Windows PC Responsiveness Metric

Bitsum’s Windows Responsiveness Metric

Ever notice the system responsiveness metric in many of our products? You may not, as it sits at 100% most of the time. However, those of us who do have sustained high CPU loads see it fluctuate, and see ProBalance remarkably return it to 100%.

We should not take this metric for granted! It was developed by me over 15 years ago, and is remarkably effective at determining true system responsiveness. And it’s simple, which means it’s right ;). OT: No, I never patented it. Should have. But I felt an ideological opposition to such in my youth. These days, I feel you have to play the game by the rules society as has set, but believe strongly all software patents should be disallowed and invalidated.

I wrote a page about our system responsiveness metric her. I have not publicly disclosed the inner-workings, but may soon. It isn’t rocket science, though is clever, and has to be done just right.