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  • ProBalance - Automatically 'restrain' CPU hogs to improve system responsiveness.
    This begins as soon as you install Process Lasso, and, yes, it really works!
  • Energy Saver - Run at maximal performance while active, but conserve energy when idle
  • Automate and control processes and power profiles
  • One of a kind system responsiveness metric to quantify your experience!
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Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process priority optimization and system automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, core optimization, automated rules, automated power profiles; you name it, and Process Lasso does it!

Process Lasso's most popular feature is the unique process optimization technology called ProBalance (Process Balance) that will improve your PC's responsiveness and stability through process priority optimization and/or CPU affinity adjustments. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without sufficient restraint -- leading to hangs, micro-lags, and delays in your keystroke or mouse actions. ProBalance intelligently adjusts the priorities and/or CPU affinities of running programs, on-demand, as-needed so that badly behaved processes won't negatively impact the responsiveness of your PC. ProBalance works by temporarily lowering the priority of select background processes during high loads. This has been proven to be effective, as you can see from our CPU Eater demo.

Don't just take our word on ProBalance, try the graphical proof of concept. It is a simple 'CPU Eater' running at normal priority, something any programmer can easily recreate in any language. The difference with or without ProBalance is amazing.

In addition to ProBalance, there are countless features allowing the user to take full automated control of the processes on their PC. You can have a wide range operations performed, or settings applied, each time a process is run. Core optimization technologies allow you to choose on what CPUs/cores a process should run, as well as what their CPU priority class and I/O priority class should be. You can also disallow specified processes from running, log all processes run, and even set various other process rules. These rules, amongst many others, include automatically restarting or terminating a process after it reaches some CPU or memory threshold.




Also See PESuite - A collection of PE/PE+ utilities

For all editions of Windows

PECompact is an advanced Windows executable compressor for use by software developers and vendors. Executable packers compress executable modules (EXE, DLL, etc..) so that their physical size is considerably smaller. At runtime, compressed modules are rapidly decompressed and reconstructed in memory. Used on Google Desktop, DivX Player 6.0, and hundreds of other popular software products, PECompact has real-world exposure and testing beyond competing products. With PECompact, you can rest assured your compressed software will be trouble free.

PECompact performs better than other industry competitors in both compression ratio and decompression speed, but most importantly it is commercial ready software that is constantly updated and maintained. The decompression algorithms used by PECompact are optimized for maximum decompression speed. This results in the load time of compressed modules often being improved since fewer bytes must be read from the storage medium. Additionally, the compression ratio of PECompact is better than any general purpose compression software like ZIP, RAR, or 7-ZIP. This is because PECompact is optimized for a specific type of file format: executables. The compression ratio typically ranges from 70% to 80%, but varies depending on the specific module.

We invite you to download PECompact today. The trial version will allow you to evaluate a fully functional copy of PECompact for 7 days.

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Latest version(s)

  • Process Lasso v6.8.0.6
  • PECompact v3.02.2
  • PECompact v3.11.00.02 beta

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