
  • Commercial Use Allowed

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Entire Home

  • Unlimited PCs In Same Home
  • Non-Commercial Use Only

Windows Servers (2012R2, 2016, etc..) require the Process Lasso Server Edition. It will auto-install on these systems no matter the edition selected.

License Terms

REFUNDS? We have a 30-day, no questions asked, refund policy!

Licenses /w Lifetime Updates – One time license payment and you have a LIFETIME license going forward, entitling you to all minor and major updates. This is the most popular option by far. No tricks. No ‘bound to a single PC’. You can transfer any license to a new PC so long as you discontinue use of the old PC (unless you are entitled to both, such as an Entire Home License)

Licenses /w Yearly Updates – We don’t sell many of these because Lifetime is such a good value, but for limited time licenses, you can use the last released version during that update eligibility period indefinitely, bu t may not be able to re-activate if you lose activation somehow (it won’t be by our mandate!).

Entire Home Licenses – These allow you to use Process Lasso on all PCs in your home. Although the limit expressed is 5, more are permitted. The key is that these must be in your home, not in multiple locations, and not for commercial uses.