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Progress Report on v9 Final Release

I had some build server issues last night that slowed me down, and have just a couple more things. Build 273 is coming now and this should test well and would be done except for these tasks, which won’t take long:

  • power plan notifications
  • some UI artifacts
  • unattended install licenses support work
  • fix new ‘overlay’ when the graph is paused – along with artifacts when it is paused
  • Ed reported a bug in the log folder change I am looking into

I found myself having to refactor some of the GUI to fix the artifacts, as I designed it a little wrong 15 years ago, when I wrote it. Nothing serious, just not quite right.

So this is what remains (aside from any really small or deferred issues that I’ll get to in post-release updates).

I expect today to be the day of RC1, but the ‘hard date’ has already forced enough progress to where now it’s appropriate to relax and take a careful, relaxed look at the final product.

Thanks to all for their patience. Once v9.0 is final, then I have new ‘stable base’ from which I have even cooler features planned. I just can’t work w/o such a stable base.

Now, in this case, perhaps I bit off a lot to chew, but I wanted v9 to be a real major upgrade, as opposed to our usual ‘just happen to pass version X’ in our updates. That’s not because I wanted to do it that way, as we use a highly incremental release model, but for marketing reviews and such who would compare v9.0 against v8.9 (instead of v8.0, where there is a more vast difference!). So, compared to v8.9, I think v9.0 will review good, and 273 should correct all known update path issues (global config path, default, global log, default, etc..).

One thing I noticed while testing is that the LogViewer displays very few log items. I just kept decreasing the number to improve load speed, but now am going back up, and will make this user-adjustable in a post-v9 update.

And, as always, please remember, my biggest problem is having to wear so many hats, so now is not the time for any lengthy support discussions if they can be put off ;). Thank you. Of course, do contact me as needed and I will respond, though maybe a little slower than usual.