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IsDebuggerPresent PECompact Plug-in

This plug-in developed by Neil of BobSoft has several anti-debugging and anti-dumping mechanisms. He continually updates it to take on new reverse engineering utilities. In doing so, it makes the job of a would-be cracker that much more difficult. At the same time, since his work is done in a plug-in, it doesn't impact PECompact's great Anti-Virus Scanning Engine interoperability (they can scan inside, preventing false positives).

This plug-in detects many different debuggers, monitors, dumpers, unpackers and crack-tools, including OllyDbg and various custom versions of v1.10. It also checks for API Hooking, API patching, and performs other tests to determine if there is a debugger attached to the protected file's runtime process.

This plug-in is available as a separate purchase from PECompact.

Order IsDebuggerPresent Plug-in $349 239 USD! ALL proceeds go DIRECTLY to the developer (Neil at BobSoft)


This third-party plug-in was named after the Windows API, IsDebuggerPresent. Programs would use it to determine if a debugger was present or not. This is a drop-in replacement to extend that API. Now when you call IsDebuggerPresent, you can the 'better' version. Note: Our anti-debug and enhanced anti-debug loader also call it themselves.

You MUST own a PECompact license to make use of this plug-in