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UPDATE: I now recommend using WfpDeprotect, also a free utility by us, which will deprotect files and folders for 1 minute, allowing you to do whatever permenant operation you wish on them during that period.

This article was for software developers who had legitimate needs to bypass WFP. I no longer believe it is a good thing to offer the ability to bypass WFP at all, and am therefore rescending this article. Developers need to place their DLLs into their application directory if wishing to over-ride a system DLL. If wishing to make driver modifications or installations, you are on your own. The methods described here very likely no longer are effective.

WfpReplace will replace a WFP (Windows File Protection) protected file without having to boot into safe mode. This can be useful for installation of software.


WfpReplace is a console mode utility that works just like the 'Copy' command.

    WfpReplace [destfile] [srcfile]
  • Where [destfile] is the protected file you want to replace.
  • Where [srcfile] is the file you will replace it with.

WfpReplace is FREE, but donations are encouraged if you find this software useful.

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