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Process Lasso v14.2.0 - July 1, 2024 (changes)


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v14.2.0.32 – July 1, 2024 – Release Announcement

  • Extend controls of the CPU Affinity and CPU Sets selection dialogs
  • Suppress recurring access denied log entries when using Forced Mode with broad rules

(3) GUI: Add message box asking to save any recently added, yet unsaved, named CPU affinity when another named affinity is selected, or the dialog is dismissed by the OK button
(5) GUI: Add controls to CPU Affinity and Sets dialogs to select entire CCDs on AMD platforms, and demarcate frequency and cache CCDs on 3D V-Cache (X3D) CPUs
(13) GUI: Add entire column checkbox selections to Affinity and Sets dialogs
(17) Core: Ensure IdleSaver is exited before config profile is switched by command line
(17) GUI: Fix update progress dialog not always shown translated
(19) Core: Suppress recurring logged access denied errors when Forced Mode is used with broad match phrases
(21) Core: Adjust handling of priority class rule enforcement on protected processes or ones that continuously change their own priorities, mitigating log flooding in Forced Mode when broad match phrases are used
(21) GUI: Add up/down buttons to I/O priorities rule config dialog and preserve rule ordering
(23) GUI: Increase width of CPU affinity text edit control in CPU Affinity and Sets dialogs
(27) GUI: Fix issue where governor inactive tray icon wouldn’t change back when governor restarts if the tray icon setting was “Show only Process Lasso icon”
(29) GUI: In CPU affinity rules dialog use blank instead of 0 when no delay is set
(31) Core: Fix an issue with large CPU Limiter act-for durations

v14.1.1.16 – June 14, 2024

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) Core: Fix month placeholder variable in sampling output filename format, now %MM%
(3) GUI: Change menu item ‘Options/Power/Keep Awake’ to ‘Prevent Sleep’ for consistency
(5) GUI: To all rule config dialogs add a prompt to save if the OK button is pressed while the process edit control is populated
(9) GUI: Fix an issue on some dialogs where rule ordering could be lost during save
(15) GUI: Translation updates

v14.1.0.20 – May 25, 2024

  • Pause while CTRL key is pressed
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Pause process list updates while the control key is pressed
(5) GUI: Add registry setting ‘PauseOnControlKey’. HKLM or HKCU, in that order of precedence.
(9) GUI: Always show name on graph if unlicensed, otherwise adhere to view setting
(9) GUI: Change default of ‘Show licensee name on graph’ setting to false for new installs
(11) GUI: Insert new rules into beginning of lists instead of appending to preempt any broad matches that may be positioned at the end
(19) GUI: Minor cosmetic work to some dialogs

v14.0.3.16 – May 7, 2024

  • Consolidated product editions, removing the distinct Server Edition.
    This makes Process Lasso more affordable (or free!) to use on Windows Servers.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix an issue where thread priority boost rules couldn’t be set via the multi-select process context menu
(3) Installer: Enable workstation edition to install on Windows Servers
(3) GUI/Core: Other work to complete consolidation of product editions
(5) Core: Fix an issue where some types of log events were emitted despite logging disabled
(9) GUI: Remove info message when foreground boosting is enabled
(11) GUI: Remove a menu item separator in foreground boosting submenu
(16) GUI: Fix an issue in the system timer resolution tool where the value couldn’t be edited after pressing the ‘default’ button

v14.0.2.12 – Apr 17, 2024

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(3) GUI: Allow workstation licenses to activate server edition. We are removing the licensing distinction.
(5) GUI: Improve case consistency in Keep Running dialog edit control captions
(5) Core: Add start_protected_game.exe to blacklist for rule enforcement
(7) GUI: Fix close of SmartTrim dialog would unnecessarily ask if changes should be saved under some conditions
(9) GUI: Translation updates

v14.0.1.10 – Mar 20, 2024

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix to visibility of NUMA node controls on some systems
(3) Core: Adjust ProBalance defaults for some systems
(5) GUI: Improvements to mechanism to migrate users to new default ProBalance settings
(9) GUI: Translation updates

v14.0.0.40 – Mar 7, 2024 – Release Announcement

  • Add named CPU affinities
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(3) GUI: Add named CPU affinities. Once created in the select CPU affinity dialog, they are listed in the context menus.
(5) GUI: Fix log max size input dialog could open hidden behind main window
(5) GUI: In startup config dialog prohibit continuing if Governor set to run as a specific user but password is not supplied
(7) GUI: Localize CPU topology string shown in status bar and elsewhere
(7) GUI: Replace thread priority boost enabled asterisk on priority class name with ‘-‘ when thread priority boosts are disabled
(7) GUI: Prune some unused strings
(9) GUI: Add language name to user-agent
(11) GUI: Adjust ProBalance defaults for heterogeneous processors
(11) GUI: Various code additions to support planned enhancements
(23) GUI: Adjust order of Tools submenu
(27) GUI: Hide processor group droplist when not applicable instead of only disabling it in CPU affinity and sets dialogs
(27) GUI: Move ‘None’ (no rule) to top of CPU affinity context menu, trading places with select CPU affinity
(35) GUI: Cosmetic improvements to CPU affinity and sets dialogs
(35) GUI: Hide NUMA node checkboxes that aren’t applicable instead of only disabling them in CPU affinity and sets dialogs
(35) GUI: Fix a flicker that could be seen in the CPU affinity and sets dialogs when acting on a large number of cores
(39) GUI: Add a separator to the current CPU affinity process context submenu
(39) GUI: Translation updates (continuous)

v12.5.0.38 – Feb 12, 2024

  • Improved support of Power Modes
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Small optimizations
(1) GUI: When a process is in EcoQoS but has a non-idle priority class, call it “Partial Efficiency Mode”
(3) SessionAgent: Minor code maintenance
(9) GUI: Treat “Refresh Interval (*) / Pause” as toggles, going to default refresh rate when user unchecks
(11) GUI: Instantaneously refresh when unpausing GUI
(13) GUI: Expand some control widths on Config Profile Switcher config dialog
(13) GUI: Add a separator to Config Profile submenu
(15) GUI/Core: Fix an issue with commas in Config Profile Switcher rules
(17) ThreadRacer: Mark E-cores with ‘E’ appendage
(23) GUI: Adjust when power modes (overlays of Balanced) are shown in addition to traditional power plans
(25) GUI: Prepend Balanced power plan name to power modes
(25) GUI: Show traditional Balanced power plan on power mode systems
(25) GUI: Remove success message boxes when new power profile rules added by context menu
(27) GUI: Allow embedded commas in Performance Mode rules (RegEx not supported by this feature)
(27) GUI: Show message if user tries to use RegEx on a Performance Mode rule
(31) GUI: Fixed sorted listbox on generic power plan selection dialog could cause unexpected initial selection
(33) Installer: Try to continue if there is an error result from CoInitializeEx
(35) Core: Have Performance Mode default to Max Performance Overlay on Power Mode systems where BHP is not installed
(37) GUI: Remove ‘Restart Process Lasso?’ message after BHP install or uninstall action, just restart the app
(38) GUI: Minor cosmetic work to CPU affinity dialogs

v12.4.7.20 – Jan 12, 2024

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix an issue changing existing I/O and memory priority rules from the context menu
(5) GUI: Improvements to translation tools
(9) GUI: Change default sort order of Insights to descending by restraint count
(11) GUI: Remove ‘critical’ I/O priority level since it cannot be enforced
(13) GUI/Core: Add common game platform launchers to stock ProBalance exclusions
(15) GUI: Large updates to Finnish and German translations
(15) GUI: Fix an issue with the username display on ProBalance graph tooltips

v12.4.6.10 – Jan 5, 2024

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix suspended process state not always indicated in status column
(3) GUI: Add P/E core count to CPU topology string for About dialog and status bar
(5) GUI: Change copyright to 2024
(5) GUI: Fix issue where eco leaf icons weren’t painted on core graphs under certain conditions
(7) GUI: When there is insufficient width for eco leaf icons draw circles instead
(7) GUI/Core: Add Epic Games to automatic game detection
(9) GUI: Support context menu in filtered log view

v12.4.5.8 – Dec 28, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Improve action confirmation flow on terminate and restart of critical system processes (e.g. explorer)
(7) GUI: Fix reset config action didn’t clear overrides of hard-coded ProBalance exclusions
(7) GUI: Fix to ThreadRacer control ordering
(9) GUI/Core: Revert previous change to ‘Automatic Game Detection’ default value, now ON again. Only new installs or users who reset their config were affected by this change.

v12.4.4.22 – Dec 20, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI.AffinitiesDialog: Add ‘Show Advanced’ link and hide delay edit control by default
(1) GUI/Core: Allow wildcards in Performance Mode basename matches (previously only full paths)
(5) GUI: Add IdleSaver exclusion list management to its config dialog
(11) GUI: Disable automatic game detection for Performance Mode by default for new installs
(11) GUI: Change order of ‘Options / Power’ submenu and move Bitsum Highest Performance options from General
(13) Core: Fix an issue where processes with 0 threads were not being treated as suspended
(13) Core: Fix an issue where enforcing Efficiency Mode on a suspended process could result in a zombie process under some conditions
(22) GUI: Adjustments to tray icon handling

v12.4.3.14 – Nov 29, 2023

  • Add option ‘Pause on Right-Click’

(3) GUI: Add new option ‘Pause on Right-Click’, defaulting to true. This pauses the list and graph when the process context menu is open.
(5) GUI: Show paused icon on graph when paused

v12.4.2.44 – Nov 11, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Add ‘Stagger’, ‘P-Cores’ and ‘E-Cores’ buttons to CPU Affinity selection
(11) GUI: Add System Timer Resolution option to apply the change globally
(29) GUI/Core: Support embedded commas in Disallowed Processes rules
(35) GUI/Core: Extend RegEx to I/O, memory priority, and disallowed process rules
(39) GUI/Core: Decouple SmartTrim’s Standby List and File Cache purge operations

v12.4.1.10 – Oct 13, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) Build: Remove redundant digital signature on some modules
(3) Core: Move IdleSaver recovery info for improper termination to registry
(3) Core: Adjust cleanup order when exiting with app power plan, performance mode and/or IdleSaver active
(5) Core: Fix an issue where Efficiency Mode OFF rules were enforcing a normal priority class, overriding any other priority rules on the process
(5) GUI: When turning Efficiency Mode OFF, only reset the priority class if it was previously idle
(7) GUI: Adjust some legacy module file versions to be consistent with product version

v12.4.0.44 – Sept 26, 2023Release Announcement

  • E-core distinction in graphs
  • Delayed CPU affinity rules
  • ‘Remove all rules’ process action
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI.CoreGraphs: Owner draw on light themes too (changes appearance)
(1) GUI.CoreGraphs: Append ‘Efficiency’ to tooltip when E-core
(1) GUI.CoreGraphs: Overlay leaf icon on Efficiency cores
(7) GUI: Fix issue where rules column wouldn’t immediately refresh after automated config profile switch
(9) GUI: Add ProBalance option to not change CPU affinity if already customized
(11) ThreadRacer: Expand to 16 threads plus one with selectable affinity
(11) ThreadRacer: Add message if start attempted with no selected threads
(11) ThreadRacer: Disable checkboxes while started
(11) ThreadRacer: Add ‘invert selection’ and ‘clear’ buttons
(13) GUI.InstanceBalancer: Add confirmation if dialog dismissed via OK button with unadded rule in controls
(13) GUI/Core: Add CPU affinity rules setting to delay enforcement, for games that have trouble at startup with custom affinities
(21) GUI: Address assorted minor localization issues (control widths, etc…)
(23) GUI: Color tweaks
(25) GUI: Don’t show CPU cores in context menus if more than 32
(27) GUI: On heterogenous systems, when a new Performance Mode rule is added by context menu, ask if an Efficiency Mode OFF rule should also be created.
(27) GUI: Don’t show success messages when rules created by process context menu
(27) GUI: Add ‘General / Bitsum Highest Performance’ submenu and new ‘Reinitialize’ action
(27) Core: Set Bitsum Highest Performance to prefer performant processors (P-cores) for short and long running threads when plugged in
(29) GUI: Minor cosmetic and menu tweaks
(29) GUI: Add ‘Remove All Rules’ action to process context menus (single and multi-select). This removes all rules defined exactly for this process. Other matching wildcard rules may remain.
(31) GUI: Various minor cosmetic improvements
(31) GUI: Periodically refresh total installed RAM shown in status bar for dynamic VMs
(39) GUI: Have ProBalance drop one random core setting honor existing or configured CPU affinity
(39) GUI: Remove ProBalance option ’round robin affinity’, migrating to ‘drop one random core’
(39) GUI: Remove Watchdog set affinity action option ’round robin’

v12.3.2.20 – Sept 1, 2023

  • Tie idle priority class to Efficiency Mode to match Task Manager’s behavior
  • Fix an issue where cores could incorrectly show as parked on Intel 12th+
    (also impacts Task Manager and Resource Monitor)
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix manual power profile switch while using a ‘start with’ (base) power profile proceeds despite message that it can’t
(1) Core: Remove special handling of audiodg.exe when ‘Ignore problematic processes’ is checked (not default)
(3) Core: Apply Efficiency Mode rules after priority rules
(3) Core/GUI: When turning on Efficiency Mode, also set idle priority class to match Task Manager behavior
(9) GUI: Enable ‘Install/Uninstall BHP’ menu actions to work on Power Mode systems
(11) GUI: Move ‘Install BHP’ to ‘Options / General’ submenu
(13) GUI: Don’t show cores as parked if there is a load on them, despite performance counter values; fixes cores can show incorrectly as parked, an issue also impacting Task Manager and Resource Monitor.
(17) GUI: Continuously reapply Efficiency Mode OFF rules to reset any individual threads that may have been put into Efficiency Mode

v12.3.1.20 – July 18, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Add new variable to Watchdog launch action, %5 for session ID (or use %sessionid%)
(3) GUI: Rename process context menu item ‘Application Power Profile’ to ‘Power Profile’
(5) Installer: On new install, ensure config file is initialized prior to Governor start, eliminating an inconsequential load error log entry
(7) GUI: If Governor service is disabled, reenable it automatically when user tries to start it
(9) Insights: Fix sort preference could be lost when ProBalance event occurs while dialog open
(9) Insights: Improve sort of frequency of action column
(9) Insights: Persist sort-by and direction preference
(11) GUI: Fix tray icon tooltip could show stale info under some circumstances
(13) Install: Add localized description to Governor service
(13) Install: Refactored service management code to remove legacy MakeService executable (bitumms.exe)
(15) MMSC: Remove superfluous warning from Multimedia Scheduler Configuration Tool
(15) GUI: Add ‘Locate / Properties’ process context menu item to invoke the shell file properties dialog
(17) GUI: Fix three strings whose translations were not being applied
(19) Core: Fix Instance Balancer non-regex wildcard matches weren’t being tested against pathnames

v12.3.0.24 – June 7, 2023 – Release Announcement

  • Add support for Windows 11’s Efficiency Mode

(1) GUI: Process status column ‘Running’ state is now implicit if no other notable state
(1) GUI: Include Efficiency Mode in process status column
(1) Core/GUI: Add Efficiency Mode rules
(7) GUI: Improve tab ordering in ProBalance advanced options dialog
(7) Core/GUI: Add ProBalance option to use Efficiency Mode during restraints
(9) GUI: Functional improvements to ProBalance advanced options dialog regarding dynamically enabled/disabled suboptions
(13) GUI: Make persistance of custom System Timer Resolution a Pro feature
(13) GUI: Don’t show ‘Balanced’ power plan in ‘Start Process Lasso with power plan’ submenu on power mode systems (only the overlays)
(13) GUI: Expand width of match phrase edit controls in Watchdog and Disallowed Processes dialogs
(13) GUI: Add double-click to remove item and populate edit box in Disallowed Processes dialog
(13) GUI: Add ‘Access denied’ messagebox if changing current priority class by context menu fails
(13) GUI: Change affinity set error to ‘Access denied’ to match priority change error
(15) GUI: Swap default column positions of ‘Status’ and ‘ProBalance time’
(17) GUI: Change IdleSaver exclusion rule symbol from ‘e’ to ‘f’
(17) GUI: Set Efficiency Mode ON and OFF rule symbols to ‘E’ and ‘e’, respectively
(19) InstallHelper: Make CoInitializeSecurity failure a non-critical error

v12.2.0.16 – May 23, 2023

  • Add tool to change and persist System Timer Resolution
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(3) GUI: Add tool to set and persist System Timer Resolution up to 0.5ms, at ‘Tools / System Timer Resolution’
(13) GUI: When IdleSaver default timeout filled in config dialog, use minutes if evenly divisible
(13) GUI: When IdleSaver enabled for the first time via tray menu, inducing the config dialog, don’t enable if dialog is aborted
(13) GUI: When IdleSaver enabled for the first time via tray menu, inducing the config dialog, set default timeout appropriately
(15) GUI: On ‘File / Import Configuration’, show distinct error if the INI file selected is the one that is currently in use
(15) GUI: On ‘File / Import Configuration’, don’t set the initial browse directory to the current INI path

v12.1.0.26 – Apr 3, 2023

  • Add new copy-to-clipboard process context menu actions
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Prohibit automated update when device is in fullscreen mode, and fallback to notification
(5) GUI: Fix an issue in Watchdog dialog where added rules could disappear under certain scenarios
(9) GUI: Make CPU Sets feature free in beta builds
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Change case of ‘Select CPU Affinity’
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Reorder ‘More’ submenu
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Move ‘Trim Memory’ to top-level
(15) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Move ‘Processor Group Extender’ to More submenu
(19) GUI.ProcessContextMenu: Add new ‘Copy’ (to clipboard) submenu
(23) GUI: Fix an issue where paint artifacts may be seen in Active Processes listview when it refreshes

v12.0.4.4 – Feb 22, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix an issue in shell32.ExtractAssociatedIcon call that could cause a crash when processes are running from remote paths
(1) GUI: Translation updates
(1) All: Renewed code signing certificate

v12.0.3.16 – Feb 3, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) Installer: Improve EULA formatting
(1) GUI: Improve German splash screen text
(1) GUI: Show notification when Process Lasso starts with Keep Awake Indefinite still active
(1) GUI/Core: Allow Keep Awake Indefinite setting to persist across reboots
(1) GUI: Add registry option to disable Keep Awake Indefinite from persisting across reboots, HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso:KeepAwakeResetOnReboot (dword bool)
(7) GUI: Cosmetic to ‘Main / Keep Awake’ submenu
(9) GUI: Allow exit from beta channel while using a beta version, occurring upon the next update to a release version
(11) GUI: Translation updates
(13) GUI: Expand caption control widths (for longer languages) in dialogs: CPU Priorities, CPU Affinities, I/O Priorities, CPU Sets

v12.0.2.18 – Jan 3, 2023

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Improve control alignment in IdleSaver config dialog
(3) GUI: Suppress INI parsing error messageboxes from Governor when running as a service
(3) GUI: Show precise error message if Workstation key used on Server Edition
(7) Build: Minor maintenance to build scripts
(7) GUI: Add /activateonly command line parameter to ProcessLasso.exe to perform any deferred license activation from installer, then exit
(7) GUI: Standardize /no_raise_existing command line parameter to /NoRaiseExisting
(7) GUI/LogViewer: Replace filter edit control search and clear icons with shell stock icons
(9) GUI: Refresh filtered view when process rules change
(15) GUI: Expand width of edit controls in CPU affinity and CPU Sets dialogs
(15) GUI: Right-align captions on edit controls in CPU Sets rules dialog
(17) GUI: Change copyright years to 2023

v12.0.1.6 – Nov 23, 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(5) GUI: Fix graph tooltip was vertically clipped with some system font scalings
(3) GUI: Fix tray icon wouldn’t properly reflect CPU Utility % values exceeding 100%
(1) GUI: Add product version to user-agent string

v12.0.0.24 – Nov 15, 2022 – Release Announcement

  • Support for Power Modes (overlays)
  • Switch to CPU Utility %
  • Support 3995WX CPU topology
  • Other fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI.WatchdogDialog: Remove warning about overly broad rules
(1) Core: Add log entry type for error restarting process or service by Watchdog
(3) GUI: Add option to disable graph tooltips
(5) GUI: Add option to show CPU Utility % instead of CPU Time % in graph and tray, default to ON
(7) GUI/Core: Add support for Balanced Power Modes (overlays)
(13) GUI: Have CPU core graphs also use CPU Utility % instead of Time %, if configured and available
(15) Core: Add ‘Threads’ (count) and ‘IO’ (total cumulative) columns to sampling output
(15) GUI: Fix issue where graph tooltips would cause main window to be inactive, changing titlebar colors
(15) GUI: Add support for topologies where a NUMA node contains more than 64 logical cores, spanning multiple groups (e.g. 3995wx on Win10 21H1+)
(19) GUI: Fix to CPU Affinity dialog NUMA node checkboxes
(21) GUI/Core: On systems using power overlays, don’t allow Balanced power plan use in rules and settings created by older versions
(25) GUI: After config reset by menu item, reapply GUI refresh interval

v11.1.1.26 – Oct 10, 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) Installer: Enable Spanish language selection
(3) GUI: Improvements to product activator
(5) GUI: When filter edit controls have focus, TAB can escape to their respective listview
(7) GUI: Add dark mode to some frequently seen dialogs
(11) Core/GUI: Default core parking adjustment log entries to ON (when done by ProBalance, if option set)
(11) Core: Fix an issue where some log entry types could continue to be emitted despite logging disabled
(11) GUI: Add menu items to toggle logging of CPU Sets and Group Extender rules
(13) Core: Adapt ProBalance option ‘Disable CPU Core Parking during action’ to Intel 12th Gen
(13) Core: Change failsafe recovery core parking options from HKCU to HKLM (used after improper Governor shutdown if ProBalance option ‘Disable CPU Core Parking during action’ was used)
(15) GUI: Fix an issue where clearing the log while it is updating could deadlock
(15) Core: Fix an issue where a Watchdog rule that restarts a service may fail to do so
(17) GUI/LogViewer: Minor improvements to log monitoring thread
(17) GUI/LogViewer: Use filesystem change notifications on UNC paths when available
(17) GUI.WatchdogRulesDialog: Fix an issue where emptying the rule list completely using the Remove button would not be immediately committed to the INI on save
(17) LogViewer: Add CTRL+X accelerator to clear log
(19) GUI.PriorityClassRulesDialog: Expanded width and other cosmetic
(19) GUI.ProBalanceExclusionsDialog: Fix handling of match strings with embedded commas
(19) GUI/Core: Refactor priority class rules, now supporting Regular Expressions
(21) GUI.ProBalanceExclusionsDialog: Cosmetic
(23) GUI: Add dark mode support to activation dialog

v11.1.0.34 – Sept 6, 2022 – Release Announcement

  • Instance Balancer additions
  • Translation improvements

(1) GUI: Standardize tooltip process format to “PID:USER”
(3) Translations: Add Korean language
(5) Core: Adjust error message when a crash occurs but a dump couldn’t be generated
(5) GUI: Add Responsiveness and Memory Load to graph tooltip
(9) GUI.Instance Balancer: Hide some options behind a ‘Show Advanced’ button
(9) GUI.Instance Balancer: Add ‘Disable SMT’ rule option
(11) rcTools: Improve printf format specifier validation on imported languages
(13) GUI: Instance Balancer: Cosmetic improvements to rules dialog
(13) GUI: Expand CPU Affinity static text control width for translations
(13) GUI: Fix ‘Up’ button not translated
(15) GUI/Core: Gracefully handle any memory allocation failure during services enum
(15) GUI: Support tree view mode when process icons disabled
(19) GUI: Translation updates and cosmetic adjustments
(21) GUI: Fix menu item ‘Options / General / Refresh Interval (GUI) / 5 seconds’
(21) GUI: On new CPU affinity rule by context menu, populate dialog with current CPU affinity
(21) Translations: Tooling improvements
(23) GUI.Insights: Replace bitmap with Process Lasso logo
(23) Core.SmartTrim: Exclude Memory Compression process from SmartTrim (no access to act anyway)
(23) GUI: Make internet search URLs HTTPS (previously de facto HTTPS by way of HSTS)
(29) Updater: Better ensure bitsumsessionagent.exe is terminated before trying to replace
(31) GUI: Set proper font on graph tooltips

v11.0.0.34 – Aug 15, 2022 – Release Announcement

  • Processes tree view
  • More useful graph tooltips

(1) GUI: Enlarge and improve Disallowed Processes config dialog
(1) GUI: Remove ‘do not ask again’ option from real-time priority class warning messagebox
(1) GUI: Move ‘Options / General / Reset Do Not Show Again Memory’ to ‘View / Reset’
(1) GUI: All Processes tab: Add column for parent process PID and basename
(1) GUI: All Processes tab: Add tree view (3rd sort option for name column)
(9) GUI: Show graph tooltip at any point, giving most active process, CPU utilization, and ProBalance events at that time
(11) GUI: Add Clear Log menu item under ‘View / Reset’
(11) GUI: Add CTRL+X accelerator to clear log
(17) GUI: Restore ‘Buy now’ button above lower pane for unlicensed users
(21) GUI: Switch to native messagebox for some locations where choice can’t be persisted by user (e.g. terminate now)
(21) GUI: Add CTRL+F accelerator to jump to filter edit controls
(23) GUI: Change name of Instance Balancer ‘static core count’ algorithm to ‘fixed core count’
(23) GUI: Add tooltips to Instance Balancer config dialog

v10.4.8.8 – June 8, 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) Core/GUI: Improvements to service management code
(1) GUI: Fix service tracking for process associations (name appendages) could become stale
(5) All: Update to VS 2022 17.2.3
(5) GUI: Language updates

v10.4.7.22 – May 9, 2022

  • Offer to repair system performance counters if they are dysfunctional
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(5) Core: Change method of finding processor efficiency classes
(7) GUI: Add ‘Options / General / Experimental’ submenu
(11) Core/GUI: Add support for as yet undeployed minidump upload tool
(11) GUI: Add ‘Options / General / Experimental / Generate Crash Dump’
(11) GUI: CPU core graphs: Don’t treat error getting core parking status (broken performance counter) as parked
(11) GUI: Add ‘Options / Tools / Repair [System] Performance Counters’
(11) GUI: If system performance counter(s) appear damaged, ask user then attempt repair with “lodctr.exe /R”, et. al (beta builds only)
(13) GUI: Remove ‘frequent updates’ warning when ‘Include Betas’ is checked
(15) GUI: Enforce depth limit of ProBalance event timestamp history used by graph tooltips
(19) GUI: Minidump generation: A second messagebox asking if user wants to submit now; opens submission URL
(21) Core/GUI: Improvements to base process enumeration and tracking code
(21) GUI: When IdleSaver enabled by menu, only open options dialog when enabled for first time
(23) GUI: Make log size limit edit control numeric only

v10.4.6.20 – Apr 15, 2022

  • Support processor groups of unequal size (rare)
  • Improvements to Instance Balancer, including multi-group support
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Add support for processor groups of unequal sizes
(3) Core: Add Instance Balancer processor group support (balances to all groups)
(5) Core: Improve behavior of Instance Balancer ‘reserved cores’ setting when there are more instances than cores. Now reserves first X cores of each processor group.
(9) GUI: General maintenance to web interface code (updates, activation)
(9) Core/GUI: Fix a crash that could occur under certain rare conditions
(11) GUI: Remove some deprecated code
(13) GUI: Adjustment to tray ProBalance event icon switch handling
(19) Core: Fix ‘Start with’ (base) power profile setting would override power profile switch by manually induced Performance Mode

v10.4.5.28 – Mar 24, 2022

  • Assorted fixes and enhancements

(3) Core/GUI: Change Instance Balancer boolean option ‘Only include instances with CPU use’ to floating point ‘CPU use threshold’
(5) GUI: Remove some deprecated code
(7) GUI: Fix ‘Switch to GaaP’ syslink not hidden on Keep Running rules dialog when already GaaP
(9) Core: Fix a memory leak when SmartTrim is enabled and a trim working sets action occurs (free RAM was less than threshold)
(13) GUI: Instance Balancer Dialog, improve behavior when user toggles from static to dynamic algorithm and then adds rule with artifact of a non-zero static core count
(13) GUI: Instance Balancer Dialog, rename algorithms to ‘Dynamic core count (spread evenly)’ and ‘Static core count’
(15) Core: General code maintenance
(17) Core: Improved method of ensuring handle cache coherency, fixing a handle leak
(19) Installer: Fix an issue with deferred activation code on command line using /key parameter
(21) GUI: Fix filtered listviews weren’t immediately adopting user customizations to column orders and widths
(21) Core: Fix default value for SmartTrim Clear Standby List ‘only when free RAM less than’ on new installs
(21) Core: Change new process log events to use lowercase basenames for consistency
(25) Core: Fix an issue where Group Extender could consume excess compute when multiple group extensions are active simultaneously

v10.4.4.20 – Feb 18, 2022

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) All: Switch to 2022 EV code signing certificate
(1) GUI: Improve signal to update licensee name display when activation status changes
(3) GUI: Fix tray icon wasn’t changing to indicate a ProBalance action with GaaS
(5) GUI: Add ‘View / Tray Icon’ menu option to toggle changing of tray icon upon ProBalance action
(5) GUI: Add HCKU registry setting ‘TrayProBalanceIconDurationMS’ to adjust duration ProBalance icon is shown in tray upon action (default 1500ms)
(5) GUI: Fix CPU utility and time were transposed in status bar
(7) GUI: Fix an extraneous registry key created in last release
(11) GUI: When Watchdog or Keep Running rules require GaaP, show notice and one-click ‘switch to GaaP’ syslink in their config dialogs
(13) GUI: Add /trimnow command line switch to initiate SmartTrim action
(13) Core: Log error with guidance if Watchdog rule can’t restart a process due to GaaS
(17) GUI: For post-trial free installs, now allow Pro-only rule config dialogs to be opened, but restrict ‘Add’ button
(17) GUI: Make Foreground Boosting a free feature

v10.4.3.24 – Jan 28, 2022

  • Adjustment to BHP for Alder Lake on Win10 (specifically)
  • Refinement of memory priority feature
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) All: Retarget to VS2022
(1) GUI: Some cleanup to memory priority feature
(3) GUI: Show memory priority values as names throughout
(7) GUI: Instead of disabling Group Extender menu items on single group systems, show message that it only applies to multi-group systems
(9) GUI: Adjust Instance Balancer config dialog column widths
(11) Core: Fix ‘Start with’ (base) power profile wouldn’t allow IdleSaver to change the power profile
(13) GUI: Add CPU info to About dialog
(15) Core: Make Bitsum Highest Performance core parking settings compatible with Alder Lake on Win10
(17) Core: Do one-time adjustment of BHP of existing installs on Win10 /w Alder Lake, so that all P cores are unparked
(19) GUI: Add vmmem to system process warning
(19) GUI: Fix a recent crowdin integration issue, update translations
(23) GUI: Add specific error when CPU Sets edit control is empty when user tries to add rule
(23) GUI: CPU Sets rule list dialog: Add query if user clicks OK with an unadded rule

v10.4.2.16 – Jan 5, 2022

  • Add CTRL+SPACE keyboard accelerator to pause GUI display updates
  • ‘Start Process Lasso with power profile’ now acts as a base power profile when no power rules active
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) Core: Minor adjustment to Windows Error Reporting (WER) snapshot process handling
(1) GUI: Add CTRL+SPACE keyboard accelerator to pause GUI display updates
(3) GUI/Core: When no power profile rules are in effect, return to set ‘Start Process Lasso with Power Profile’
(5) GUI: Add message when user attempts manual switch of active power profile when ‘start with’ (base) power profile is set
(7) GUI: Don’t remove processes from listview while in the context menu. Fixes crash seen when process removed while taking action on it via context menu.
(9) GUI: Remove ‘Help / Change License Code’ menu item when not activated
(9) GUI: Fix activation code change wouldn’t refresh licensee name on graph until app restart
(11) All: (c) 2021 to 2022
(11) GUI: Add menu item to toggle ProBalance option to lower to Idle instead of Below Normal
(13) GUI: Add submenu ‘View / Reset’
(13) GUI: Add menu item ‘View / Reset / Reset ProBalance Counters’
(13) GUI: Move process context menu item ‘Keep Running’ to ‘More’ submenu
(13) GUI: Improve consistency of process context menu items for Hard Throttling
(13) All: Minor code maintenance

v10.4.1.18 – Dec 10 2021

  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Add up/down buttons to CPU Sets Rules List Dialog
(3) GUI: Fix to multi-select process context menu item ‘I/O Priority / Always / None’
(7) GUI: Improve RAM Load display painting
(9) GUI: Fix incorrect physical core count in status bar on Alder Lake
(13) GUI: Cosmetic tweaks to some rule config dialogs
(13) GUI: Change all ‘Remove selected’ buttons to ‘Remove’
(13) Core: Refactor process pathname retrieval code
(13) GUI: Fix handling of rare scenario when process module enumeration initially fails due to first module (the EXE) not yet loaded, previously resulting in a missing path and icon in listview (impacted GUI only)
(15) Core: Remove process pathnames from ‘More info’ field of process launched log events, since it is also included in the ‘Path’ field
(15) GUI: Minor code maintenance
(17) GUI: Fix ‘No update available’ message could be unnecessarily shown on app start after a successful manual update under some circumstances

v10.4.0.38 – Nov 11 2021 – Release Announcement

  • Add CPU Sets, a softer form of CPU Affinities
  • Alder Lake (Intel 12th Gen) support
  • Streamlined install

(3) Installer: Do not show startup config dialogs by default (now optional section)
(5) GUI: Small listview update optimizations
(7) Core: Fix an issue where GaaS may not honor chosen language when writing log entries
(15) Core/GUI: Add CPU Sets feature
(19) GUI: Move Memory Priority process context submenu out of ‘More’
(19) GUI: Show Memory Priority column by default
(19) GUI: Adjust config not writable message
(19) GUI: Remove message when Forced Mode enabled
(23) GUI: Cosmetic adjustments to CPU selection dialogs
(23) GUI: Refactor CPU Affinity rules list dialog to be like that of CPU Sets (external selection dialog)
(25) GUI: Do not throttle updates when check is manually invoked by user
(29) GUI: Cosmetic to ProBalance Exclusions dialog
(33) GUI: Adjust default position of columns in process listviews
(35) GUI: Mark Efficiency Cores with “E” in CPU selection dialogs and menu items
(35) GUI: Support Hyper-Threading disabled CPU affinities on Alder Lake
(38) Core: Fix INI syntax error message after uninstalling BHP while application power profile rule referencing it exists
(38) GUI: Cosmetic work to some rule list dialogs

v10.3.1.10 – Oct 15 2021

(7) Core: Fix an issue in prior release where Performance Mode may not be induced per rule when process path is unavailable due to anti-cheat systems
(3) Core/GUI: Add Instance Balancer option to reserve n system CPU cores
(1) Core/GUI: Add Instance Balancer option to only include process instances with CPU use
(1) GUI: Minor string and cosmetic adjustments

v10.3.0.50 – Oct 4 2021 – Release Announcement

  • New Config Profile Switcher feature
  • Add special ProBalance handling for searchindexer.exe
  • Other fixes and enhancements

(49) Core: Add ProBalance service exclusion overrides, first is searchindexer.exe
(49) Core: Minor ProBalance code maintenance
(47) GUI: Cosmetic improvements to Persistent CPU Priorities dialog
(45) GUI: Change ‘File / Profile’ menu to ‘File / Config Profile’
(41) GUI: Set default IdleSaver time to 5 minutes
(39) GUI: Add confirmation dialog on config profile deletion
(37) GUI: Update German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, others
(35) GUI: Have ‘Reset Configuration’ also clear select registry backed settings
(33) GUI: Add tooltip to CPU Limiter dialog enforcement duration edit control to indicate that 0 means indefinite
(33) GUI: Add Windows version to About dialog
(31) GUI: Improvements to IdleSaver config dialog code
(31) Core: Fix to IdleSaver exclusion matches when username specified in rule
(31) GUI: Fix an issue where memory page priority rules could store with -1 values after being removed
(27) Core: Exclude any Steam child process running from “common\mixedrealityvrdriver” or “common\steamvr” subfolders from Performance Mode automatic game detection
(25) GUI: For rule additions by context menu, remove any matching exact (non-wildcard) full pathname rule before adding basename rule
(25) GUI: Change ‘No default priority’ and ‘No default affinity’ menu items to ‘None’ for consistency
(25) GUI: Add ‘None’ to multi-select persistent I/O priority context menu
(25) GUI/Core: Refactor some settings storage code
(23) GUI: Add menu item ‘Options / Log / Set Max Log File Size’ to set corresponding registry value
(23) GUI: Remove deprecated ‘Keep log pruned’ menu option and INI setting
(17) GUI: Remove deprecated code related to removed Active Processes tab CPU bar graphs
(17) GUI: Various improvements to Config Profiles
(15) GUI: Add error message on attempt to create config profile that already exists
(15) GUI: Manage Profiles Dialog: Fix ‘Create New’ would not always immediately refresh list afterwards
(15) GUI: Add Create Config Profile option to start with empty profile or copy current
(11) GUI: Change default config profile name to ‘My First Profile’
(9) GUI/Core: Add Config Profile Switcher feature
(7) GUI: Fix issue where dynamic thread priority boost disabled rule removal by context menu wouldn’t immediately re-enable boosting for that process instance.
(5) Installer: Refactor some language selection code
(1) SessionAgent: Fix crash on Windows 32-bit OSes
(1) GUI: Adjust Tools submenu captions

v10.2.0.40 – Aug 1 2021 – Release Announcement

  • Improvement to ProBalance
  • Refactored Foreground Boosting
  • Add Internet Explorer Restriction feature
  • Deploy Bitsum Session Agent for GaaP installs too
  • Windows 11 support
  • Other fixes and enhancements

(37) Core: Fix an issue with Instance Balancer ‘childof:’ rules with no space before process name match
(35) Insights: Improvements with greater than normal system text size or scaling
(31) GUI: Change real-time priority warning message and behavior
(31) CPUEaterDemo: Rename CPU consumer in SFX (live EXE) to testlasso.exe instead of bg.tst
(31) Core: Minor code improvements
(29) GUI: Add ‘Exclude from Foreground Boost’ process context menu item under More
(29) GUI: Remove superfluous cancel button from ‘foreground boosting not recommended’ warning messagebox
(25) GUI: Internal adjustment to cancel/close behavior of generic list dialog
(25) GUI: Cosmetic to generic list dialog (foreground boost exclusions, Group Extender, SmartTrim exclusions …)
(23) GUI: Add Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) restriction feature under ‘Options / Control’
(23) GUI: Add foreground boost exclusions list dialog
(19) CPUEaterDemo: Launch CPU consumer as an orphaned background process, given default foreground exclusion setting. This makes the demo more user friendly and more accurately simulates a real-world background CPU consuming process.
(19) CPUEaterDemo: Add explanatory text regarding treatment of foreground processes
(19) CPUEaterDemo: Cosmetic work
(19) GUI: Allow previously enabled foreground boosting to be disabled in Free versions past trial
(17) GUI: Add ‘Boost to High Priority’ (instead of Above Normal) foreground boost option
(15) Install: Always deploy bitsumsessionagent, including with GaaP
(13) GUI: Language updates
(11) Core: Refactor foreground priority class boosting to work with GaaS and multiple simultaneous sessions
(11) Core: Add foreground boost option to exclude non-normal priority classes
(11) Core: Remove foreground thread boosting
(11) GUI: Refactor foreground boosting submenu, adding new options
(11) GUI: Minor menu adjustments to ‘Options / CPU’
(9) Core: Migrate to GetTickCount64 in ProBalance timing
(9) Core: Add distinct log entry when ProBalance ends due to entry into foreground
(9) Core.ProBalance: When ‘ignore children of foreground process’ enabled, end restraint if parent enters foreground
(9) Core.ProBalance: If non-normal priority classes are not excluded, ensure that idle priority classes are not raised to below normal
(9) GUI: Minor cosmetic to ProBalance Options dialog
(7) GUI: Fix config reset by menu not clearing some rule types
(1) Core: Add an experimental feature
(1) GUI: Remove ‘Always Allow Dark Mode’ menu item
(1) GUI: Support Windows 11 in OS build string

v10.1.0.42 – June 15 2021 – Release Announcement

  • Dark mode for CPU core graphs, statusbar, and menubar
  • Improved tab control appearance in light mode
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(33) GUI: Improvements to RAM Load graph control
(25) GUI: Minor menu caption tweaks
(19) GUI: Dark CPU core graphs
(17) GUI: Adjust statusbar Windows build text
(17) GUI: Reduce frequency of statusbar partition resizing
(15) LogViewer: Add dark menubar
(15) Insights: Add dark menubar
(13) GUI: Don’t owner draw tab controls in light mode (restores full visual effects)
(11) GUI: Add dark statusbar
(11) GUI: Minor changes to updater
(9) GUI: Fix a duplicated colon in About dialog license details
(7) GUI: Add dark menubar
(3) GUI: Add options to toggle dark menubar and statusbar
(1) GUI: Abide by BHP uninstall if done through ParkControl (and vice-versa)
(1) GUI: Add more version info to copyable section of About box

v10.0.3.6 – May 12 2021

  • Update several languages
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Fix a problem when user toggles between views while filtering in progress
(1) GUI: Preserve process filter when switching between All and Active views
(5) GUI: Remove French from out-of-date list
(5) GUI: Update several languages

v10.0.2.24 – Apr 12 2021

  • Update several languages
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(23) GUI: Language updates
(19) GUI: Remove ‘Show notification when power plan changes’ menu item
(13) GUI: Add Bulgarian
(11) GUI: Fix ‘Log’ menu caption not translated
(11) Core: Fix SmartTrim ‘Trim Now’ menu item didn’t work with GaaS
(9) GUI: Change caption for ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’ to ‘Configure Startup’
(7) GUI: Minor cosmetic changes
(1) GUI/Installer: Minor code improvements

v10.0.1.16 – March 29 2021

  • Update several languages
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

(15) GUI: Add back Spanish, with warning about incomplete state
(13) GUI: Show listview column sort indicator arrows on init instead of only after change
(11) GUI: Support listview numeric sorting on 64-bit integer fields
(11) GUI: Improve log listview sort behavior
(9) Core: Fix caption for log action 0x1C (application power profile enforced)
(9) GUI: Fix ‘View / Reset Column Layout’ would not order log listview columns as intended
(7) GUI: Fix Window Error Reporting (WER) process zombies
(3) GUI/Core: Minor other changes
(1) GUI: Add CPU Time column to Active Processes list
(1) Installer: Remove deprecated bcleaner module
(1) GUI: Update several languages

v10.0.0.164 – March 12 2021Release Announcement

  • Refactored log system with CSV as primary
  • Ordered CPU affinity and priority rules
  • Periodic process sampling (snapshots)
  • GUI improvements
  • CrowdIn integration for translations
  • Numerous fixes and enhancements

(1) GUI: Further increase multi-threadedness of display updates
(1) GUI: On config save error, show error message and offer to elevate
(3) GUI: Add code to enable asynchronous listview updates
(5) Core: Enforce SmartTrim exclusions when only basename given
(5) GUI: Add menu item for direct access to SmartTrim exclusions
(5) GUI: Check ‘Induce Performance Mode’ context menu item when appropriate even if no pathname available
(5) GUI: When when adding SmartTrim exclusion by context menu use basename if no pathname available
(7) Localization: Integration with Crowdin (translation platform)
(11) GUI: Adjust default column ordering of Active Processes listview
(15) GUI: Integrate more languages to Crowdin
(17) Core: Add registry setting for max log file size before rotate (HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso\MaxLogFileSize)
(17) Core: Tweak default log file size limit
(19) Core: Add periodic process sampling function (emits to CSV)
(19) Core: For process creation log events, remove ‘UNKNOWN PARENT’ text when parent doesn’t or isn’t applicable (now empty string)
(19) GUI: Add new menu item ‘Options / Log / Configure sampling …’ to open sampling configuration dialog
(27) Core: Strip unavailable CPUs from CPU affinity prior to their application to handle system config change to CPU count
(39) GUI: Add ‘t’ rule character for SmartTrim exclusion
(41) Core: Fix SmartTrim log entry possible integer underflow on RAM freed display
(43) GUI: Replace active processes listview embedded CPU utilization visual with text (unicode blocks) based representation
(43) GUI: Support Dark Mode for Win10 build 21286
(47) GUI: Add ‘View / Graph components / Show power profile’ to toggle power profile text on graph
(49) GUI: About dialog: Add ‘Help Translate Process Lasso’ syslink
(49) GUI: About dialog: Remove ‘translated by’
(49) GUI: Show ‘Update not available’ message box on same monitor as application
(49) GUI: Try to set critical level I/O priorities despite being reserved for system paging operations. Add info message stating such.
(51) GUI: Switch to ‘KB’ suffix on memory metrics to standardize
(53) GUI: Improve CSV formatting of data copied to cliboard from listview selections
(57) Log: Standardize all CSV output files as UTF-8 encoding /W BOM
(59) Log: Add system time field in addition to local time (not displayed)
(59) Log: Remove deprecated log format marker file
(67) GUI: Make log listview updates more smooth
(69) GUI: Improve behavior of initial log listview population
(71) Core: Batch log writes to once per iteration
(73) All: Don’t dual-sign with SHA1 anymore, only SHA2
(73) All: Switch to Bitsum 2021 EV code signing certificate
(75) Logging: Change log filename to ‘processlasso.log’
(75) Logging: Performance improvements
(75) Logging: Reduce disk I/O
(75) Logging: Refactored to use CSV format as primary
(75) Logging: Remove now redundant ‘Export log to CSV’ menu item
(77) Core: Enforce CPU affinity rules in order configured
(77) GUI: Add up/down buttons to CPU affinity rule config dialog
(77) Logging: Log default path when GaaP is now LOCAL_APPDATA instead of APPDATA (roaming)
(81) Core: Changed default config path when GaaP to LOCAL_APPDATA instead of APPDATA (roaming)
(81) Install: Cleanup some deprecated code and file(s)
(81) Install: Do one-time migration of config when Governor installed a normal process, from roaming to local profile
(83) Core: Fix I/O priority adjustments during ProBlaance events were logged despite log disabled
(83) GUI: Remove now redundant ‘Emit CSV’ log option
(85) GUI: Several menu caption changes
(87) Core/GUI: Add option to toggle logging of process command lines (defaults off)
(87) Core: Cleanup old log files in APPDATA
(91) GUI: Refactored code behind ‘ProBalance time’ tracking column
(93) GUI: Assorted improvements
(93) GUI: Refactored code behind graph highlight (ProBalance event) tooltips
(95) GUI: Adjust limits to max log rows in GUI and LogViewer listviews
(99) GUI: Change ‘Terminate’ to ‘Close’ (graceful)
(99) GUI: Fix issue with ‘Terminate Now’ and suspended processes
(99) GUI: Make ‘Terminate Now’ always instantaneous (no attempted graceful close)
(101) Core/GUI: Migrate to new close/terminate functions (affects all features that terminate processes)
(101) GUI: Further refactoring of close/terminate functions
(101) GUI: Remove menu options to configure graceful close timeout
(101) GUI: Resurrect graceful close wait dialog, offering immediate termination by link click
(101) GUI: Some refactoring surrounding graceful process close timeout
(105) GUI: Advance major version to 10.0.0
(105) GUI: Dark mode support for menu bar
(107) GUI: Add process status column to Active processes listview
(107) GUI: Force filtered views to adopt saved columnn view layot info of unfiltered listviews
(107) GUI: Force reset of saved listview column view layout
(107) GUI: Refactoring of listview column view layout persistence (all, active, log)
(107) GUI: Remove CPU graph from active processes listview
(109) GUI: Adjust log context menu item captions
(109) GUI: Disable some log context menu items when multiple rows selected
(109) GUI: More menu captions switched to new standard
(111) Core: Improve formatting of process terminated log entries when runtime is 0 seconds
(111) GUI: Fix filter edit controls could lose top border
(115) Core: Guarantee order precedence of CPU priority class rules
(115) GUI: Add up/down buttons to CPU priority class dialog rules
(117) Core: Fix issue where multiple simultaneous Keep Awake rules of differing types could lose lesser display awake attribute
(123) Core: Improve ordering of SmartTrimExclusions key in INI config
(125) GUI: Add config dialog for Windows Dynamic Thread Boost disabled processes
(125) GUI: Add wildcard support to Windows Dynamic Thread Boosts
(127) GUI: More menu item captions switched to new standard (WiP)
(129) GUI: Add ‘Launch processes elevated’ checkbox to Keep Running and Watchdog dialogs (an HKLM Lasso registry setting)
(129) GUI: Add ‘use any’ to name field of activation dialog
(131) Core/GUI: Add new INI setting for foreground boost priority class (default is 0x8000 for Above Normal)
(131) GUI: Move some menu items (Foreground boosting and Dynamic thread priority boosting)
(133) All: Copyright years to 2021
(133) GUI/LogViewer: In dark mode, make filter edit control backgrounds darker than parent to increase visibility
(133) GUI: Change watchdog ‘execute’ action caption to ‘launch a program’
(135) GUI: Move memory priority in process rule string to after CPU affinity for improved clarity
(137) GUI: Add general setting to write latest responsiveness measurement to registry (in HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso\LastResponsinenessMeasurement)
(137) GUI: More menu item work
(137) Languages: Updates to Chinese Simplified
(141) Languages: Updates to French and Russian
(145) Installer: Remove superfluous CANCEL button on installer message confirming download of correct edition (now YES/NO)
(145) Languages: Update PT-BR
(147) GUI: Cosmetic work to Keep Running config dialog
(149) GUI: Remove warning when process edit box is still populated on dialog close from several config dialogs
(151) GUI: Add log action text for ProBalance end due to termination and foreground
(151) GUI: Advise Keep Running not supported with GaaS on context or config menu, direct to info on switching to GaaP
(151) GUI: Allow Keep Running rules to be removed by context menu even if not Pro
(151) GUI: Cosmetic work to Memory Priorities dialog
(153) Languages: Update Polish
(155) Languages: Update Italian
(157) Core: Add log entry description for ProBalance begun evaluation event
(157) Updater: Terminate ThreadRacer if open
(159) GUI: Adjust persistent priority class dialog listview column header
(159) GUI: Improve default actions log sorting behavior
(161) Languages: Update Russian
(163) Languages: Fix a format specifier in watchdog actions that was incorrect in some languages
(163) GUI: Expand vertical size of CPU priority rules dialog
(163) GUI: In several dialog listviews, reserve space so when vertical scrollbar shown, horizontal isn’t also
(163) GUI: Fix GUI would stay in dark mode if Windows theme changed from dark to light while GUI not running
(164) LogViewer: One-time reset of column layout and sizes
(164) GUI/LogViewer: Expand default date/time column size
(164) GUI: Expand default PID column width throughout
(164) GUI: Force light mode for About dialog for better appearance

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