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BE OPTIMAL - Real-Time CPU Optimization & Automation!

Native x86 and x86-64 code

Process Lasso, PECompact, and our other software is written entirely in native, unmanaged code. This means that it does NOT use the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) and that the code is compiled directly to machine code, instead of to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). The advantage of this is low memory use and fast performance.

You may ask, why do developers use .NET if it increases memory consumption and CPU use? The answer is simply that .NET offers easier Rapid Application Development (RAD). To be fair, we should note that for *some* applications the difference in user-perceived performance between managed (.NET) and unmanaged (native) code is negligible, but that is certainly NOT the case for a resident process manager like Process Lasso. Since Process Lasso is always running, it is *imperative* that it consumes as few system resources as possible. The worst thing a performance utility could do is make matters worse by consuming a lot of system resources itself. Sadly, this is what many of them do.

Native, unmanaged code makes our core engine highly efficient and able to respond more quickly to changing system conditions. No competitor can match the performance of our core engine.

We took the hard route to ensure our application consumes as few resources as possible. We even went one step further and used the lowest level API available for process management - the largely undocumented NT Native APIs. We hope our customers appreciate our dedication to software efficiency.

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