CPUEater Demo

This allows you to test Process Lasso’s effect on your own Windows system

(CPU Eater Demonstration video can be seen below)

Set-Up & Use Guide:

Use the CPU Eater to demonstrate Process Lasso’s ProBalance efficacy

  1. Download and run the CPU Eater (32-bit or 64-bit)
  2. Press the ‘START’ button to start the CPU Eater
  3. Your PC should grind to a near halt! Don’t worry, it will stop ‘eating’ in a few seconds
  4. NOW, download and install Process Lasso (if you haven’t already)
  5. Press the ‘START’ button to start the CPU Eater once again
  6. With Process Lasso’s ProBalance, responsiveness is retained during even this high CPU load!

Keep in mind that the threads of the background process the CPU Eater launches are all running at NORMAL priority, and they aren’t doing anything besides run in pointless infinite loops. No adjustments are made, we just let Windows handle it. Any application running on your computer has the potential to cause the same effect as our CPU Eater did.

The above simple test takes 2 minutes – Give it a try!

This is no trick! You can create your own CPU Eater with a simple while(1) loop at NORMAL priority. If you run at a higher or lower priority class, you will need to change the ProBalance option ‘Ignore processes of non-normal priority’. This is done by default to exclude processes that have set their own specific priority class, under the assumption that they did such for a good reason.

CPU Eater Demo Video (click play to watch):